Chris was at the media meeting with Tom and Nicky and Chris sat down to start.

“ Has the ending of Vadey be changed?” asked Nicky

“ At this moment we are trying to change the ending now,’ said Chris thinking.

“ Is that going to work?” asked Tom with a half unprofessional voice.

“ Yes, it will Tom. It haves to,” answered a uncertain Chris

“ So what is this ending you speak of,” asked Nicky.

“ You have to buy the book when it’s released!” snapped Chris.

He was tired of telling previews out in the media. He stood up and walked out on the media. Chris walked up to Anthony who was on the phone.

“ Where’s Sushant?” he asked him.

“ Gone to see Kylie,” answered Anthony then returning to the phone.

“ I hope he can do this, for everyone’s sake,” said Chris to himself.


Sushant was at the local park with his hands in his pockets. He was waiting for Kylie to come to see him again. He was hoping that he would have better luck with her this time. He sat down on the seat to think things over.

“ I wonder what Kylie’s thinking. I hope she feels the same for me. I hope I can do this for Chris,” thought Sushant.

There was a young man dressed in a light blue shirt and white pants, he leaned over to Sushant and smiled.

“ You’re the one who’s the most important. You need to do this for yourself,” he spoke to him.

“ It’s hard to get through to Kylie,” said Sushant.

“ Love seems to be hard at times. For myself, I have seen many things happen in my life. Go with your heart, that’s what I had to learn,” said the man.

“ Hang on, who are you?” asked Sushant a little confused.

“ A friend of your friend Chris. Just say he knew I would have the words to say to you then he would of,” he answered smiling.

As the man stood up to leave, Sushant grabbed his hand for more help, suddenly the hand flashed ice and the man glowed blue.

“ You’re Ice?” Sushant grew in shock.

“ Not all of Chris’s stories are fiction,” smiled the mystery man and he gave a wink.

He strolled off as his hands flashed ice and Sushant watched in amazement.

Sushant then saw Kylie walking through the park and he picked himself up to walk over to meet her. She saw him and walked over to greet him.

“ Hi Kylie. How are you?” he asked her.

“ Good and you Sushant?” she asked him back.

“ Fine. It’s hard to start isn’t it,” he asked giving a small smile.

The pair smiled and walked around the pond that stood in the middle of the park. They walked two children play around the pond. So playful the pair was, dancing around a old tree. Sushant closed his eyes and thought about everything, he thought to himself, what would Vadey say, what is Vadey going to say. He wanted this day to be perfect, to find the right words, to find the right timing.

“ Kylie, what’s the problem with us being a couple?” asked Sushant.

“ It’s just I wonder what people would think, what about your family, or mine. You’re from a different world, from India. I’m from Australia, things are different here. Do you understand that?” she explained to him.

“ Yes, but that wouldn’t change the way I feel about you,” he answered her back.

“ There’s more to love than saying three words. You need to prove to me. Can you do that?” she asked him.

“ What do I have to do, to prove that I love you,” he asked her.

“ I don’t know, it was so sweet of you to come all the way from India to see me. But you need to prove to me,” she said.

“ Ok, let me prove myself. Let’s meet at the… café building. The one at the big building,” suggested Sushant.

“ Ok, Sushant. I’ll met you there,” said Kylie.

“ I’ll see you there,” she smiled and she walked off out of the park.

Sushant turned around with a smile. He had a feeling he was in with a chance.

“ I can do this. Tomorrow is the day, I prove my love,” said Sushant.

He walked off and he started to plan on what to do for tomorrow.


The morning rose and Sushant woke up and walked down to breakfast.

“ It’s the big day Sushant. You can do it,” smiled Chris.

“ Yes I know. It will be a great day. A good day,” smiled Sushant.

He was pleased about how he and Kylie were going. He thought they had a chance after that park meeting they had near the pond.

“ Well I have a meeting with my production team, so I’ll see you soon,” cried Chria, putting some shoes on and racing off to the car.

“ See you soon,” answered out Sushant as the front door closed.


At the production meeting, Chris got a huge shock about the new release date on Vadey.

“ Midnight tonight? Why?” protested the writer.

“ Because sales are low and people want the new book now. Not later. We must release,” spoke a sales manger.

“ Great, so Sushant must finish Vadey in real time by tonight or the people won’t like me, if I write a sad ending,” thought Chris.

“ Sushant’s date is my only key left. Sushant do this for me, for you too,” he said to himself.

Suddenly the media were down at the foyer, Chris ducked his head down at the foyer to see Nicky and Tom’s faces nosing around.

“ Someone shot me now,” cried Chris worried.


