The lights shone out in neo in the wide strange city. All in the center of this world was tall massively large buildings with light down on the busy working force going around their everyday. To the other side of this world outside of the hot bed of profits and riches laid the poor and the struggling. Ruined small buildings, shops, and houses laid bare for all to see. An eerily sense was felt across the plains.  Inside one of the ruined buildings two teenagers were staying close to each other looking down the stairs at the base of the building. The boy turned to the girl holding her hand, “We have to keep running. You shouldn’t have stolen those AI chip from him. Now how are going to escape from this? We have no one, remember that!” he shouted at her upset. “I’m sorry but what choices do we have now? How much longer can we keep pressing on like this?”

The boy looked more upset, “Not in this way we can fight,” he told her and together they continued running up the stairs and came to the rooftop doors. The boy tried pushing it open but he was too weak and so was the girl with him. The girl found a log of steel and banged the doors a couple times and they cracked open enough for them to squeeze through them. The pair came onto the rooftop and tried to find a hiding spot but the roof was bare and empty with some holes present. “We have to stay close together when he arrives,” the boy said. The doors pushed open easily for the male who was coming up and came onto the rooftop with them. “You two! Taken my AI chip, that was worth some money that one. It took me ages to steal that for myself. Give it back!” He came up to them with a pace of strength and punched the boy onto the ground. He started to try to choke recently punching him in the face. The girl tried to push him off but it wasn’t working. He elbowed her out of the way. She moved backwards and fell on the ground herself and looked at other side of the rooftop. A light glowing effect was appearing and she became curious. She dragged herself across the floor to get a better look. A blue circled ring appeared and flashes of blue electricity appeared. The man and the boy stopped fighting and looked up to see what the noise was. A blue tunnel was showing and a figure jumped out of the tunnel and landed with a thump onto the ground. The portal closed up instantly when the figure appeared. The male stood up tall and shouted across to the figure, “What are you and what are you doing here?” The figure gave a confused look and had a quick glare over the ruined area that he appeared in, “I’m Mr Umezu and I’m lost. What are you doing to these two people?” he asked.

“None of your business!” the man shouted back towards him. Mr Umezu gave a grin at him, “I’m not going to play around with you. I like to stay in one piece if I can.” Umezu grabbed out a specialist weapon that he had on him and fired a few shots at him. The man was pushed back and fell into one of the holes on the rooftop and disappeared. The boy and the girl was shocked to see Mr Umezu and they raced to see into the hole to find the man was dead down at least four levels of the building. Mr Umezu casually walked up to them and looked down, “That wasted the last of my gun. Was supposed to save it for the tower. Anyway does any of you two know where to find a universe portal?” he asked the pair.

“We don’t have anything like that here. Who are you and are you from a corporation?” the boy asked. Mr Umezu was puzzled by the boy’s questions, “I do run a corporation and currently it’s going through a rough period you can say.” The boy moved away from him and Umezu sensed he was defective and upset at his answer, “You are a corporation owner. One of those evil people over there!” The boy pointed out far to the centre of the world where the tall neo lighted corporation buildings were held.  Mr Umezu waved his hands at him, “I’m not here to harm you. I don’t own any businesses here. I come from another universe. A different world than this one here. I’m stuck here and I have no one,” Umezu explained to the pair. The girl and the boy came together and whispered to each other about their discovery about the strange man. “Do we trust him?” asked the girl. The boy looked at Umezu and turned to her, “He sounds like us. We don’t know anyone here and we are alone. It wouldn’t hurt to get to know each other. He’s unarmed too and he looks pretty old so he’s not a great threat.” The girl turned to Mr Umezu and nodded, “We believe you. Where did you come from?” Mr. Umezu putted away his weapon while thinking about his last few days, “I was involved in a war that had people from different universes coming together. Towards the end of that war I was forced to use a universal portal to escape from a certain death. It was a one-way ticket by the look of things and now I’m here and hopefully find my way back home. What are your names?”

The boy stepped forward and introduced himself, “My name is Kuni Yosano and this is my younger sister Okiku. We live just a few blocks down the road if you would like to stay with us for a while.” Mr Umezu nodded to himself and adjusted his pale grey suit, “Sure you can lead the way seeming I have no idea where I am.” The three of them left the building and went on the walk to where they were living for the time being.  


It was getting towards night and Kuni opened up the door to a small unit on the outer areas of the ruins of the city. Umezu noticed the half ripped lounges, holograph television in the corner and what it looked like a couple tables of computer parts lying around. Umezu walked the area and noticed there was no bedrooms, “Where are the bedrooms? This is looks like a shit hole to me. Do you own this place?” he questioned them. Okiku who had long black hair and a small petite body noticed Kuni was injured on his arm, “Kuni, some of your skin was ripped badly from that fight! How are we going to repair you?” she cried in fear. “It’s alright Okiku, it’s only skin there’s nothing wrong with the arm itself. Umezu saw the arm was robotic and gave an interesting and curious mind about them. “You two are robots? Not human?” Kuni’s face was unhappy about that reply, “We are human, we have different minds. They are not brains; they are computer minded. We used to be humans when we were little and we are still human you hear that!” Mr Umezu stepped back surprised at his reaction, “Shit, I’m sorry right you are human. I haven’t met anyone like you two before. My own business had these machines that were called Silver machines but they had no human inside of them. When did you become like this?” he asked them.

Okiku lowered his head at Umezu and felt small at the question, “When we were eight years old. We were changed by our father. Our mother passed away before that. All we remember or know is we were changed and taken away from him. He worked for the mega corporation that is the most powerful in our city and world. We don’t know why he did this to us.” Mr Umezu started to play around with some of the computer parts on the table, a lot of the technology was as advanced or more than his old company, “That explains the no bedrooms, you two don’t sleep. Why was that man after you? Was he a robot too?”

“My sister stole a AI chip from him. They are chips that have enhanced knowledge or power that sell well for other items. All we do is survive and stay clear of the major troubles of the area.”

Mr Umezu picked up a couple computer parts and smiled to himself, “So you steal and trade for better items. The currency systems work different here too. You two don’t need to eat do you? So what is your goal? What do you plan to do with your life and your bodies like this?”

Kuni and Okiku went quiet and Kuni spoke up about their thoughts, “We don’t have any goals. We are not seen as human to the 40% of the population that are truly human, we are trans humans which is the 30% and the other rest are purely bio-tech that are not human at all. We have no future,” he answered quietly.

Mr Umezu felt the pain his voice, the complete hopelessness of their lives and asked one more time, “And there is no technology that has universal portals? Gateways to other worlds and planets?”

“No there isn’t” Okiku answered.

Mr. Umezu walked over to the lounge and sat on it and thought for a moment, “Fuck I’m trapped here forever.”