It was all you

Stretching my hand out to the sun

To hold on to what light I have left

Inside of what is left is of me

I weep in sorrow on all my past

Crushed on the time I have lost

It was all you that showed me a way

A sign that maybe there was still light

Inside of me

It was all you that showed me a vision

Of what could be


Casting me out to the shadows above

Looking inside myself

To see what good is inside me

But you knew there was something

Good buried somewhere in my soul


It was all you that showed my goodness

A sign that all that can be right

If I believed in myself

It was all you that showed me love

To where that maybe

Written by Chris Ticehurst
Welcome to CT Creativity and my name is Chris Ticehurst - a writer and Host of Nintendo Ninja News. This blog contains and explores all aspects of creativity, meeting and discovering new people. I hope you enjoy your time here.