Daniel Phoenix and Jack had rushed by car towards the NASA car park section where the pair of them climbed out and looked at the building. Daniel came to the doors and swiped his card and came inside with Jack. They look around the office blocks looking for Doug.

“We have to be quiet or the Men in Black will find us. But we can’t be too slow too,” Daniel told Jack.

Over in the far corner of the level Doug was on the ground with a head wound as he watched the alien in the corner with Maris looking over him.

“You can’t go digging with Mr Phoenix do you understand that Doug?” he told him.

Doug watched the reptilian in the corner while holding his bloodied head, “Are you working with that in the corner?”

“It’s an agreement of common ground interests you can say but enough of that. Your great mistake was to hire Mr Phoenix again and let him snoop around in these investigations. As you can tell I’m not your real boss. I came here to warn you and to make sure we are on the same page. You might believe in aliens now but you will not help Mr Phoenix anymore and do not go against my word. I am making this very clear to you. It is not just me who is upset with these latest investigations. Do you understand?” Maris explained to him.

“Yes I do,” Doug answered.

“Good. I should not have revealed you to the truth buy now you understand the impacts of what you are doing. Good day,” smiled Maris.

The reptilian transformed back into a human form and walked with Maris outside of the office and disappeared out of sight. A few moments later Daniel and Jack came to the office and saw Doug trying to stand up. They both came to his help and carried him to his seat.

“Are you alright, what happened?” Jack asked him.

“There was Maris a man in black with a reptilian, one of images you showed me a few times. I can’t believe it. They just told me to stop digging and stopping you too Daniel,” Doug said.

Daniel thought for a moment about the encounter, “It’s very strange that they came out to you like that. They won’t be back for a while now that they revealed to you who they are. Why would they target you and not me. I don’t understand.”

“Think about Daniel. In line of police work Doug is the man when it comes to possible information. He’s likely to be the new boss in this department and he has the ability to find things for you that he couldn’t before. I think they are worried about what you two can find together. Doug, the man who never believed in aliens could be the key to help unlock this Daniel,” Jack explained to him.

“I don’t want him to be in danger. He was just attacked by a bloody reptilian. I have to take this slowly and without Doug’s help. Go underground for a while,” Daniel replied.

Doug while mending his head grabbed Daniel’s arm, “You have known me for a long time. I’m not a man who is going to be told what to do. They threatened me and my family and I want to find out everything I can about this. I will help you but don’t think I’m going to believe now everything that comes out of your mouth. I know you get overexcited.”

Daniel smiled and turned to Doug, “I still know what you say still goes around here. What the future lies is us going underground for a while. Take a break and see what events happen in the future. Finding the alien child and finding out who Maris is. That’s what we’ll doing next. For now we have to treat you and Sonia. Let’s go and get you some help.”


Jack and Daniel helped Doug up and walked him out of the office and down to the carpark. All three of them were looking around for the Men in Black but nothing was there.

“What will we say to the doctor? The truth?” Doug asked Daniel.

“This is when telling a white lie is a good thing,” smiled Daniel as three returned to the care and drove off to the hospital where Sonia was there too.

None of them knew what the future was but they knew thing was going to get more complex and more dangerous. The investigations continue.