The tiring and long battle against the ghost lord took its toll on the group. Allegheri had decided to take them to his personal lair base where only he and Frithdar rested in. The Allegheri Lair was covered in red blood streams around the grounds. There was painting of old battles of the Second Life World and a large screen that showed pictures of areas around the Death Lands. Professor Walken was still resting. He sat in the corner on a chair having a drink of wine. Something he hadn’t had for a while. Hew was resting in a private chamber by himself. Chisoutsa was still worried about him. What would cause a ghost to fall to the ground?

Allegheri watched Mr. Umezu and the others eating and drinking while he called for their attention.

“Hew our friendly ghost will be fine. Alan and Chisoutsa should not worry. I had found out that he used a dangerous method that most ghost shouldn’t perform at all,” Allegheri spoke out.

“What was that? I really hope my uncle is fine,” Ala said with a sadden look.

“He transported his body into Chisoutsa to help her,” Allegheri explained.

“But why would he offer that?” Chisoutsa said.

“He must have valued your life and the villagers a lot. Remember that the Lust Vampire was the one who killed him. I believe he wants to help as much as a he can, even meaning the cost of his life if required,” Allegheri said.

“Hew is one of the good guys. He’s proven to be very helpful. Without him we wouldn’t have beaten off that monster,” Mr. Umezu replied.

Suddenly the lights were turned off and a single blue light was flashing around the main hall room. Professor Walken stood worried. Chisoutsa turned around and Allegerhi remained calm and a smirk appeared on his face.

“This wouldn’t be a scare prank of a old teacher?” called out the vampire.

The light turned back on and a figure appeared to the group.  Everybody knew the face very well.

“The old Librarian has wandered far from his den. What brings you so far to here?” Allegheri asked him.

“To see what all the fuss is about here. I have had words with Shentile when he visited me days ago. He suggested I should take a walk here and tell a story or two here before I go home again,” The Librarian smiled with his strange looks.

“Here’s another freak here to tell us stuff. Seriously this is like a party or something. There’s like nine of us now. What do you want to tell us,” Mr. Umezu asked in usual rude manner.

“You’re on the good side for once Mr. Umezu. Should we worry about you instead of the Lust Vampire?” the Librarian asked him.

“Nope. I always go for the winner and Chisoutsa is the girl I’m tipping. Beside if you lose you die in this world,” Mr. Umezu quietly answered.

Chisoutsa sat down at the table with the others while the Librarian stood up looking at Allegheri, “You haven’t aged much old friend. I see you like to travel and meddle in issues that are not important for you. He did the same things in the Second Life World. Helping others but such with a cold heart inside him. Strange character with the intense to aid those in need,” the Librarian spoke about the old vampire.

There was small pause as most faces looked at Irasil. The Librarian started his story, “Convoitise has never died in his life. He was raised as a special vampire who had a great deal of power. He was the only person born as a vampire. No one knows why and even Shentile is puzzled to a high degree with this. Allegheri has been known to war with him for a number of times. Over the control of the lands, Allegheri owns these lands as he likes to protect the people and keep it a safe haven. They have only joined forces to defeat Tekkonro which lasted for a while. I was impressed that you took care of him so well and quickly. But not surprised when you have likes of Professor Walken and Chisoutsa as firepower.”

“Why is Convoitise so powerful? Is he like a demon?” Chisoutsa asked.

“Demons, vampires and ghosts don’t see eye to eye. Thou demons do get on better with ghosts as they can control them better then vampires can. Convoitise is known as the Lust Vampire for a well known reason. There I will upload the data to the Video Vixen I heard about from Alan. I hear many voices from far away,” he smiled.

Alan worked through the data as Mr. Umezu nudged Chisoutsa and past a cigarette to her. They knew this story would take a while.

‘Convoitise doesn’t use his mouth or teeth to draw blood or power. He is a lust vampire and he uses a more lustful part of the body to extract what he desire so much from women,” the Librarian said.

“Oh my. He doesn’t use that?” Alan cried out shocked from the reading of the Lust Vampire.

“He does. By using his own enlarged penis, he can draw any inch of blood and power from women. He can also give power to those in need if he believes that they will service him well.”

“By this reading the power of the sex is sixty seven thousand, four hundred and twenty one times better then the norm,” Alan said reading from the Video Vixen.

“I thought it would be sixty nine thousand something,” said Chisoutsa.

“No, it’s not a sixty nine thousand,” Alan answered back.

“Are you sure it’s not sixty nine thousand something,” Chisoutsa asked again puffing on her smoke as Mr. Umezu giggled to himself.

“The advantage to you Chisoutsa is that never plans much. Censilo was a planner and Convoitise is much the hands on figure. To kill him you must wound him to a point where he must sleep for many years or remove the object that gives him power,” the Librarian said.

Everyone’s head turned to Chisoutsa and she raised an eyebrow, “Alright this is officially the strangest way to kill someone. How the hell am I supposed to get near him,” she said.

“That’s not my job and that’s my story everyone.    I hope you enjoy your time here and I want to see success. That’s not my words, they are from Shentile. Hew your ghost friend will be fine. Give him time to rest here,” the Librarian said.

He bowed in front of everybody and departed the room in the strange way that he does and the lights flickered on and off. Allegheri turned to Chisoutsa, “Now you know all about him. Why he is called what is he called.”

“Am I getting paid more because this wasn’t what I was after,” Chisoutsa said.

“No. Just the glory of saving the people and the lands,” Allegheri answered.

“We’ll see if this vampire can be better then a night at Washu Springs,” she smiled to herself.