It’s been a long year but quite successful in term of writing and working this year. Obtaining a new job, a new place and building the web site is something amazing with all the features, stories, videos, audio and artwork it has turned into the best version of my writing site yet. Despite some of the challenges of moving and settling into a new career it has been a good year overall.

The Author’s War, Super Bakery Sisters, Xtreme Squad, and Paranormal Spirits were all released this year showing a increase of new stories which in past years were cut down due to web site building and running large forum boards. Next year there will be at least five stories to be released with two stories nearly finished for release in January 2015.  Here are some of the new stories set for release in 2015.

  • Neo Post Human
  • The Alien of the Phoenix 2
  • Xtreme Squad 3
  • Super Bakery Adventure – Magical Fruits Adventure
  • A Playwright’s Unlikely Tale
  • Matrix Star Commander

Neo Post Human is the story of Mr. Umezu after the events of The Author’s War and Matrix Star Commander is the story of the mysterious Space Commander who helps and aids the characters in The Author’s War novel. Two exciting and different directions in genre for myself.  I am also moving with new stories from Alien of the Phoenix and Xtreme Squad 3 is the final story that will done with the character Lucas Walken and his team.  There might be others stories created and there is the big Kindle ebook releases for this year.

I wish every a Happy New Year and 2015 will be a amazing year. Stay tuned!