The fate of the two had been reached and Convoitise struggled outside near the rooftop of his castle walls to meet up with Chisoutsa. Both were weaken by their seduction encounter however it was the lust vampire who left puzzled and confused by the end of it. He called out to Chisoutsa as he entered the final battle.

“How did you know you would over power me? No one has ever done that to me,” Convoitise said.

“I remembered after so many years of viewing the battles you had with demons. The stories that Allegheri talked about, it seemed to me that both species couldn’t break the deadlock between the two. Because I am also human, that broke that deadlock giving me that slight edge over you. You just thought you would have your ways like always but you never thought about it. How a human defeated a powerful vampire,” Chisoutsa said explaining her plan.

“It’s not over Chisoutsa. Your friends are still with me. Here they come with Sarge,” Convoitise showing Sarge in the corner with the groups tightly guarded.

Chisoutsa revealed her sword and Convoitise grabbed a sword from one of the statues that stood around the rooftop.  The lust vampire quickly charged towards Chisoutsa and slashed into her. She fell to the ground where Convoitise cut her repeatedly. She rolled as the vampire jumped to her and used the handle of the sword to bash her in the face. Her face was bloody as she struggled to get back on her feet again. Convoitise flipped his sword and sided into her legs and she dropped down in sheer pain.

“Why do you think Censilo dislikes me so much? Because I was better than him! He always spent his time planning and planning and my way of doing things was to get the job done quickly. Now you can use how well I fight!” cried Convoitise smiled smashing into Chisoutsa at every turn.

Sarge moved away from the group of prisoners and grabbed herself a sword and sledged Chisoutsa face in for her own personal joy.

“I was always the better version of you and Jiko. Now with Convoitise and Censilo’s power in me, I will become more powerful then you could ever dream of,” Sarge cried out.

“I don’t think so Sarge. You have learnt nothing at all!” cried out Professor Walken from the group.

Convoitise and Sarge turned away from Chisoutsa and eyed Professor Walken, “Don’t start old Walken. I’ll say it’s a good time to put an end to your daughter.  She is a good student but will never achieve the great battles of our time,” Convoitise replied.

Chisoutsa was on the ground tired and wearily. She felt someone holding her hand as she turned her sore head to her left and a quick flash of Hew appearing next to her. All he gave was a smile and she knew what that meant for her. He disappeared and she slowly rose to her feet again.

“I’ll take the two of you,” Chisoutsa spoke out towards the pair.

Convoitise and Sarge laughed at each other turned their attention towards Chisoutsa. She felt more power inside of her as she charged towards and quickly disappeared at Sarge. Sarge turned her head around in fright and was slashed in the stomach where she fell down. Chisoutsa reappeared behind them.

There was fear that appeared on Frithdar and Alan’s face, “Hew can’t do this again. If he doesn’t get out of Chisoutsa’s body soon he will die!” cried Frithdar.

Alan grew sadden and broke away from the group, “Get out of Chisoutsa now. Stop this battle! You will die Hew!” he cried.

Chisoutsa turned around and knew she had to deal with the battle quickly or Hew would be lost forever. She disappeared and started to attack Sarge again. The group unchained themselves one by one and Frithdar and Jiko ran along towards the main rooftop. Frithdar rubbed his hands together and unleashed a bolt of blue energy towards the roof and an explosion was made. The pair shielded their eyes while Jiko saw Convoitise’s coffin below.

Frithdar turned around towards Chisoutsa, “Throw the lust vampire in the coffin and lock it tight. That’s the only way we can trap him.

Sarge fell to the ground and Convoitise turned around launched his own spell attack onto Chisoutsa. The jolt came quick towards her and shot Hew right of her and he fell down next to Sarge. He looked very weak and tired. Chisoutsa ran up to him and Hew whispered to her, “I think it’s time to say goodbye,” he told her.

She looked into his eyes and a figure of old Hayco appeared and remembered about the pain of losing another friend. Her eyes turned red when caught the attention of Professor Walken, “That couldn’t happen.” He said to himself.
She turned around and pointed her sword and her eyes were brightly burning. Convoitise looked at them and he remembered the last time he saw such a sight.

