A tired and in pain Mr Umezu woke up on a small bed in a room where the elderly male was watching over him holding some medication and first aid by his side. Mr Umezu woke up slowly and looking up at the man, “Where am I and what are you?” he asked confused and dazed. ” My name is Gauru  and I used to work as a police officer a long time ago and I use work to this day. I noticed your arrival when you came to our world. A powerful blue circle beam and a mystery man coming out. That doesn’t happen at all here. You are a foolish man whoever you are,” he answered. Mr Umezu sat up in his bed as Gauru gave him the medication pills for his injury. He slipped on a drink found on a small brown table next to the bed and remembered Kuni and Okiku, “Where are my friends?” he asked. “Okiku the girl is heavily damaged. Missing a leg and and will likely need to replace a arm as well. Tens of thousands of dollars of money that you and I don’t have. She might likely die because of your actions. The boy, well you broke their trust,” Gauru replied coldly. Mr Umezu looked up at him, “What trust? What are you on about?”

Gauru sat down on a chair next to the brown table. He had a median length white hair and was in a brown suit and pants staring at Mr Umezu with shame, “You took these two young trans humans and nearly got them killed for your own desires. What was it? What was so important that it was worth to risk their lives for?” he asked.  “My mission is to find a way home and we took a wrong turn so to speak. I need to find a universe portal back home. I don’t belong here at all.” Gauru looked unimpressed with his answer, “So you didn’t care at all for them. I have lived for over ninety years overseeing the downfall of Blarvis and our world heading down the track of trans human and the line blurs between what is real and what is fake. You can seriously overlook the lives of two people and only worry about your way home? It sounds like you were a monster back where you lived. Kuni is not happy with you at all. Okiku this poor girl I just met is now a broken being and you are only concerned with your so called mission. Some people never learn and only think of themselves.”

Mr Umezu started to stand up slowly from his bed, “I don’t need to listen to this shit you are saying to me. I may have been a monster where I lived but I changed and the the concerns of this world has nothing to do with me. I’m not a hero. I’m just someone who wants to go home.” “Mr Umezu, I’;m only looking at your actions and not your words. I would hate to think what your home is like if this is the standard reply you give. I would truly hate to see what you used to be like,” Gauru replied standing up and leaving the bedroom. Mr Umezu watched him leave the room biting his lips, “Who is he to talk to me like that.”

The hurt Mr Umezu pushed his way out of the bedroom and came through to a hallway and saw some lights from a main room down the track. He appeared where Gauru was found to be in a laboratory room that he owned with Okiku on a table resting while Kuni turned to Umezu giving him the death look. “How dare you do this to us. We trusted you and look what happened!” he shouted at him. “I didn’t mean this to happen you know. I didn’t know those robotic freaks in there,” Mr Umezu complained.

“Freaks you say? They are like us, machine and human. Are we like them? Tell me!” Kuni coming over and standing in front of him. “You know I don’t mean that. They won’t like you. They don’t attack on target,” Mr Umezu noted.

“Those robotic machines have likely had AI chips that had been damaged over time and their brains melted. They go insane after a while and lose all purpose. The fact of life here when you are part machine and too poor to repair yourself. I am trans human myself. You don’t get to this age without it. I have spent my time trying to find ways to overthrow the Kyo Corporation and return Blarvis with a Government that cares for it’s people. That is my mission Mr Umezu you see. Okiku’s injuries are great and she is on limited time. I do not have the funds or the means to save her I’m afraid. I may live in Silco and earn a good wage doing the old detective work but the costs are too great – specially the type of build she and Kuni has. It is strangely of a high quality build.”

“Umezu,” cried a weak voice in the lab room, Mr Umezu saw Okiku half awake from their condition. Mr Umezu slowly paced his way to her on the table with Kuni keenly watching on with Gauru rubbing his chin thought. Mr Umezu stood over her unsure of what to say, “I’m sorry I didn’t know this could happen.” Okiku looked up at him, “All I want to know was who my father and mother was and why we the way we are. Why am I such a different girl to others? All I am is a girl lost in a city of business power.” The words rang hard to Mr Umezu as he thought of long ago, “She’s like Chisoutsa. Not knowing her parents and lost in a city. Am I doing the same mistakes again” he murmured to himself. Okiku grabbed his hand with the only arm she had left, “Why are like your parents?” she asked him. “What do you mean by that? I’m nothing like them?” he asked confused. “You said your parents never thought much of you and we tried hard to be your friend,” she slowly blinked her eyes with tears coming slowly. “Here I am dying and you are only interested in going home to your world. Where everything is fine and peaceful. Kuni and I looked up to you as someone we could trust when we had no parents of our own. Do you want to be a good person or not?”

A pin could be heard dropped in this moment of time. Mr Umezu placed his hand on her forehead, “I will find the funds to fix you and I will fix you myself personally. You will be better than before I promise you that. I’m sorry I’ve been acting like this. Like shit head I have been. I knew of a girl like you who wanted to know who her parents were and I was one of the people who stood in her way in finding that out. I don’t want to be that person again. I will help you find what happened to your parent,” Mr Umezu said emotionally drained.

“She needs her rest. Come with Umezu. Look after your sister Kuni,” Gauru said while waving Mr Umezu towards him. The pair walked out of the room and went into a study room where the old police officer kept his computer and database machines of his own there. It was a cosy room with red carpet lined and a whiskey bottle on his desk, “A drinker too like me. I guess we could get on better than before,” Mr Umezu noticed. “Umezu, I have some extra funds in my account but for only a temporary replacements for Okiku’s arm and leg.” Mr Umezu nodded, “I can find the parts. I know someone in the exchange markets who I think would be willing to find those replacement parts for a good price. After I receive them I will do the operation on her to fix her. By the way, what was that orange looking device you put on Kuni when you first appeared to us back at that building?” Mr Umezu wondered. Gauru poured himself a whiskey drink for himself and looked up to him from the side of his desk, “Its a energy recover device. He had some neck injuries but they are easy to fix. He was drained of power in his biotech chest. It gives you a pick up like a energy drink. I couldn’t have gotten all three of you out by myself. That rifle I used on those thugs you met only drained their electricity for a limited time. You gotta protect yourself out there.” It was a long day for him and only the beginning of his new mission – to help Kuni and Okiku