The blue and orange morning sun was rising over the hidden Allegheri Castle. Mr. Umezu was looking after Allegheri in his coffin while Chisoutsa was loading up on her weapons to battle the lust vampire. Allegheri called Chisoutsa into his room, ‘Chisoutsa come here, I need to talk to you.”

She came into the room and she stood next to Mr. Umezu, “I am too injured and in pain to battle with you. You must complete the mission that I set you to do and do it well. He will be hunting the whole land to find you. I suggest that you strike him at his home. It will be very hard. Please close my coffin so I may rest for now and open it when Convoitise is gone,” Allegheri said.

She nodded and the coffin lid slowly closed on him. Mr. Umezu turned to Chisoutsa and tossed his head, “Shit everyone’s gone now. They are imprisoned in this castle. You need to cut that man’s dick for that what he’s done. That’s the source of some of his power,” he told Chisoutsa.

“And where is the rest of it?” she asked him.

“The village you fool. All of those guests at the Midnight Ball were vampires and ghosts, creatures of fuck knows where and what’s. You have to be bitch and trap all the villagers’ in the one room. Block the lust vampires from his power. He will weaken because he’s using a large amount on you now. Then attack him so he’ll end up in that coffin of his for hundreds of years. You can’t kill him because a world war will be caused in the Second Life World because Censilo is there now.  You’re on your own now. I’ll check on this old vampire. I’ll be dead if I went out there now,” Mr. Umezu explained to Chisoutsa.

“I have to do that. I’m sure the people of the lands will understand what I must do,” Chisoutsa said.

“You have all training now and your father won’t be there to bug you now. Don’t tell me you doubt yourself?” Mr. Umezu asked her.

“No,” she snapped back.

“Good, now go out there and get your shit together. There’s over ten million dollars we are banking on if we complete this,” he reminded her.

Chisoutsa left the room and Mr. Umezu tapped on the coffin box of Allegheri, “Maybe I should return back to Scienceworks. This isn’t the holiday I was planning,” he said to himself.


Chisoutsa packed the Black Vixen and took off into the sky. Green clouds with red lightening headed towards the Black Vixen as the vehicle move from side to side as she made her way to the village. She saw a army of vampires attacking the people of the land down below her and she fired off a load of ammo at them. She crashed the Black Vixen on a group of them and jumped and rolling towards the bar store. People were crying and screaming and running in all directions. This was the first time she had to take charge and be leader herself instead of others guiding her.

“Move into the bar now!” she cried at the groups of people as she pulled people towards her.

She grabbed her sword from her side and attacked a group of vampire coming for her. Blood sprayed over her body and she pushed people into the bar. The tension was high and she covered the front door and carried a couple of the last people she could find inside. She locked the doors on the village people and jumped into the Black Vixen. She turned the vehicle and flew off towards the Soul Mountains. The vampire army turned around chased after forgetting that their lord needed his feed for his battles ahead. The heavy snow smashed the Black Vixen hard where the vampire army jumped on the car high in the air and spin it around to shake them off. She saw the main gates to the Convoitise Castle shut tight with guards on each side and she used the Black Vixen to smash through the gate and a large fire rose from the ground. The vampire army opened up the doors to the vehicle and she unleashed her sword and attacked them hard.

Chisoutsa jumped out and stabbed her way towards the castle main doors. The vampire bit over her body and her clothes were ripped all over her. She pushed them away and ran towards the doors. She body slammed her way into the castle and slammed shut the doors, locking the rest of the army out of her way. She feel onto the ground and passed out from the battle.


The darkness grew over the Convoitise Castle where Kayi was due to leave the castle for a while. Convoitise spoke to his second in charge, “My army has not returned. I do feel very hungry. I wonder where Sarge is,” he murmured in his lust for power.

“I do not know my lord. I must bid you farewell for now. The Second Life World is waiting for me. I need to inform them about your ruling in the Death Land. They will be happy to know their lord is going to win this war for once and for all,” Kayi said.

