The Seasons Trilogy is set to release the Seasons of the Moon Illustration Collection in April 2005. This has come after illustrators and author Christopher Ticehurst discussed about the details of the Illustration Collection. The next release tipped to be April 2005 will feature at least 30 to 40 illustrations. Short stories and poems could be added to the collection. Charatcer Profiles are likely to be in the book where readers will gain a better understanding of the novel. Ticehurst has stressed to the illustrators they cannot waste time doing nothing as with the first novel.

The cover of the book will be released in Feb 2005 to help stir interst for the release. Many of the pieces will be scenes from the novel. Others may be wallpapers but nothing has been confirmed. The presurre is on the illustrators to complete the book five months. For the first eight months, only eight pieces has been completed and some writers are unsure about the time frame Ticehurst has set. The author is happy that things will fall into place whent eh book is released but does agree that the illustrators must work harder in the coming months.

* * * * *

In other news Chris Ticehurst has released a range of poems which he mixed and played from old work from early 2003. Ticehurst released some earlier poems/songs which failed and was bombed by every writer in sight. Howerver he hopes this slicker newer collection will be better. “I’m not the great poet but I try to do something different like many of my friends know”. Nine poems has been release. Another three to six will be released in December 2004 along with the first story of ‘The Chronicles of Vincent Lamour’.