“A demon girl you are!” he cried as he put up his sword as a powerful sonic wave crashed into the lust vampire sending powerful beams deflecting off Convoitise’s sword hitting the castle walls.

The castle started to shake and rumble started to fall on people. Frithdar ran back with Jiko and started shooting off shield at the group of people protecting people. The lust vampire was moving back with fear, looking down at his coffin.

“I must say I am impressive with your performance. You are indeed a powerful image. It must hurt you that you can’t kill me because you can’t imbalance the Second Life World. Remember this Chisoutsa, you can never kill me I will see you again and greet you with a free visit to the Second Life World yourself,” Convoitise smiled while Chisoutsa finally pushed him over as he fell straight into his coffin.

He flipped into his coffin with a smile and a powerful energy beam rose from the coffin. Chisoutsa saw this and ran to Hayco with her burning eyes and grabbed Hayco.

“Impossible!” yelled out Frithdar as Chisoutsa moved Hew into the energy beam. Hew cried in pain as the pair fell to the ground. Alan Richards ran to Hew and Chisoutsa while Professor Walken and the group watched on. Alan pulled out a tracking device and clicked a number of buttons. Jiko looked at the sky and smiled when he saw the Black Vixen in the air driving itself towards.

“We must leave here. The castle is going to be destroyed!” Professor Walken said.

The Black Vixen arrived and the group climbed into the vehicle and quickly left the scene where rocks and walls continued to fall on the Convoitise Castle. Fire and stone were seen from miles in the air where the great old castle of the lust vampire was burning to pieces.

“Is he dead Frithdar?” Jiko asked him.

“No he’s not dead. But close enough is good enough for us,” Frithdar answered as the Black Vixen disappeared back to the safe haven of Allegheri’s hideaway castle.


Many hours have past and the smoking rumbles of the Convoitise Castle were still fresh. The female vampires of the castle lay dead covered by rocks and blood. An ego bashed and bruised Sarge walked up to the coffin of Convoitise and looked inside.

“My lord you are greatly hurt by Chisoutsa,” she said to him.

“I must rest now Sarge. Now is not the time to seek revenge. In time we have the chance to defeat Chisoutsa. As your master I urge you to follow Chisoutsa like a hawk. Destroy her at all costs. Only then will the worlds see in their eyes that you are greater the Chisoutsa. Her death will bring you glory!” Convoitise said.

“I understand my master. When will you return to full health my lord?” she asked.

“No one knows expect time itself. Go now and close my coffin lid. It is time to sleep and dream of wonderful things,” he smiled to her.

Sarge moved around the coffin and grabbed the lid and slowly slid it across the coffin. The coffin glowed a red lining over the designs on the coffin and Sarge moved back.

“I will find Chisoutsa and prove my greatest lord Convoitise,” she said.

For now it seemed. Chisoutsa had the better of the two of them.


It was a major celebration that everything turned out right for Chisoutsa as the group back at Allegheri hideaway castle was enjoying the point that Convoitise wasn’t able to outmuscle Chisoutsa in the end. Mr. Umezu had woken Allegheri from his sleep and told him the good news. He appeared with Mr. Umezu and Professor Walken to help celebrate the news that the Death Land was free of evil and that village people were safe from harm.

“I understand why Professor Walken was a good teacher. Chisoutsa has become a powerful figure in the First Life World and that’s not surprising that his father was personally taught by Shentile himself. The good professor and I noticed that some of your demon powers have returned to you,” Allegheri said.

“How did that happened. I believe she lost them all when Censilo removed them before their epic battle in the City of Demons?” questioned Professor Walken.

“Not all energy powers are gone from people. I believe in Chisoutsa’s case they were put to sleep for a pro-long period of time. It takes time and a moment when emotion plays a faction for that power to regain. I was also impressed that you used the lust vampire’s power to save Hew. It was smart to see you restored Hew’s greatly lost energy in the end there. Not only have you understood fighting but some degrees of magic which is a good starting block for the Second Life World,” Allegheri explained.

