Once again the journey to and inside the tower was too easy to understand. He was inviting us again to see what has been doing to all the universes he had been fighting against. Here was still many questions to be answered. Confusion about the war and what role he really was playing in it. Chisoutsa, Roger, and Wizard was had noticed from the last time they were in the tower that things have moved around. There was moving images of the war shown in the hall ways as Roger watched the war in his world. A worried look came upon his face seeing a battled and tired looking Levi and Duncan resting against a wall while the Richardson castle was burning with creatures and aliens were attacking from all angles.

“He’s using aliens from my past stories. Lifting them from their words and into real life to use at his will. I’m not sure how he’s doing this,” I replied behind Roger.

“We will find out soon,” Roger answered pushing me out of the way in anger.

Chisoutsa and Wizard watched their worlds falling under the prey of Valentine’s wrath. The City of Demons was close to being defeated as Chisoutsa saw her brother Lucas pushing forward with his allies Jasper and Allegheri the old vampire. Wizard couldn’t bear to watch his world in danger anymore and turned to me.

“My whole life I have spent defending what I have loved and at the end of my life it is still under threat. We have to end this for good. Forever.”

The four of us moved through the tower to the main room as Roger and Chisoutsa pushed open the heavy steel doors and myself and Wizard entered it. Valentine stood by his throne moving down to see him.

“We are here now. You are now cornered and I have the knife here. We want you to stop the war at once,” I demanded of Valentine.

Valentine was silent as Chisoutsa and Roger came to our side and he started to smile to himself pointing to the Author’s War book next to the throne.

“You haven’t really be reading much have you Author?”

“I know that the knife once stuck into the book will stop you in your tracks,” I replied to him.

“The knife does nothing. It really does nothing at all. You see I had to make sure that none of you really knew what to do against me and how to defeat me too. The knife was a fake planted in history to throw you all off my scent. The only way to kill the book is to kill me. That is going to very hard for you all,” Valentine said.

“You are lying.”

“I’m not. The day I cursed you was really the day you started to feel the pressure of the war. You have grey hair now, your ability to walk has become hard for you and your mind is clouded by my voice. I am the author in the war and the original soul breaker. I came to claim Gladus’s soul because he was useless to me. I destroyed the elements of the weather because of what they did to me. Gladus was part of my dark soul. The control of the weather may be back to the ThunderDragon for now but there is an easy way to get that back,” Valentine explained.

“How do you plan to do that?” I asked him.

“Through you. You have been the key to the war the whole time. You are connected to your characters and when I take the soul of the writer, all the good will  be taken away, all the hard work that they put themselves through for all these years will be gone. You don’t need to watch, just feel it,” he answered.

He walked up to me as I felt the heaviness in my mind build up again. I fell to down to my knees and hands as he towered over me. The others clutched at their heads and fell down to the ground. Roger moved closed to Valentine when turned around and kicked him down to the ground. I felt the pain of Roger as I reached for my stomach lying on the ground. He leaned down to my face, “I am the dark side of you. The world you have tried to stay away from. The depression, the anger, and the sorrow that you locked away in your soul for so long is leaking out of you and I will drink it all in my desire to have what I really want. You have stayed strong so far but you are weak. Poisoned by the misery you have had in your life.”

He took the knife out from me and placed it in my hand, “Do what your heart desires. Do what your mind has been saying to yourself. Kill yourself”

“I can’t do that. I’ve seen it with my own eyes where that path goes to.”

“You have thought about and have desired it at times. I am only giving to you what you want when no one else has wanted to. Your characters only want you around to save themselves. Listen to me and understand, you will never come out of this darkness. You must understand this and that know that only me can lead to your peace,”

He placed the knife in my hands with one hand touched my face, it was cold as steel. He looked into my eyes, my depression was looking into my eyes and I didn’t know what to do. It felt like forever trying to decide what I should have do or not.

