As was discussed with Charles Thompson, Lucas Walken and Kuzuki they decided to visit the Librarian who lives underground in The City of Demons.  Jasper and Yuri were the first to step onto the ladder at the manhole where he lived. The smell to Lucas was still as bad it used to be years ago. The four of them took their steps down the dirty lane and explored the area. Jasper and Yuri turned on some torches to see their way through the darkness. Rats run past the Squad as they saw a familiar figure in a middle sized room of books and papers. The Librarian was standing with his one eyen blue scope of light eyed off Lucas Walken and then he noticed the others.

“Mr. Walken you are not the first visitors to come my way today. It’s been a busy day. I have my thoughts on why you are here,” spoke The Librarian.

“Who have you seen today Librarian?” Lucas asked him.

“Your mentor Fridather was here and we have a present for you. However there is the pressing issue that you are here for. No one comes here just for a chat. People come here when they are against a wall much like your sister was when she was finding out about her past.”

“We are looking for information on Akuryou, his history and wondering why my magic didn’t work against him. Maybe it’s not strong enough,” Lucas replied to him.

The Librarian nodded and walked around the bookshelf’s pointing at things in thought. Jasper for some reason found the whole meeting a laugh and was smirking.

“And young Jasper you would have fared much worse against Akuryou for his ski9ll in sword play is stronger than yours,” The Librarian said out loud.

“He can’t be better than me, is he?” Jasper shouted back looking at Lucas worried by the Librarian’s remark.

“Lucas’s magic is neither the strongest nor the weakest. No magic can harm Akuryou because in his blood he is magic proof passed on by his parents and than his grandparents and on and on it goes,” he spoke.

“Is this a rare ability this magic proof? Was it obtained decades ago by his family?” Yuri asked curiously.

The Librarian popped back to his desk with a few books he dropped on it, “Well Yuri the ability is very rare now but back in the olden times it was more common. It was said to be a vaccine against wizards by some clever vampires around the time when Allegheri was middle age or younger maybe. The number of people who had it disappeared over the past two hundred years so Akuryou is a rare breed.  It is likely his family back then had issues against wizards and was worried by attacks so they took the measure they needed,”

“So what’s the way to catching him?” Jasper asked.

“Just don’t use magic. He is human after all. He is a clever and resourceful man and would require planning to pin him down. Lucas is the son of Jonathan Walken and I believe you the match in wits and ability. As a wizard Lucas you are also rare. The days of wizards roaming all the lands are gone. Once upon a time there were wizards, demons, and vampires who would walk the land with ease between the Death lands and The City of Demons. The name given to the City before Censilo the Demon Lord’s time was called Wanderers Plains. It was called that because people came here to start a new life, from magic people to simple humans. It was also the first to use the technologies that you use today and was turned into a city. It was never called a city in the mainstream until a young Censilo appeared. Your friend Mr. Umezu was called a young man creating his own technologies in the rat race to become powerful and rich by any measure. With no government it was the survival of the fittest and smartest back then,” The Librarian explained in detail.

Lucas took in the information as Jasper smirked at the girls, “He’s going all Professor Walken on us now. I hate history lessons.”

“So Censilo grew up in Wanderers Plains and set out his wars in other lands that created the First and Second Life Worlds. Than after these events he returns to make his name and took his home land for himself thus moving to create the Hyper Camp with my sister there?” Lucas said putting together the history events.

“Correct Lucas that was the events that happened. You will need to be careful still in The City of Demons. I feel that Akuryou is not the only danger that lies here. Now onto your present that Fridather and I made for you,” The Librarian answered.

The Librarian took out a long box from under his desk and put it on the table and opened it up. The four members of the Xtreme Squad moved in to see what it was. It was a medium sized long club with spikes on it. He lightly touched the spikes to reveal a glowing blue light around it, “This is a magic club for you Lucas. It will help control and strengthen your power and it’s an effective weapon to attack. We thought of instead of a typical staff and sword that you would be better off with this. Its history was used by a demon that Fridather meet on his old journeys with Allegheri the Vampire. Use it wisely,” he explained to Lucas carefully.

“We better be moving off but thank you for your information. We better make some plans,” Lucas said picking up the club weapon. The Librarian nodded as the four of them headed back the way they went.

They made it back to the street level when Jasper had a look at the club weapon, “Nice toy you have there. I wonder what it’s called?” he wondered.

“I’ll ask Fridather when I see him next time. He should be around soon enough with all the drama that is happening,” Lucas answered and the Squad disappeared off into the street to prepare for the next round against Akuryou.