Hayden Norman sneaked into the tunnels deeper with Anya looking around for certain clues and rooms. There was a growing smell of something strange as they found a wooden bed with chemicals and a number of animal skeletons in the room. Hayden walked over to study the animals while Anya kept flashing her torch around the area.

“What is this room and why are there are animal skeletons? I thought we would find human ones,” Anya asked.

“This is a testing room of sorts. Alien hybrids, humans crossed with animals. See with the animal bodies there are parts missing and that not all the people who died on the train were accounted for. It’s not by the government, some sort of aliens had done this and one was left behind here. That’s very strange. Normally the work is done by grey aliens, you know the little green men.”

“I remembered your Daniel showed me some images of different aliens. Don’t we work with ghosts?” Anya wondered.

“We do but I do paranormal studies and that contains everything. Daniel on the other hand is more of a pure aliens and government researcher. It’s easier to outrun ghosts than the government. This area hasn’t been used for years and this alien is just using humans for the blood to feed off like a vampire I suppose.”

“This is so horrible what happened to these people. What can we do?”

A wall crashed down next to Hayden and he spun around as the Reptilian stuck Hayden down to the ground.  Anya eyed the monster in the tunnel as it turned around towards her.

“Run!” Hayden cried bleeding from the head dazed and confused.

“No, I’m not leaving you now!” Anya shouted back.

“Just run, fine you’re fired than!” Hayden cried before falling to the ground again.

As the Reptilian came towards it was it was attempting to change shape but was having trouble doing so, “It’s hurt and damaged, that’s why it was left alone,” Anya said to herself.

Ghostly shadows appear from the ground as Anya jumped in fright. The ghost of the past train crash appeared together and stared down the Reptilian alien. They floated around while he tried grab at them while Anya past him and came to Hayden’s help on the ground.

“I have some medical gear Hayden. I brought it just in case,” she told him.

“Alright, you’re hired again. The ghosts are trying to hold him back from us but it won’t last. He’s come for us for our blood. There might be one solution to our problem. Remember the orb image we saw at the train station?” Hayden asked her.

“Yes, what does that have to do with this?”

“Ghosts give an electric current. I have the Parapsychic Scanner that can send small sparks at things but if you collect their current charges, you can super charge and zap this creature to death. There must be like eight of those ghosts here. They came here to guide and help us and now we have to do what they couldn’t do. Kill the monster,” Hayden explained.

Anya nodded and picked up the Parapsychic Scanner from Hayden’s small bag. She made the scanner spark and the ghosts and reptilian turned around. The ghosts sparked themselves and soon understood the message she was giving. She heard a couple voices inside her head.

“We will help you young lady,” they said to her.

The reptilian jumped at her as the ghost sent their electric charges bolting to the scanner as she dodged the monster. The reptilian turned around hitting Anya’s legs and dropping her down to her knees. The monster grabbed her throat as she started to choke as struggled to move the scanner at it. The ghosts looked on with fear. She just pushed the scanner towards it and gave a jolt as the reptilian let her go and fired a powerful stream of electric power at the monster and the reptilian flew back into the ground.

Hayden appeared back up watching the monster and joined Anya, “Give it a final zap!” he cried. Anya fired off the last of the power left in the scanner and the reptilian walked back dazed and losing its footing and fell through a weak part of the floor that led to the waters under the train station. The pair rushed up to see the dark hole that the monster left and they just looked at each other.

“Did we do it?” Anya asked shaking the scanner in shock.

“We did. We killed a alien. Well he was clearly injured from living in this place for so long but these aliens are lethal killers. Without the ghosts we wouldn’t have made it out alive,” Hayden replied.

They turned around to the smiling passenger ghosts with the investigator ghost nodding and smiling behind them and they disappeared into the outer world.

“They can now rest in peace knowing they their bodies have been found. But before we call for the police we have to clean up the area,” Hayden spoke.

“What do you mean by clean up?” Anya asked strangely.

”Remove the animal skeletons and anything that points to a paranormal discovery. I don’t want the government to step in here and maybe Daniel Phoenix might like to know of this. Their bodies will be returned to their families after so many decades. This case is solved,” Hayden answered smiling.


The early morning has arrived and they had finished telling their wild encounter to Ken and Abbey at the library. Ken was shaking his head in amazement.

“Well I never thought some of the story was true but this is quite amazing to hear. It was great for you two to solve this and tell me the update,” Ken noted.

“You’re lucky that Anya was there, you would have been dead if not for her!” Abbey told Hayden.

“I’m lucky I took advice from everyone to hire a assistant but she’s really a partner in crime for me,” Hayden smiled at Anya. Ken and Abbey wandered off to make some morning tea as the pair sat down at the lounge at the library.

“So you’re not quitting on me after that?” Hayden ask her.

“Well after the reptilian, I don’t think there could be anything worse than that,” she answered.

“Nice to have you on board and I must thank you for saving me. I hope our next case isn’t as bad as that one and no more train rides for us for a long time!” Hayden laughed.

The pair saw the other two coming back with tea and they hanged their heads back on the lounge ready for a holiday from their encounter from the monster in the tunnel.