The darkness and the coldness bleed around the Ghost Tower where shadows were creping.  The moon gave a shine towards the ancient tower and the howls of animals were heard from miles away. Lone figures were riding towards it. There were figures of great power and figures of new. The missing ring was sitting pretty on the ground outside of the tower as it looked like it was there for years. A hand moved over it and picked it up. It was a male figure and he studied the ring. Then another shadow appeared behind him.

“What do you have in your hands,” said a female voice.

“It’s you again. You have been following me since I left The City of Demons,” said the male.

“Your name is Jiko right? My name is Sarge and I am here to find out about the other two figures that are connected to me,” she said.

Jiko put the ring in his pocket and looked at her in confusion, “Connected in what way?” he asked.

“I’m half human and half vampire. I was created by the same demon that you and your friend were made from.”

“From Censilo? You were another failed fighter?” Jiko asked.

“Yes I was. It was until your rebel period was when I left as well. I was thrown out with the rest. Unlike your famous friend, I use my power for evil,” Sarge replied.

“What do you want from me then,” Jiko said concerned.

“Tell her I want a challenge. I want to see who is the strongest. Vampire vs. demon is something I have always wanted to test. “

Sarge turned to see two figures in the distance and looked back quickly, “Sorry but it’s time to go again. I don’t want to be seen. I hope you understand.”

She disappeared in her black suited amour and left the area. Jiko picked up the ring and thought about who owned it. He sat down tired from his long journeys. He wanted to go back home but he would had to wait until morning to start his trip.


Over to the two figures in the distance, the Black Vixen had stopped behind Allegheri’s horse and the vampire stepped down and saw Professor Walken appeared from inside.

“You followed me all this way out here. There’s something you want to know from me. I can tell,” the old vampire spoke.

“Yes there is. I have come to ask about someone in the Second Life World,” the Professor started.

“Who is it that you seek.”

“My wife Emily had a miscarriage and I wanted to know if we had a child there. I want to find my other lost child,” Professor Walken.

“I’m sorry Professor Walken but I do not seek children nor do I tell the activities there. You know the laws and the rules of the way. You must understand,” Allegheri said.

“Then what can I do? To wait the rest of the life wondering what where my other child is? We tried to create a family of our own and we want the final piece of the puzzle.”

“I suggest that you look after your only daughter and focus on the task at hand.  You are a master of the lands and you have to think with your head. I’m sure you have told your students that many times. The ring needs to be found,” Allegheri explained to the Professor.

Professor Walken bit his lip and walked over to the Black Vixen, “You can lead the way,” he replied.

Allegheri climbed back on his horse and the coldness was growing. The Professor closed the car door and threw his cane to the back seats, “Bloody Allegheri, he never gives away a tale to tell. It’s like dealing with Shentile in my young days.” He said.

Together the Professor and the Vampire travelled over to the Ghost Tower where Jiko was resting. He was lying down as Sarge crept towards him and slid her hand into his pocket. Her soft hand pulled out the ring and her dark red eyes lit up towards the Ghost Tower.

“Watch me play with the ghosts tonight. This will give Chisoutsa a challenge. Three evils to content with,” she grinned.

She disappeared into the Tower as the Black Vixen drove into the area. Jiko quickly woke up to the sound and saw the car driving towards him.

“I must be dreaming,” he cried in surprise as the Professor stepped out of the car. Allegheri was behind and walked up to Jiko with Jonathan Walken.

“Professor what are you doing here?” he asked.

“I’m getting stuck into Chisoutsa’s mess of course. In short she came with Alan Richards to find a family friend but it’s now a mission to kill a vampire lord for money. Don’t ask me why she decided to do it. I’m guessing more for the challenge then the money. This is Irasil Allegheri, the other vampire. He is the figure who is willing to pay Chisoutsa to do his dirty work,” Professor Walken explained to a confused Jiko.

“Young warrior, I see goodness in you. You have a kind and hearted spirit within you. We are looking for a ring that has been lost in the past couple hours. Have you seen something like that,” Allegheri asked.

“Yes I have something like that right here,” Jiko felt inside his pocket and look back at the pair worried.

“I think she took it from me!” he cried.

“Who took it from you,” asked Allegheri.

“Sarge, this women who I met, she said to me that she was like me and Chisoutsa. She was created from the Hyper Camp,” Jiko replied.

“This is not what we need Allegheri, yet another problem to deal with. We are already short in numbers,” Professor Walken said.

“I agree. I have heard of her name in the villages. She has caused some trouble but she hasn’t built to a large extend of a problem until now. She’s playing with fire and we need to stop this.”

