Chisoutsa retuned back to the hideaway castle of Allegheri where she reported that Hew and Alan Richard was captured by Convoitise. Professor Walken played with his cane thinking of a plan while Frithdar was scanning the maps of the Death Lands for a plan to help Chisoutsa. Allegheri looked outside of the window thinking to himself.

“I suggest that Frithdar take Jiko with him to break out Alan and Hew out of the Convoitise Castle. Chisoutsa will need to keep the lust vampire entertained while this happens. I hope this will work. If it fails to any degree then we will be pressed in future battles, “Professor Walken said.

“That sounds like a good plan. I believe this might be a way to deal with our current issues for now,” Allegheri spoke from the window.

“What is this Midnight Ball about Allegheri?” Chisoutsa asked.

“The Midnight Ball is a famous event held by Convoitise to grab as much power as possible from the female visitors. It’s a event filled with illegal activities and other deals happenings,” the old vampire answered.

“Maybe Allegheri should tag along Chisoutsa just in case and I will keep guard here in case anyone turns up here. Hew has his talents of breaking out of jails as we all know,” Professor Walken suggested.

“Then we are all sorted out. We will use this plan and make sure it will work for us. Chisoutsa you must change your clothes to suit the theme of the night and I will cover myself from being discovered. Frithdar, tell Jiko of our plans. He is in the dining room downstairs,” Allegheri said.

Frithdar left the room with Chisoutsa as she went away to find some clothes for herself. Professor Walken walked up to Allegheri worried about her daughter.

‘Will she be safe,” he asked.

“No more safe then the rest of us,” Allegheri answered.

Professor Walken looked outside the old window and hoped there would be a end to all of the troubles, “She will find a way for us. I know she will.”

The large gathering to the Midnight Ball had arrived and Chisoutsa took Allegheri towards the gate to the castle. Allegheri was dressed with a dark hood covering his face. Chisoutsa was in black silk dress down to her knees.

“Your father and Jiko would be surprised to see you in a dress,” Allegheri replied.

“I’m surprised Allegheri. The terrible depths I have to lower myself to, to save this place,” sulked Chisoutsa.

“I will stay around the outside of the castle and come in to watch. You must meet with the lust vampire and make sure things run smoothly for the night. There are many dangers alongside him and we don’t want trouble brewing,” Allegheri warned.

Chisoutsa turns towards the guests entering the castle and she left Allegheri who watched on with his hood covering his eyes. A host of creatures, vampires and ghosts eyed each other in the rooms while Chisoutsa looked around for Convoitise. She was standing in the corner of the room while familiar figures past her without knowing she was there. Frithdar was tracking down the Richards and Jiko was close with him.

“Are we nearly there yet, it seems this place is larger than I thought,” he said to his wizard companion.

“I know the feeling Jiko. They should be held in the prison bay with the metal solids that keeps ghosts trapped. Sadly for Hew there’s no chance of large and dangerous fireballs breaking them free with the Ghost Lord gone,” answered Frithdar.

They stopped for a moment and the wizard directed to Jiko that the bay was only a few seconds down the stairs. Behind a corner three vampires watched the pair and grinned to themselves. Slowly they followed the pair down to the prison bay.


The Midnight Ball was swinging and vampires, ghosts and other creatures of the night were drinking, talking and some were dancing. Chisoutsa decided to hit the drinks and sat next to a pair of humans males. One was them was fairly older then the crowd and whispered in Chisoutsa ear.

“Do you wish to dance with the lust vampire tonight?” he asked.

“You’re good at reading minds I can see<” replied Chisoutsa.”

“Men aspire to be like him, women desire to be with him. He is all and he is everything in our world of the dead.  Over the hundreds of years he has ruled women by his eyes of lust. A simple click of the fingers, a certain look in the eye will trap all the women in the room. The men wish to be like him, they will follow him to death like they are under a similar spell like the women. If you do dance, be careful young girl,” the older man whispered to Chisoutsa.

She turned around and noticed that Convoitise was in full view of the crowds. Everyone turned and eyed him as he smiled and waved to his mass. Chisoutsa finished her drink and followed the crowd towards him. Convoitise stepped up towards the crowd and clapped, “My fellow friends and animals of the night. This Midnight Ball will be one to remember. My plan to rule the Death Lands is nearly complete. The old Allegheri cannot keep up with the young and lustful warrior such as myself. He now employs mere humans to fight for him. What a coward he has turned to be my dear friends. Let us drink and dance until the darkness of the night is gone and my rule will begin,” he cried out to the crowd.

The crowd started to drink and walk around the room. Convoitise noticed Chisoutsa and made his way to her. Allegheri entered the Midnight Ball and kept quiet, watching the pair in secret.

“My dearest guest has arrived. How do you like it? Everyone loves an event like this. You can get to know each other without trying to kill each other,” Convoitise said greeting her to the Midnight Ball.

“How nice to invite me here despite you kidnapping Hew and Alan,” Chisoutsa answered with a straight face.

“Let us not talk about troubles and woes. Dance with me and we shall forget about our issues,” Convoitise said grabbing her hand into the crowd.


Meanwhile back at Allegheri’s hideout castle, Professor Walken received a call on the large screen where Shentile appeared before him. Walken turned around was surprised to see him there.

“Shentile, how are you? It’s been a long since we have talked. What news do you bring from Lake Pure?” he asked him.

