“ There was a time when he went to England and Vadey still thought of his first true love,” spoke out Chris.

This time Chris was standing up and walking up and down the table with microphone listening in like mad.

After Vadey completed school, He was sent to England to his aunt’s house to spend my holidays. It was not for the first time he was going abroad. Yeah but there was a difference. Last time, his brother was with me too but this time he was alone. He took with me the only picture of her, which he had. He kept it in my valet. I reached there. His one cousin wasn’t married yet. Vadey used to spend time with him. We used to go out. He really used to go out for girls. Many girls asked him about Vadey but he never looked at them because for me Richa was everything. He never thought of an another girl. But he knew many girls there wanted to be with him. Even one of his aunts came with a picture of a girl who wanted to be with him but his answer was no every time. It was may be because he never lost hope. Vadey thought that one day she will realize the thing that how much he loved her. But she never did. He came back after two months where he was supposed to stay there for four months because there was something missing in me like He left a lot there back in India. What I did in England was that Vadey roamed alone in the parks seeing the sky in a hope that she will be watching it too in India.


“ Vadey returned back to India where his love was torn between two loves this time,” spoke out Chris


“Amber was one of the sweetest persons Vadey ever had in my life but my thoughts about her changed when he came to know that she never loved him. She was an American girl. She was sixteen. She was black, had straight hair. Well she was the girl who took his heart in their many chats. But Vadey was alone again as she has too left him.”

“When Vadey came back from England, he used to use the Internet a lot and on Internet he met her. A nice girl who liked to talk to me and so do he liked to talk her. And he didn’t know when he fell in love with her but he was scared to say the thing in his heart to her. The reason may be Richa or the fear of hearing the devastating word ‘no’ which really is like a dagger in to your heart. But Vadey asked her one day if she loves me or not and to my surprise yes came the answer. According to her words Vadey was the sweetest man to her. The best one she will ever get in her life. Vadey couldn’t believe it. But he had to believe it.”

“A fight was going in his mind all this moment that whom Vadey really loved. Is it Richa or is it Amber? The answer was hiding inside of him but he never came to know about it. It was like I would die without her but he knew he wasn’t going to die because if death had to come to me, it would had come before this time when Richa left me. Well she was never with me but her thoughts were always with me which were like her fragrance making me feel pleasant all the time. But then Vadey thought that why he didn’t go for the things which I can get. So I thought of going to Amber’s way. But he never knew that it was a dead end.”

Vadey didn’t know when she became his necessity but he never forgot Richa for a second who was always before his eyes and neither was he able to forget Amber who was with me. Amber knew everything about Richa and me. To be honest and true to her, He told her each and everything but she wasn’t true to me. We had been together for about one year. We used to send postal letters to each other. She was the woman for whom he wrote his first poem. His first poem…

I am the one just crazy about you.

I am the one so hazy without you.

After seeing you, to me, my heart says

Just act like the blue jays

And fly high in the sky

To be right there in front of your eyes.

I don’t know when the day will come,

We will meet and have some fun;

But my heart tells me to wait

As the day will come,

The day will come,

The day will come………..

“She had been the reason of Vadey’s most beautiful love poems which he had written. On the other side Richa had been the reason of my some love poems (when she used to came in my dreams) and sad ones which he loved a lot which bring his sadness out in the form of tears.”

“Amber used to understand Vadey a lot. She knew what his real ambitions were. He always wanted to be a choreographer in early years of my life but this profession was not a good one according to my parents. Vadey never told about this thing to anyone but she knew it. Amber wanted me to fulfill my own dreams but how could he had built his dreamland on the graveyard of my parents’ dreams. They wanted me to be a doctor as my big brother and themselves. So he was trying to fulfill their dreams now because he had no dream left of my own in my life. Well he couldn’t forget the poem, which he wrote of Amber, which is like a souvenir with him…”


A thousand miles we may be apart,

But you, my love, will always have my heart.

I wish you were here to hold me tight,

Only in your arms, I feel so right.

GOD only knows when that day will come,

May be tomorrow, may be never for some;

But in this case I will keep my head high

And believe that one day we will meet eye to eye.

Until that day, I will watch the trees blow;

Keep thinking positive and going with the flow.

I wish I may I wish I might

That this day will come

And to meet you I will fight…

“Well it was like the best thing Vadey ever had in his life. It was like a reply to him of his two poems, one of them is written above and the other one is ‘Many miles from here’. You know about both of them now. He read it every night before going to bed but he gave up this habit since she left him.”

“Yes, she left him one day because he wasn’t American because he wasn’t close to her. Well Vadey was always close to her but she never felt my presence. Vadey didn’t know why the people like the physical love and why not the spiritual love, which is immortal which, is eternal. Isn’t it?”

She ended up the more than two years of his love with her just ended in an instinct. She just said, “I like you Vadey. You are a good friend of mine but to be honest with you I never loved you.” Her words seemed to me like that some one threw a big stone on my head and told me to lay down in a grave dug out especially for me. But now Vadey wasn’t so weak to die. He knew now how to fight with his bad times. But one thing was for sure, Amber made it easy for him to forget Richa. Well not completely because the thing is very true that no one can really forget his/her first love and so did Vadey. Amber’s birthday was on 3rd of august and Richa’s was the 6th august,” said Chris.


“ And that is the story of Vadey,” said Chris leaning on the desk and the whole media was sitting down and quiet. No cameras flashing, nor microphones moving.

“ Vadey never finds a perfect love in the end. Because there isn’t such a thing,” sighed Chris.