Bill, Ben and Wizard had successfully made a deal with the mayor of Lego City to give funds to the group the Legomen. Bill got down to his car as saw that bloody Captain Hook trying to break into the car.

“Hey!” cried Bill as he tried to stop the two pirates from stealing the car. Hook’s friend punched Bill down as the pair decided to make a run for it and headed away from the trio around the corner of the City Hall.. Ben and Wizard ran up to pick back up Bill from the ground.

“Are you ok,” asked Ben.

“Yeah, I’m fine for now,” replied Bill half sore.

Ben opened the car up and the three climbed in and drove off. Ben started to form more questions about this Legomen business.

“How many members are there in the Legomen?” he asked the wizard.

“It’s about twenty to my memory. My memory tends to play up sometimes,” laughed the wizard. “But it will take a long time to round up the members.”

The car returned back to the house and Bill spotted a sack that Wizard was carrying with him when they first met.

“What’s in the sack that you own?” asked the curious doctor.

“Come inside and you shall find out,” smiled the wizard.


Just only in twenty four hours, the wise old wizard was starting to figure out the minds of Bill and Ben. Only the wizard knew what would lie ahead for the two city slickers. Bill and Ben sat at the dinning table and Wizard pulled up a chair holding the sack in question. He withdrew a bunch of swords that had a dragon engraved on the handles.

“Wow swords, I’ve always wanted to use one,” cried a excited Ben.

“You will indeed use one in the near by future Ben. These come from my castle, The Dragon Knights,” called Wizard.

“The Dragon Knights, those are the people who helped make the ancient Legomen. I remember that now,” remembered Bill.

Wizard handed the pair a sword and showed the engraved dragon on the handle.

“My dear dragon was frozen by Zare and I wish to find the cure to unfreeze him as well to find the whereabouts of him too. He was frozen in the last epic battle that Zare and I had,” he sighed.

Bill and Ben studied the handle and Ben got up with a  speech.

“I say we get this Legomen together and help find this poor old dragon of Wizard’s,” he cried out.

“Here we go,” murmured Bill. “How are we suppose to do this?”  he asked his friend.

“Remember the police van I won in the auction. We can use that as a battle weapon in our plan to beat Zare,” Ben cited.

“Battle weapon?” whispered Wizard to Bill.

“Hang on Wizard,” he whispered back. “It’s a piece of rubbish Ben, we’re not going to win with that alone.”

“Fine you think of a better way,” complained Ben.

Bill sat with the sword in his hands thinking, and thinking. He knew he didn’t have a plan and he knew Ben’s idea was set to fail.

“Ok, we’re use your idea for now,” gave in Bill.

“Great, I’ll get it going,” said Ben heading off out the door down to the garage.


Half under the old police van, Ben was making sure things would sail perfectly. He tied some last bolts up when Wizard walked down with the swords sack and pulled a face at it.

“Are you sure Ben this battle weapon will work,” he questioned the young city slicker.

“Of course it will, my plans never fail,” cried out Ben from under the car.

“I’ve heard that before,” popped a doctor’s voice coming down the stairs with cups of tea.

“Pipe down will ya,” cried Ben.

“Just let him be Wizard,” smiled Bill.

“I guess I should, but he seems to be working so hard on this van,” said Wizard worried.

“We’re see how it goes,” nudged Bill and the two watched Ben busily fix up the last few bolts and pieces.


It was the afternoon where the police van was done and it painted white all over as the three hopped in. The motor turned on and the van was off.

“I must give it to you Ben, the van actually goes,” smiled Bill.

“Shut up Bill. I like to see you do something,” snapped back Ben.

“Now now everyone, we shall see how the machine goes,” stepped in Wizard.

Ben and Wizard were in the front and Bill continued to pull faces in the back. The van turned the corner and passed two characters on the street. The face of Captain Hook and his friend simply called Assistant watched the van with the Legomen inside.

“I really don’t like that Bill guy. Why don’t we pay them a visit,” the captain suggested to his mate.

“Yes, why not,” he smiled back.


The van had stopped outside a cafe where Bill returned to see Captain Hook ‘admiring’ the police van. Wizard and Ben bumped into Bill as they saw the Pirate too.


“Nice little beast you have here. What the hell does it do?” he asked.

“It’s a police van,” answered Bill keep his real thoughts to himself.

Ben pushed passed Bill and stepped up to Captain Hook.

“ I made it so bug off,” he cried.

Captain Hook grabbed Ben and held him to the side of the van with his hook.

“Don’t you start on me you little fool,” he yelled.

“Leave him alone Captain Hook, your business is not here,” called a voice from the background.

“What’s this the old crazy wizard to defend his pals. This is so stupid,” laughed Captain Hook.

Wizard held up his hand towards the Captain and eyed him.

“Don’t move Hook,” warned Wizard.

‘And what are you going to do?” smiled the Captain.

“This,” answered the wizard.

A bolt of light struck Captain Hook and he was blinded by the light. Ben punched Hook to the ground and Ben reunited with Wizard and Bill.

“I can’t bloody see. What is this? Magic?” he cried in pain.

“Yes, magic indeed Hook,” smiled the wizard.

Assistant helped up Hook and thew two wandered off away from the police van.

“That was cool that magic stuff. You should teach me how to do that,” cried Ben.

“I’m not known for sticking my neck out for people. You’re on your own next time,” warned Wizard climbing into the van.

Bill gave a similar look of Wizard’s to Ben and followed inside. Ben followed last having a think to himself.