Over the many years, the couple decades and more of doing creative projects such as writing, videos, forum boards and everything in between. People have asked me who are the ones who made a difference or a impact on my creative journey. For me it’s not the famous authors or other famous celebrities. It’s the people I have worked or who have supported me over the years.  I wanted to in a small way acknowledge those who have made that difference in my life.

Some have been editors, others drawn amazing art work for me over the years. Some have been great supporters of me and found things in me when I couldn’t during my darkest times in my life. There has been ups and down with some of them too. Times when I was younger, more depressed, more stubborn, and not understanding.  With CT Creativity – this web site is a product of all the hard years learning from mistakes, taking the good successes and applying them to this. What came good out of running forum boards applied to my writing site and that success was applied to my Youtube Channel. Everything has been building blocks along the way – of course with stumbling moments too.

This is my own small way to thank the eleven people who have helped be a part of my creative journey with writing, running crazy creative projects, and video making. I hope to keep finding people like the ones I have met – you never know what direction CT Creativity will take next. The Hall of Friends are as followed below and will be on the new Team / Hall of Friends Main Link on the CT Creativity web site.

Thank You

Current Team
Owner of CT Creativity/ Host of Nintendo Ninja News
Canberra, Australia
The Founder and Owner of Chris Ticehurst Creativity. Author of stories such as Chisoutsa: The City of Demons, Xtreme Squad, The Alien of Phoenix, and Super Bakery Sisters.
Current Team, Hall of Friends
Character Artist Director
Bangkok, Thailand
Know as Djny to the readers he is the star artist who has brought to life Chisoutsa, Xtreme Squad and Super Bakery Sisters and also included the creation of the official logos. He is a manga artist who works for manga publishing houses and creates his own manga books too.
Hall of Friends
Former CJT Productions Web Designer
Tim was my old Original Web Designer who helped with CJT Productions (2002 - 2003) and helped built Writersmuster (2002 - 2004) up from the old High School days. He was my right hand man in both of the sites and with the novel The Legend of Evermore too.
Hall of Friends
Supporter of Writersmuster/CJT Productions
Peter was one of the first big supporters of the Writersmuster Group (2002 - 2004) and of CJT Productions (2002 - 2003). One of the group of High School friends who helped out of building creative projects. He was also a writer who did some stories over that time period.
Hall of Friends
Former Editor and Moderator of Wriersmuster
Casia was my right hand person for Writersmuster the forum board (2006 - 2010) who edited my novel Chisoutsa: The City of Demons and she edited and created Treason & Treachery Masks & Deceit Anthology Book too. One of the most focused and dedicated people I know when it comes to her craft. She writes her own books, edits and reviews books as well . 
Hall of Friends
Former Manga/Book Artist Designer
Tejay was the one of the artists for the Seasons of the Moon novel (2004) who designed the over of the book and some of the characters along the way. She was a important part for the design and it's release day. I learnt about the time and effort that is required to do manga style work and decided to work with more people in the coming years. She works as a Digital Artists on Video Games
Hall of Friends
Former Manga Artist
Faline was one of the main artists for the Seasons of the Moon novel (2004) who helped designed the great six weather elements back in my college (High School) days. The wallpaper designs inspired me to keep using the manga art style with future stories in Chisoutsa, Xtreme Squard,  and Super Bakery Sisters.
Hall of Friends
Supporter of Writersmuster/ Poet in "Vadey: The Short Love Story"
Sushant was the known poet on Writersmuster (2002 - (2004) and wrote the poetry in the story 'Vadey: The Short Love Story' (2003). He also had his own poetry in the novel Seasons of the Moon. He was a great supporter of CJT Productions and inspired me to write my own poetry that started off in 2006. He is a Medical Officer Doctor in India.
Hall of Friends
Former Supporter/Moderator of Brisbane Lions United
Ben was the passionate member of the Brisbane Lions United (2008 - 2012) forum era and was a moderator. His great knowledge on AFL allowed the forum to be a success Between us we supported the AFL Team and engaged in some serious Dream Team Battles.
Hall of Friends
Former Editor and Poet for Seasons of the Moon
Jocelyn was one of the editors for the Seasons of the Moon (2004) novel and was a member of Writersmuster (2002 - 2004). She had some of her poetry in the novel as well.
Hall of Friends
Advisory and Supporter of Nintendo Ninja News
Awais was the person who got me into the world of Crowd funded work with Stir in Canberra. It opened me up to different possibilities and It allowed Nintendo Ninja News to transform into the Youtube Channel it is today.
Hall of Friends
Supporter of Nintendo Ninja News
Raymond has been the great supporter of Nintendo Ninja News. Dubbed the No. 1 Fan of the Youtube Channel who has supported it since it's early beginnings.