The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer is musical fantasy story that the only piece of writing made between the long novel Seasons of the Moon and before the start of Chisoutsa: The City of Demons. The story is about a young girl and uncaring boyfriend who enter the castle of a eccentric writer who happens to be a ghost.   This story tends to stand out from many others based on the musical aspect and mixing of poetry and story into which is rare over the two decades of writing. It is similar to Vadey: The Short Love Story that also has poetry and story but this time Ticehurst has written the poetry and story himself . It is seen as a underrated story that had the best of his poetry and likely overlooked because of Seasons of the Moon and Chisoutsa’s first story sandwiching the short story.

Act I

Act II


Act IV

Act V

Written by Chris Ticehurst
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