“Make sure that dog of a Censilo doesn’t catch you. If he does, tell him I’m achieving what he couldn’t do,” Convoitise smiled towards Kayi.

“I will do so my lord. II will see you later on. Goodbye,” he said as he left the building room.

Convoitise turned around and looked out of one of his windows to see Sarge heading down to the prison bays. He smiled at the thought of owning all of Chisoutsa’s allies.

“Finally you are cornered and the only way out is to fight Chisoutsa. Come into my world and have a bite. I’m waiting for you, my greatest source of power,” he grinned to himself.


A slowing waking Chisoutsa appeared where she climbed up from the ground and rubbed her head. Blood and cuts from her body from the battle had taken her toll. She looked around the area and it was completely empty. She knew Convoitise was ready for her.

“I have to fight him with lust. Use up the rest of his power. I built like that, time to put myself to good use,” she said to herself.

She started to shred off her clothes. She ripped off her shredded top and it fell to the ground. She kicked off her shoes and stripped off her jeans as she walked towards another room. She entered with her bare breasts and she roped her belt around her hips. She used both of her hands and ripped her underwear in two and cast them aside. She entered a final room and there Convoitise waiting.

Chisoutsa naked with only her belt of weapons called out to him, “Are you ready?” she asked him.

Convoitise turned around and tilted his head, “Yes I am. Finally you come to your senses.”

Convoitise removed his robe he was wearing and moved towards Chisoutsa, “A fate of two who will win this lustful battle my dear. You will be my greatest feed of all time. A demon and a vampire together, how dirty is this? Censilo will be fuming if he finds this one out,” he smiled to Chisoutsa.

The two starting kissing as the fate of the world was in their hands. She knew how to defuse his power and Convoitise knew this was his only way to stop her. He moved her to the bed in the centre of the room and lied down on it. His penis grew large and was the size of muscled leg. Chisoutsa moved around climbed up on top of him. She lowered herself into him and his penis pushed hard inside of her. Only a human with demon inside them could carry out such as an extreme form of sex. She gave out a cry as cum and blood came out of her as she pushed down harder on him.  He moved her to the side and started to thrush in and out heavily. She gave out a scream as blood covered the bed. She could feel the darkest core of his power inside of her. However the power wasn’t working for Convoitise, he wasn’t able to drain her of any of her powers. It seemed that the demon element of her was blocking him and causing issues for himself. He had cummed inside of her and Chisoutsa was enjoying herself. The lust for power and to win was born from Censilo. Convoitise removed himself and staggered from the bed. Chisoutsa moved up from the bed with blood between her legs and came to him.

“You can’t fuck a demon, Convoitise. Didn’t you learn that before,” she said.

Convoitise remained silence and Chisoutsa loaded up her gun and pointed it at him.

“I’ll take some of these clothes here. If you still have the balls, come and find me and kill me,” she smiled.

She gave him a kiss on the cheek and left the room, he moved down to the ground unhappy with his performance.

“I cannot let her win. I must find a source of power somewhere,” he said to himself weakly.

Sarge came into the room wondering what where the lust vampire was, ‘What happened?” she asked him.

“I need you now!” he cried as he pushed her into the bed and ripped off her jeans quickly.

He slashed the back of the jeans off and pushed himself into her and she gave a scream.  Sarge moaned quickly and begged him to go faster inside her.

“I need you now more then ever my dear,” he cried.

She turned around and grabbed his large penis with her arms and hands and started to suck on him. Convoitise moaned and remembered about Chisoutsa’s friends.

“She might have the lust, but I have her loved one,” he purred to himself.

The vampire stopped Sarge and told her to get Chisoutsa’s friends, “Go now Sarge, I will deal with Chisoutsa now. She will die for what she done to me!” he cried.


Chisoutsa arrived outside of the castle to the highest point of the Death Lands apart from the Soul Mountains. She felt the air was getting thick, she knew he was coming for her.