The world has learnt and I have learnt about my own greatest creative inspiration lose of Michael Jackson’s passing.  It’s been a very hard last couple days for myself and it’s been unbearable for the biggest of fans like myself.  Where do I start in all of this? I first discovered Jackson late in his career when he released the “Invincible” album and I had been a writer for six years. I have had a harden and lost childhood and a coldness that protected me from others. My mother killed herself because of the many years of depression and so I have fought the same fight with depression myself. I knew writing and being creative was apart of me. It choose me and we lived a life where we needed each other for confort through the hard times.

Michael became the symbol of what can be achieved if you put your heart and soul into your work. I had always wanted to push beyond the stars and planet on what can be done and Michael had done this through the hellish childhood and created what I believe the most complete collection of songs ranging from every genre and subject known to all. I would feed off his music like a drug, use his world to unlock to my own world and to travel deeper into the soul of writing. I had always thought I was the only one who dreamed of large visual events, creative stories on a mega stage and he was the one who showed me what can be done.

15 years since I started the jounrey of LegoLand, The Legend of Evermore to Seasons of the Moon and Chisoutsa, I still feel there is much more to be finished. He was the central source of inspiration for me as I journeyed across the joy of imagination and wonderful worlds that lit your heart with such and joy and happiness. Do you remember all the times whenMichael would create that pureness where the hairs on your back would stand up? Feeling the funk of “Don’t stop til you get enough”, the genius of “Thriller”, the master art class of dancing with “Billie Jean”, the sorrow and sadness of songs like “Childhood, Scream and Little Susie” or the sweetness of his heart poured out of ‘Speechless”.

For all the fans of the world. “Speechless” talks to us. We don’t know what to say, our heads are spinning around and we can only pray with the helpless and sorrow we feel without him. Gone are the words of expression for the passion and love we had for Michael. We don’t the words to explain have much this lost will be. I have lost my idol, the star in the sky will now shine brighter then ever before. The creative inspiration will always remain with us forever. He would want us to live on and carry his dreams of healing the world. Surely for only one man who has given so much, it is time for the millions to return the ideas, dreams, wishes he sang in his songs.

I will continue to create in the future. To push the borders of what can be possible and to break down the barriers of what people try to be fit in a box because Michael broke all of those thought processes. He crossed overed into so many genres and linked music. I remembered he said he didn’t believe in genres. Great music is great music. The people will come to greatness and so we did. Michael’s jounrey has ended but the spirt of his music will never. He is immortal in the hearts of millions and that was something I will love to have one day. To be remembered as a creative soruce of engery like him.

Look out to the stars tonight. He will shine one and all for each of you during these dark times. For he knows the light will come and will lift you into the joy, the magic, the music and the love he gave us all. He has climbed all the mounatina, the challenges, the sadness, thou now he has reach the stars where he will watch over us all. Remember the times of Michael Jackson. Because he will never forget where all his dream come true. It came from you.