Sushant was in the café waiting for Kylie as he dotted down the last line of his new poem.

“ Good Day,” he spoke to himself.

With the appearance of the sun on the horizon,

And spreading of the golden sheet,

It is the beginning of a new day.

The chirping of birds in the sky,

The thrashing of waves in the stream,

The swaying of flowers in the breeze,

The glittering of dew on the green,

All add to the beauty of the day.

Waking us in the world of reality,

By ending our horrible dreams,

They show us a new way;

And mark the beginning of another good day…


“ Where is she now. I hope she comes on time,” spoke a worried Sushant.

Kylie walked into the building and she walked up the stairs, she felt the building move a tad and she looked at herself.

“ I must feel so nervous meeting Sushant at the café,” she thought to herself.


Meanwhile Anthony and Tim were watching Chris handle the media.

“ It will he released tonight Tom,” he cried out.

Chris walked upstairs as a building inspector walked down to greet Chris.

“ You got the green lights for this building,” he spoke.

“ That’s good,” answered Chris.

“ Not like that café down the road,” added the inspector.

“ What café? The one on the corner?” Chris panicked.

“ Yeah, why?” asked the inspector.

“ I’m shutting down the joint now. It’s going to fall down any minute. It’s a bad place,” he added.

“ Sushant and Kylie’s there!” yelled Chris running down the stairs.

The media started on Anthony and Tim when Chris ran into the media.

“ The café’s going go to fall apart!” cried Chris to Anthony and Tim.

The two looked at Chris stupidly then the inspector nodded at them.

“ No. We better get there,” cried Anthony.

The phone rang and Chris picked it up.

“ Yes, two new doors to fix, thanks,” cried Chris throwing down the phone.

“ Where are you going. You can’t leave us!” cried Nicky at Chris.

“ I must. Somebody’s in danger,” pleaded Chris.

“ No, not this time,” shouted Tom.

“ It’s Vadey who’s in danger. You don’t want the star dead do you?” shouted out Chris.

Suddenly the media blasted out the door, crashing the door to the ground, in pieces.

“ That’s a quick way of ridding of them,” thought the inspector.

Chris picked up the phone and punched in some numbers.

“ Yes, can you make that three doors to fix please,” frowned Chris.


Sushant was looking at the window as suddenly the building started to shake violently. He quickly got up as people were running around scared. The level dropped and Sushant saw a pillar and was knocked to the ground. Kylie fell to the ground on the stairs and the three levels were destroyed. The media rocked up to the building and they started filming cameras madly. Chris got to the building too and firefighters were at the scene.

“ Stop buddy. You’re not going in there,” cried a firefighter at Chris.

“ I have to, my friends are in there,” he answered him back.

“ No,” stood the firefighter and Chris backed off and stayed near the car.

“ Great. What’s going to happen now. They could be dead now,” feared Chris.


The café was then in rumble, the body of Sushant lay still and a light hit his eyes. Sushant moved his hand to rub his eyes and he opened his eyes. He looked at the destroyed café in shock.

“ How did this happen,” he spoke in shock.

He slowly moved himself up to his feet and he saw some other bodies. He ran over to shake them. A couple woke up and stays still on the spot.

“ What happened to the café,” spoke one.

Sushant turned around the café and then suddenly remembered Kylie.

“ Where is she?” he shouted and started to look for her.

He saw over the stairs as they lied in rumble. He sat down in shock and he remembered a poem that he wrote, he whispered to himself saying it.

I always wept with concealed tears,

To keep your precious smile alive.

I always acted as the stairs,

To keep you raising high and high.

I never even blinked my eyes,

Until you were out sight.

On knowing the fact,

That you have left,

And no one is standing beside,

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath,

And then came the flood of tears,

Drowning my soul every moment passing by.

Now, the echoes of my groans rule,

In the valley of my heart.


“ I must find her!” he cried out and he started to move the stones and wood at the stairs.

Kylie was awake and started to get up again. Her legs were sore and hoped to the side of the building.

“ Where are you Sushant,” she grew in fear.

She moved up the stairs to when the floor had fallen, then she started to dig her way up to the café level. She dig and dig and digged until finally there was a hole, her eye caught sight of Sushant on the ground, worried to death about Kylie.

“ I love you,” she whispered to herself.


Chris had got Anthony and Tim to help him find Sushant and Kylie.

“ These stones are so hard to pick up,” moaned Chris.

“ Come on Chris. Just use a bit of muscle,” smiled Tim.

“ Ha! What muscle,” laughed Anthony and Tim passed on a smirk.

