The band looked around the fields and the Town Square but their leader was long gone.

“ Great. Our leader is gone bye byes! We’re stuffed now!” cried Duncan.

“ We need a leader to get back Roger from where ever he has gone” said Levi.

Walter stepped forward with a fake cough as Duncan gave a smile.

“ Looks like Walter wants the job. He’s been after it since day one” said Duncan.

“ It’s four months since the band started. It’s my short chance to prove that I’m a good leader,” said Walter.

Levi and Duncan though it was time for Walter to prove he was a good leader. Therefore, they agreed to follow his orders.

“ Good. We must look for Roger but let us go to the Evermore Castle to tell the King the news of the Spiritual Doctor” said Walter as the three moved on to the castle.


Meanwhile the Graford followers took Roger to a desert of Greenham. Greenham was an education country. Nevertheless, there were the dropouts of the school. They owned Slavery campus around Greenham and part of Evermore. Nevertheless, King Chambers and his father in the royal family had stopped most of the slavery in Evermore. Slavery reappeared in 2134 when young leaders of countries wanted slaves to work and to use as extra wives. The law of one husband and wife was scrapped because of the enormous shortfall in humans. However, in 2394 the law was reintroduced due to protest activists who claimed that the multi relationships were wrong. Roger was sold as a slave to the campus and the follower left the site as chains were put on the Evermore bandleader. Roger was ordered to do work for the owners to move containers around the place. He was looking at the other slaves. Amazing the slave owners of Greenham did not like children slaves. Saying that they were weak and too young. Then Roger noticed something weird, he saw an old woman who looked like she had worked there a lifetime. As he walked closer to the mystery lady, images appeared in his head. He thought ‘no, it couldn’t be’ he said. He repeats the sentence repeatedly as he nears the face of the woman. His face starts to shake; his heart starts to rise like the angels of heaven. He was thinking that the woman was his mother. His mother he lost in the battles of Graford and lost for all so many years. Then he grabbed the woman’s shoulder as she turned around. The two starred into each other’s eyes. A mother never forgets the face of their child. Even after decades. A tear fell from her eye as Roger picked it up and looked at the tear.

“ My little baby” she said quietly.

The two hugged as they finally reunited. The tensions of long hours, days, and years. The day has come. They didn’t want this hug to end. Why was she here? How long has she been? Where was his father? These questions were flying around his head as he watched the others slaves giving looks and passing on.

“Where is dad?” asked Roger.

“ He is here with me, in the old sheds with the containers” she answered.

“ There is no escape Roger” she signed.

“ I have friends mum. Good friends I mean” said Roger.

Roger was hoping that his friends had some rather plan to bail him out.


The band now had returned to the Evermore Castle where Andrew and Magus greeted them.

“ Hello back home. I guess you have many tales to tell us,” said a happy looking Andrew.

“ We have a tale to tell now. Roger has gone missing during an attack by Graford followers” said Duncan.

“ Oh dear” said Magus as they rushed to the king.

King Chambers heard the news as he gave the whole problem a rethink.

“ I shall get William to check out the other countries to find him. He should be ok I think” said a promising Chambers.

“ He should be big and ugly enough to look after himself,” added the king.

“ You got the ugly part right” smiled Duncan.

The band nodded as they waited until the time came through.


Roger was talking to his parents about how they got to the slave campus in the first place. His father talked of the matter.

“ After the battle with Graford, we ran to the west-south of Greenham. We lived here for some years until the money in Greenham was bad. We went broke in the end and owned money to many people. Therefore, we were taken to be slaves here in the campus. We are here for the rest of our lives now Roger my son.”

Roger felt sorry for his parents, he felt now he was stuck in the same rowboat with them.


The news came back with shocking sounds to Chamber’s ears. Not so to the band themselves.

“ Roger? In a slave campus! I though I stopped them all in the countries, including Greenham” said Chambers surprised.

“ Did you really think you stopped a world criminal sport?” asked William.

“ Maybe” hoped Chambers.

William gave that look like a parent would to their children as he walked off. Chamber slid into his chair trying to forget his talk to his chancellor.

King Chambers decided to go to the slave campus himself to stop this wrongdoing. He got a horse and carriage ready for the trip as the travel machine sped off to Greenham.


The band and the king got the slave place as William got out of the carriage.

“ Presenting the 5th King of Evermore, King Chambers,” said William as Chambers came out waving his arms like a pro tennis player would to his fans.

“ What do you want?” asked the owner.

The owner lived in poor clothes but made a fair amount of money every year.

“ I want this place shut down now. By me, King Chambers” he said with a expression voice.

“ Hey stupid. No one is shutting down this joint. This is my place and my country. Go look after Evermore. This is Greenham country” snapped the owner.

He was a rude person but a truthful person. Chambers had no authority to stop the slave campus; William kindly reminded Chamber of what king authority he had. Therefore, Chambers paid the owner to get back Roger.

“ We have our leader back,” said Walter.

He didn’t mind being leader for that short amount of time. He liked the sense of that power over people, a lot like Chambers in a way.

“ Guess who I saw here,” said Roger excited to Duncan

“ Who?”

“ My parents! Can we bring them home please?” asked Roger to everyone.

So Chambers asked the owner but he refused.

“ No! They are servicing life terms buddy!” snapped the owner

Chambers knew he had no power in Greenham and Roger had been waiting for this day to come. There must be a way out. Then a voice came out from the silent.

“ We are taking you to court then,” said the voice

It was the karfly William with a plan to help everyone.

“ Fine smartly. I’ll take you your silly kingdom” laughed the owner as a worried band though of what this court case may bring.

The group left as Roger promised his parents he would return as the group left the campus. That night William and Andrew were looking through papers for lawyers. There was short supply of them because people used violence to get their messages across to others.

“ We can’t any lawyers” complained William.

“ I know one person who may take the case for us. I healed him at he monastery and he was quite grateful for it. Mr. Christopher Wellington” suggest Andrew as the others nodded to the sound of that.


Christopher Wellington was a wealthy man. He was good at his job but he was boring in his work and believed lawyers were better than anyone was. Andrew and William traveled to the north of Evermore just to see him. They walked up to his small house, as there was small yellow bell to ring. William rang it twice as he opened the door.

“ No I don’t want to give donations because the money is spent elsewhere,” said Wellington as he closed the door.

William rang the bell again as Wellington opened it again.

“ You know I’m a lawyer, A very ignored lawyer?” asked Wellington

“ We need you for a case with King Chambers” said Andrew.

Wellington paused then let the two into his home. He served some fruit juice as Andrew started.

“ You see our friend Roger has a problem. His parents are in a slave campus in the south of Greenham. King Chambers say that slavery is bad and that this operation should stop immediately.”

“ So a case for the king of Evermore? Interesting. I will take the case only if I am paid very well” agreed Wellington.

“Ain’t you the guy you helped me with some church healing?” asked Wellington to Andrew.

“ Yes I did” answered Andrew.

“ Ok. I will do the case well then. Not badly” said Wellington sipping his juice in his black chair.

They talked of things as Wellington scribbled things down on a yellow notebook he kept when he was a child. Then the visitors left as Wellington waved good bye.


That night King Chambers was getting ready for bed as William explained the court case to him.

“ Mr. Wellington has got everything under control now. He’s quite good at this lawyer business.”

“ How much does he cost?”

“ Not much I suppose. He’s giving discount only because of Andrew’s healing on him.”

“ That sounds promising.”

“ Yes indeed. The case is on tomorrow.”

Chambers got into bed as William got to the door.

“ Good night William” said Chambers.

“ Good night King Chambers” said William as he flicked the light off