It’s been a long creative journey online since the days of Writersmuster and CJT Productions. Most people online wouldn’t know much about those two sites. Writersmuster was a successful Yahoo Group back in the day before social media was a thing. It promoted writers mostly but other creative people from backgrounds of music, artists, poets and more joined in the discussions and promotions at the site. CJT Productions you could say was the oldest model of a writing site merged with a promotional section for other creative people like myself.

Over the years I made two forum boards: one based on Writersmuster during 2006 to 2010 and one on football with Brisbane Lions United 2008 to 2012. I learnt a great deal with how to work with people and yes many mistakes were made along the way. During that time my own personal writing site has slowly expanded to other creative medias. The problem with CJT Productions was it was a site that needed others to keep on producing creative content for it and in the end it didn’t work out – it’s hard to get writers and other creative people to keep producing the goods.

It was when Nintendo Ninja News made it’s way to Youtube that I discovered some real long lasting success and met some great new friends too. It gave me the courage to evolve my simple writing web site which was still pretty cool with the anime images and story profiles into something more sleek and a expanded scope. CT Creativity is the modern version  of CJT Productions and the old Chris sites.  I finally found the right design and look for the site and I feel very happy with the results. I worked hard on getting the menu right, features and what I really wanted out of this site without being pulled back by old technology or limitations.

Who knows what will happen to CT Creativity – I might find old faces coming back from 2002 or new ones from today’s social media era. What I do know it’s going to exciting, abit scary, challenging and from a creative point of view very much fun.