“We must go into the Ghost Tower and stop her now. Before it’s too late,” said the Professor.

Jiko sighted and looked towards the Ghost Tower, “I thought this was going to be my holiday.”

“Because Chisoutsa is dealing with the Lust Vampire I believe it is our duty to take care of this issue until it’s over.  Hew, Mr. Umzeu, and Frithdar will be able to help Chisoutsa,” said Allegheri.

“So you’re actually going to come out of retirement to battle him?” Professor Walken said.

“Aren’t you retired from fighting too Professor?” Jiko asked him.

“Well Professor, we both know evil never sleeps and our services will always be used until we die.

“Lead the way then,” frowned the Professor.

It was rare for Jonathan to be shown up from having experience and knowledge on life and having to deal with an older master in the lands. The three of them walked into the Ghost Tower together and the old Vampire watched Sarge in the distance.

“There she is with the ring. We have to be quick about this. There is an eerie feeling about this place,” Allegheri warned.

“Two strangers and Jiko, looking better then ever,” smiled Sarge towards Jiko.

“Drop the ring from your finger now and we will not harm you. Do you understand,” cried out Allegheri.

“No! I will do this the way I like it. I have worked my way towards a goal to create some pain in the Death Lands and this is my chance!” Sarge snapped back.

Professor Walken viewed the fog that around surrounding into the tower where there was a gold statue behind Sarge. He heard voices and the eyes of the statue cast a shadow over Sarge. He nudged Allegheri and pointed at the statue.

“The eyes are moving,” he whispered.

“There’s only one thing to do now. Escape!” Allegheri shouted as he grabbed both the Professor and Jiko and threw them out of the Ghost Tower.

The statue roared as Sarge turned around and was blown away onto the ground. The ring was left on the ground and the fog and wind carried it up towards the statue. Jiko credit out from out side the Tower, “Who is the ghost that’s coming out?”

“Tekkonro is a ghost lord of the First Life World. He was imprisoned by me and the Lust Vampire. He has caused a large amount of deaths, thus you see many ghosts walk around these lands,” Allegheri cried back.

The ring connected to the statue and the roof of the Ghost Tower scattered into the air. Professor Walken turned to Jiko, “Go to the far lair castle to the east you see over there. Chisoutsa is currently trapped by the Lust Vampire that Allegheri speaks of. Go now and save her. I think Allegheri and I will have to deal with this mess ourselves. It requires experience here,” he explained to him.

“I’ll go now but be safe professor,” Jiko said.

“I will try to,” he answered.

Jiko jumped dodged the fire balls that start raining around the Ghost Tower and the lands. Professor Walken held on to his cane tightly as Allegheri backed towards him.

“For a cripple you move quite well, “Allegheri noted.

“Thanks, painkillers is the secret,” Walken answered.


The fireballs had spread over to the Convoitise Castle where the vampire armies were flying around trying to save the castle from attack.  Convoitise stood in the middle of his castle and watched the fireballs smashing into his rooftop and he knew that Tekkonro had escaped. He dusted off his long black robe and walked over to edge of his castle.

“Who is their right mind would release a fool like Tekkonro. I don’t have time to deal with him. I want this land for myself and no one will stop me.”

Chisoutsa, Hew and Frithdar were still imprisoned inside the cage they were forced into. Hew ran his hands along the bars and looked back at Chisoutsa.

“See I told you I can’t go through these bars. Vampires have made sure that us ghosts are prevented to go to places they don’t want us to see,” Hew explained.

“Either we die within these bars or the fireballs will kill us, “Chisoutsa complained.

Frithdar sighted a fireball coming their way and quickly rose from his seat, “Stay down and keep your eyes close!’ he cried as he waved his hand around the three of them and a shield appeared. The fireball smashed the bars opened and the shield protected everyone from harm. Frithdar helped Chisoutsa up and she nodded towards him.

“Wizards are handy people to have,” she said.

“Handy and lucky I would say,” smiled Frithdar.

Together, Chisoutsa, Hew and Frithdar dart past the Lust Vampire and escape the castle. Mr. Umezu followed suit and watched the fireballs and the ghost lord moving as a large body over the land.

‘Look’s like your daddy is in trouble of his own. What has he done out there with the vampire?” Mr. Umezu said.


“We have to help them first. This is not what I thought to be,” Chisoutsa murmured to herself.

Hew, Alan and Mr. Umezu looked at each other as the fireballs rained across the Death Lands. Now there was more than one evil to defeat…