Chris saw a book that read Kylie’s sweet poems, and he opened it up and saw a new poem.

“ What is it,” asked Tim.

“ It’s a poem by Kylie. It’s about what this story is all about, Vadey,” spoke Chris and he read it out.


Love is a strong magic that drifts you away.

A mysterious touch that tells you to stay.

Love is a target which aims like a dart,

Picks a good soul to give it a start.

Love is a book that can read your mind,

Or a long-lost love you sometimes never find.

Love will forever be a door without a key,

You never can unlock it, just keep safe inside,

Make sure that you’re seen, from love you can never hide.

So make sure when you feel and know it’s the one,

Just say “I love you” and a whole new life has begun.


Chris looked up at the two of them then the firefighters in the background.

“ We got to find them. We can’t let Vadey die, or his love,” sighed Chris weakly.


Kylie got through the hole to reveal herself and Sushant eye’s lighted up in surprise.

“ You’re alive!” he shouted out as they hugged.

“ I thought you were dead,” he cried happily.

“ No, I here…with you,” she smiled.

“ We have to find a way to get out of here,” said Sushant worried about building.

“ There’s a way out this way I think,” said Kylie and the two moved off watchful of the building.

They walked down a hole and they felt the building again.

“ Watch out Kylie,” he cried.


The two held each other tight as they walked around the stones and rubbish they saw. The two walked pass the pieces of wood together. The two had become closer through this. Kylie saw that life was too short to not try out love with Sushant. Sushant knew now how much Kylie was worth to him now through the building crash. Then the pair could hear the voices outside, they got excited and started to run for the entry, suddenly the floor started to cave in on the two of them. Kylie turned back to go back to Sushant then he pushed her out of the way.

“ Nooo!” he cried out as the floor fell on top of him.

Everyone heard the crash and the voice of who it is.

“ Sushant no!” cried Chris as he tried to tear down the stones more.

“ Vadey,” spoke Tom in the background.

“ I hope he’s alive,” said Nicky to Tom.

“ Yeah,” he answered back.


Kylie ran down to see Sushant, she held his head but he wasn’t well at all. Then stones came down and Chris and the others walked in.

“ What the hell happened in this building,” he cried out.

“ Sushant’s not breathed!” shouted Kylie.

Chris looked speechless and shocked as the media flashed pictures around the building.

“ Someone help him,” cried Nicky in the background.

“ His heart’s stopped,” cried Kylie to Chris.

“ Because you’re taken his heart from him,” answered Chris.

Kylie looked funnily at him.

“ You have his heart Kylie,” he said and he leaned to her ear.

“ Give him his heart and your love. He’s dying of a broken heart,” added Chris.


Camera’s flashed on Kylie. Chris, Anthony and Tim watched from the background. Chris had his notebook, taking down the last chapter of Vadey. He glared at his watch, 11:58pm. His deadline was close, very close. Kylie started to cry, the cold night started to rain lightly and Kylie whispered to Sushant’s ear.

Too sweet to taste,

Too hot to hold,

Your mind like fire,

Your heart like gold.

Your lips so silky,

My heart you stole,

Your words like fire,

They melt my soul.

I love you dearly,

Don’t let me go,

You’re someone special

I love you so.


“ I love you,” she said as she gave a light kiss on the lips.

Nothing happened and everyone watched with worry. Then like magic, Sushant’s eyes opened and he moved up to see everyone.

“ You’re alive!” cried Kylie.

“ Yes,” said Sushant thinking about that for a sec.

Sushant got up and saw the media flashing camera’s at him and Kylie.

“ You are the famous Vadey,” asked Nicky, almost faintly.

“ It’s great to meet you,’ cried Tom happily.

“ Thank you Chris for helping me find love,” said Sushant to Chris.

“ You did it by yourself Sushant. You did it yourself.


Crowds of people watched on as Chris held out his draft book at midnight.

“ Vadey has been released!” shouted out Chris.

The media roared as Tim shook his head.

“ And on time for once, can’t say that for the next novel. He may have delays,” he spoke to Anthony.

“ Well, now this is over. I can get back to home,” said Anthony.

“ Where’s that?” asked Tim.

“ Air Force, where else,” smiled Anthony.

“ And where do you go now Tim?” asked Anthony back.

“ Just say, I’ll contact you and Chris again,” grinned Tim.

“ I bet you’ll will,” smiled Chris as Tim nodded with agreement.


“ Kylie. Well we did it,” smiled Sushant.

“ Yes Vadey we did,” smiled Kylie.

The two held hands out in front of the media and the story of Vadey had been complete. The Legend of Vadey will go on, now with everlasting love…