“I have shown you to everyone what you will truly feel. Look at you. The pain and tiredness is there to be seen. I have given to you what others cannot.”

“I can’t do this.”

“You choose to live like this. In total sadness for no one but yourself? What is the struggle for if there is no destiny?”

“I don’t know.”

“If you don’t know then there must be some thread of hope in you by now. Let take me the last of that out of you,” he whispered to me as he stuck the knife into me. My eyes widen and a ball of energy erupted around the two of us. The next few moments I couldn’t remember and the world was blank to my mind. I awoke on the ground on a mat with two figures watching over me.  I pushed my body up slowly to give a better look at them and remembered their faces.

“Ice? Alexander? Am I dead?” I asked them.

Ice the weather element leaned down to me with Alexander the Knight next to him. He was dressed in a simple white armor and a sword by his side.

“You’re not dead in body that is. Most of your soul has been removed by Valentine the original soul breaker and the man who wrote the Author’s War. His confusion and his power has now become clear to you finally. He is the voice and the darkness inside us all. He is the voice you hear that questions your mistakes, your pain, and your judgment in life. His only fear is the good, the slight hope we hold close to us when all the lights have fallen into the ashes. His power has grown because of your fear and you sadness in your life. That is why he choose you for the war. He knew he could break you and here you are in pieces, in the viol between life and death,” Ice aid to me.

“So I am not dead after all. I am still here but in body only. What is left of me now then?” I asked.

“Only the darkness I think. You know of my journey through harshness of the war of the weather. When the darkness came to me, I looked to the light of Claire, my friend Alfred, and the people who needed me and who willed me on. Through only the darkness you will see the light, but never stay in the one spot. Keep walking and keeping on finding it. It is going to be harder than you will never believe it will be but it will be worth it in the end. Fight for your soul!” Alexander told me.

“I will try,” I said in the clouds of my thoughts.

A shock took over my body and I woke up again on the ground seeing my own blood on the floor and seeing Wizard, Roger, and Chisoutsa on the floor. I turned around to one person standing in the corner.

“You’re alive? That’s good to see. I’ve come a long way to find you,” said the figure.

“Mr. Umezu? How did you get all the way here?” I asked him trying to get myself up again.

Mr. Umezu came over and helped me up from the ground, “I wasn’t about to put the trust of the war in a few people’s hands. If you want something done you have to do yourself. Now the good news is is that Valentine has left his tower, the bad news is that we lost the war.”

“What happened to everyone?” I asked.

“I was confused like you until this guy came into the picture outside the tower,” Mr. Umezu pointing to a shadow who came into view. I stood back in surprise and pointed at him.

“Vulture? You! Weren’t you supposed to be trapped in time?” I shouted at him.

The time traveler smiled and waved his hands, “The time block was lifted and so was all the universe travel blocks too. Valentine has won the war and everyone’s life have been stripped of their souls – like you I hear,” Vulture said.

“I am still very weak and I can’t feel any goodness in me. He took away any of the good and hope in me. I’m trying to understand why you two are here and three of them are gone,” I replied.

“There is a way to even the odds in the war. A way to take back what was ours in the beginning. But I think you’re going to hate it and even I will hate it too and you too,” Vulture said while pointing at Mr. Umezu.

“Come on, tell me what I’m going to hate?” Mr. Umezu asked raising an eyebrow.

Vulture put his hands in his pockets and nodding to himself thinking, “Only what is left of you is the evil, the dark thoughts you have. The only ones standing are the bad guys. Myself, thou I never wanted to kill anyone I have done my crimes and so has Mr. Umezu. I suggest we resurrect a group of evil to work for you to bring the war back and defeat Valentine. Zare, Cenilso and Graford would be the perfect fit,”

“Are you insane?” I shouted at him.

“I am not raising Cenilso back from the dead and there’s no possible way of doing so! Why would you suggest something like that? The war has been lost,” Mr. Umezu snapped back at Vulture.