“I have heard that certain lands of the First Life World are not happy with you for some reason. I do not know why but I was wondering if you knew anything about it?” Shentile asked Professor Walken.

“There is nothing that I know about Shentile. That is something I have to address after this mess in the Death Lands,” Walken answered.

“How did you get a device to contact us here?” the Professor added.

“Alan showed me one and gave it to me when he visited here a while ago. There are a number of these useful devices in the Black Vixen. Have a look in the back seats to find them. I must be going but think about what I said Jonathan. Make sure everything is in peace soon,” Shentile said.

“I will try my hardest,” Professor Walken answered as Shentile disappeared from the screen.

Professor Walken grabbed his cane and made a rush outside towards the Black Vixen. He stepped inside the car and closed the door, “I better get these to the other and see if anyone needs help.”


Jiko and Frithdar were talking to Hew and Alan who was in the prison bay. Jiko was trying to make the locks. The locks were ghost and spell protected meaning that Frithdar was much of help for this problem.

“I can’t get locks open. I haven’t much of this in a long time,” Jiko said rubbing his head thinking.

“I just don’t do locks, simple as that,” Frithdar replied.

“Why did you come if you were going to get us out of this place,” Hew snapped unhappily.

Jiko turned around from the lock and a large plank of wood smashed his face to the ground. Three vampires appeared and Frithdar jumped into a corner against them. He shot up a quick blue shield however the forth figure – Sarge appeared and sliced a sword through the shield and it broke apart. Two vampires grabbed him and Sarge and the other vampire took Jiko.

“Frithdar can stay with Hew and Alan. I will take Jiko with me,” Sarge said.

The pair walked into the Midnight Ball and saw Chisoutsa and Convoitise dancing. Sarge hated the fact that Chisoutsa was there. She had liked Convoitise as they had a similar feeling about things on Chisoutsa and demons. Jiko stood next to Sarge and watched the pair as well.

“Do you ever like someone yet they never see it themselves,” Sarge asked Jiko.

Jiko looked at Chisoutsa turned back at her, “All the time,” he answered.

Convoitise looked at Chisoutsa while they danced and saw the crowd watching on and dancing with them, “One by one your little group will disappear. I don’t like the fact you need all this help. I thought the great Chisoutsa was able to bring me down all by herself. Instead daddy has to hold her hand,” he whispered into her ear.

“He has a bad addiction to making sure I’m ok. However he doesn’t know I can look after myself,” Chisoutsa whispered back.

“It’s nice this little dance. We can’t fight or battle. We can’t make do a thing. Some people are on your side here. It’s because they don’t like the idea of me ruling the land. They come for the drinking and the talking of their issues and problems mostly. Like us, we both believe only one of us should live,” Convoitise said.

“You do a large ego Convoitise. You believe you own the Death Lands because people like you.”

“You do get a large go if you do own the largest tools of all males,” Convoitise answered with a wink.

He turned around and saw the hooded Allegheri. Professor Walken entered the room with the video devices in his pockets and Convoitise pushed Chisoutsa away.

“Allegheri! What are you doing here?” he cried.

‘I’m here to make sure Chisoutsa is not being abused. I can see your party is running well,” he answered removing the hood.

“I’m dancing with my new love. Can’t you see?” the lust vampire smiled.

“You don’t the meaning of the word love Convoitise,” Allegheri said.

“The same goes for you old vampire of the land. Your pretty young lady that you once loved long ago, she was crying out to you the day she died, do you remember,” Convoitise asked while the crowd started to listen in.

Allegheri was silence and didn’t answer. Professor Walken walked past the crowd and stood behind Allegheri. Chisoutsa watched on.

“She cried for her love. Screaming for her dear life and you stood there. Watching her die, your only hope of a reason in your sad and mournful life was dying right before your eyes. Did it feel good to watch her die? You didn’t even drain her blood. Such a waste of life she was,” Convoitise said.

“I couldn’t do anything. She was human. A mortal can’t live forever,” Allegheri replied.

“And yet you couldn’t give her the life of a vampire. Your love for real was not real. You never loved her. You are the figure of noble and yet your action speaks otherwise!” cried the lust vampire.

“I did love her!” he cried and pushed his way into Convoitise.

Convoitise took a knife and cut deep into his heart. Allegheri gave a sigh, “Now you watch this human die,” grinned Convoitise turning towards Chisoutsa.

“No you won’t!” cried Professor Walken coming in to Convoitise.

A group of vampires came in and grabbed the Professor and Chisoutsa rushed to Allegheri and took the knife out of him.

“Release my father now!” Chisoutsa cried.

“Go home Chisoutsa. When the dawn rises it will mark the day you will die. Where Censilo failed, I will success,” Convoitise said.

Chisoutsa and Allegheri was pushed away from the crowds and outside of the castle. Allegheri fell onto the ground holding his heart of blood. Professor Walken was carried away to the jails where the others were kept. The two came to the Black Vixen where there was a figure in the driver’s seat. She opened the door to see who it was.

“Mr. Umezu?” she said surprised.

“Get the fuck in the car and let’s go. You lost your complete team of warrior and now you’re stuck with an ex business con. The luck you have. Come on!” he cried.

The Black Vixen took off in retreat from the Convoitise Castle as dawn was coming. The air has become more dangerous than ever before.