“I am still learning things guys. At least I get the massive reward now,” Chisoutsa smiled.

“That’s right and without me you wouldn’t be able to do it and would have known. So a nice cut would be nice,” Mr. Umezu smiled towards Chisoutsa.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll give you some,” Chisoutsa nodded back.

“I’m just happy to see everything back to normal,” Hew said smiling rubbing his head.

“Are you ok?” Jiko asked.

“Yes I should be. It’s the just old brain and memory. It’s like there’s something missing at times,” Hew replied.

“I won’t comment on that,” grinned Mr. Umezu.

Frithdar turned around and viewed Allegheri’s large screen where he found the capture cage of Tekkorno in the air. The wizard moved quickly and pointed at the group.

“There’s Tekkorno in the sky. Why is it starting to burn like that?” Frithdar asked the group.

Allegheri turned around and saw the fire burning around the cage. His eyes lit up in fear. He ran across to the windows and saw it again. Professor Walken and Chisoutsa eyed the capture cage as a sudden explosion appeared in the sky and the ground shook the castle. Everyone held on to the walls of the castle as Allegheri turned to the group.

“The force of the Black Vixen must have thrown the capture cage too high in the sky. The death of the Ghost Lord can only mean one unspeakable and dangerous thing,’ he told them before turning back to the burning cage. A massive whirlpool appeared from the high skies to the ground of the Death Lands. Professor Walken looked at the whirlpool in fear.

‘My god what is that? It is so large and unbelievable,” asked the Professor to the vampire.

“It is transfer warp to the Second Life World. Now anyone can transfer between the two without fear,” Allegheri said.

A sudden chill of fear stuck Chisoutsa to the ground and the unbearable thoughts of evil ran through her mind.

“Tekkonro is dead now because he skips the Second Life World. He was killed in both worlds at the same time,” Allegheri explained to the group.

Mr. Umezu, Jiko, the Professor and Alan turned to Chisoutsa when they saw the fear in her eyes.

“Censilo and his demon army are free to attack. Censilo will come for my blood,” Chisoutsa cried in fear.

“Oh my god that’s so terrible. What are we going to do? The Second Life World will be in trouble as well as all the lands here,” Hew cried.

“The Second Life World is split between a demon and vampire land and an area where the College was built by me. It is that place where humans die and become wizards. I created the place to protect the wizards from evil and now by this news I must return there where I promised when great evil would come. I will remove all the students from the College and move them to Lake Pure in the First Life World as the places are very similar to each other. The wizards should be powerful enough to hold back attacks from Censilo. However we must defend the Death Lands, City of Demons, Lake Pure and the people we care about from the evil of Censilo. Shentile will keep the students safe and sound. Currently there are no teachers at the College as it is the holiday period,” Allegheri explained to the group.

Mr. Umezu caught a view of another explosion towards where the Convoitise Castle was, “I think we have another problem here!”

Allegheri and the Professor ran over to the window and saw energy being drawn from the transfer warp. Allegheri closed his eyes and a heavy frown appeared, “The Vampire Lord has awoken again!” he cried.

“Again? This is a nightmare. I only just defeated him!” Chisoutsa snapped in anger.

“Both the powerful lords have woken up to the fact that this is their final chance to rule the worlds together. I know their history was about hating each other but for this moment they might work together to get rid of us. Chisoutsa, Jiko and the Professor – get back to the City of Demons and collect everyone who you hold dear and keep them safe. I will collect all the students and Frithdar you take the rest and create a plan. Use every resource and dollar that everyone has here,” Allegheri shouted at the group.

“I have my millions and I will spend every dollar to save this world. I’m with the good guys,” Mr. Umezu said with a firm face.

“I will create machines of glory to save these worlds. The time has come for all to stand up,” Alan said to the group.

“And then we one last hero to save us all. Only you know the path to defeating these two for once and for all. All of your teachings and the only lessons to learn must be experienced – Chisoutsa this is your moment!” Allegheri boomed towards her.

Chisoutsa stood up in front of the group and turned her head towards the massive whirlpool that was about to create hell for the both worlds and spoke only two words – “I’m ready”