“I hate the idea myself but while I was stuck in the past I did some digging into different worlds and spent some time researching this idea. Valentine is out there ruling everything. You should be lucky we are still here, because without us you would truly be dead. Now there is a way to resurrect them. Have a look at Chisoutsa over there,” Vulture said.

Both myself and Mr. Umezu wasn’t happy at this idea and we both casually turned around and noticed Chisoutsa had changed completely in form.

“I don’t remember her having wings,” Mr. Umezu gasped looking at her.

Chisoutsa’s hair had turned long black with black wings and was more muscled. She was still asleep from the effects of Valentine’s power.

“How is this possible?” I asked Vulture.

“She’s a full blood demon now and she can resurrect people and have them under her control. She is the perfect person we need to win back what you have lost and that is everything,” Vulture noted.

“So we use these three to explore the dark side and reclaim my soul in the meanwhile?” I asked confused about the issue.

“Something like that. Mr Umezu and I agree it still comes down to you and your war with Valentine. He maybe your mental illness in the fresh but he couldn’t kill you for some reason and no one knows why. So you gotta find that out and before you start asking why I’m helping it’s in my best interest. I can’t rip people off and do my business when people is enslaved or dead. It’s just bad business isn’t Mr. Umezu?” Vulture asked him.

“Yeah I got out of the business of ripping people off but I do like the way you think sometimes,” Mr. Umezu said.

“Maybe it’s not about getting them on my side. It’s about learning my past, learning why I created these characters and specially their connection to my life. Cenilso and Graford were during my adulthood struggle but Zare was in the core of my childhood. Something I never wanted to touch again,” I said out loud thinking about the three of them.

“You have to deal with the past to work out your present and to have a future. If you figure out the core of your problems we might actually have a chance and your soul will be returned to you. You gave away your soul in a moment of weakness but exploring your dark side and conquering it will make you stronger than Valentine. You only have us to work with now and that’s the only way you are going to do it now that Valentine controls everything,” Vultures told me.

“Won’t he be watching me?”

“No. He won the war and he thinks that you died too. Which is great for us and can use the time to resurrect them and find out your answers. Let’s wake the demon girl over there and get out of here.”

Mr. Umezu walked and gave her a nudge with his foot and he lit up a cigar while waiting for her, “Wake up, we haven’t quite lost yet.”

“Kick the demon, that’s a smooth move,” Vulture noted.

Chisoutsa slowly awoke from her state and quickly noticed her new form. She cracked her neck and stood up looking at Mr. Umezu and Vulture and then me.

“Why am I looking like a demon? What’s happened?”

“In short, we lost the war but only the bad characters are alive,” Mr. Umezu quipped.

“And I’m now one of the bad guys?” Chisoutsa asked.

“Well no I don’t think so. Part of you is still with Censilo the demon lord and that means you are connected to him hence you are still here. Valentine has removed all the good and now I have to face some of my past to save the present. Now how do we do this?” I asked Vulture.

“I’m going to sound like one of the Cyber family members with you two not knowing anything. We have to go the area where they died.”

“The Second life world was destroyed. It’s impossible to bring back Censilo,” I explained to Vulture.

“Right that idea is canned. We could use one of the large hall rooms in the tower to do this. Seeming this tower is a massive universal portal like the one you had at your old home and the one you kept in your company headquarter that is highly illegal that I heard of,” Vulture said looking at Mr. Umezu with a grin.

“Illegal but harmed no one. It brought Cody Cyber over. That can’t be said as a bad thing. I was quite disappointed I couldn’t make the profits off it as I had planned,” Mr. Umezu replied.

“Can we get this moving now? I’m going to end up as a villain myself if I keep on standing around here,” I said to the three of them.

“I was enjoying the idea of having the world to ourselves. To help bring back the Cyber family. They will never let hear the end of that one,” Vulture said dreaming of the moment.

The four of us walked out of the main room and headed for the large hall room where needed to turn back the tide of the war.