Allegheri checked Mr. Umezu’s hand to see if he was alive or not when they found him on the bed in The Tower of Angels. The bed was a Queen size with a small window above it with old paintings around the room. It was colder than the hall room and it collected dust over time.

“He’s still alive by the feel of him. But he’s in a coma of some sort. I’m not sure how he came to it. He doesn’t like look he’s had any external wounds to suggest he fell into a coma because of that,” he replied to Frithdar and Lucas. Frithdar leaned over the body and pointed something out to Lucas.

“You can do this for a change. Seeming you are still learning the wizard art, this is a handy tool for you in battle or after. Put your hand out over a body and shake your thumb five times. When you do that the body will glow a color to tell you what has happen to him or her” Frithdar said.

Lucas moved over Mr. Umezu and held out his hand and shook his thumb five times. There was silence for a while until the body glowed yellow for a few seconds before turning back to normal. “What does yellow mean?” he asked Frithdar.

Frithdar turned to Allegheri and they both nodded their heads,” It means a magic spell or a power was cast upon him. Someone wanted him to sleep for a long time. To break it is quite simple. The tone of the colour yellow was light meaning the spell is simple to cast or was cast by a weaker wizard, angel or demon etc. If it was a dark colour it would have mean going to find something or someone powerful enough to break it.” Allegheri explained.

Frithdar covered Mr. Umezu’s closed eyes with one hand and waved his second hand around it. The body glowed yellow continued for a while until it disappear from his legs up to his head, “The spell’s off. He will awake in a few seconds and we should get some answers.” Mr. Umezu blinked several times and saw the trio looking down at him on the bed. “I haven’t done anything wrong, not that I can think of. How did you find me here? Did Chisoutsa sniff me out again?”

“No she didn’t.  We had word about your appearance from a rare cigar and a myth called The Tower of Angels.,” Allegheri explained.

Mr. Umezu was still lying on the bed smiling to himself and thinking about his latest escape from death yet. “I had heard the myth as you put it of The Tower of Angels but I thought it was bullshit like the rest of you.” he replied to the trio.

“So why were you in a coma? Did you do anything to the Angels?” Lucas asked sitting on the bed.

“Do I look like that guy that could fight a group of Angels? No I don’t. Besides we were discussing a business deal of using their plans and maps” Mr. Umezu answered with a smile.

“What plans and maps were they?” Frithdar asked.

“They are really good at doing spells and maps for building things but they can’t build things to save themselves.  That’s where I come in,”

“That’s where you come in and take their gold and money, right?” Allegheri replied.

” Now, now! It’s a good deal we have. These were buildings and light weapons for self-defence. Now that I don’t work at Scienceworks anymore I have to look for new projects to keep myself busy.”

“Working on business and we were the ones who took you out of the coma. Two last questions, who put you in this coma and what do the Angels look like?”

“They looked like real angels, white wings with silver linings, easy going mob. They do look like they are going to faint if you yell at them. They rushed me into this room saying something was going on upstairs in the Angel’s Gates. I have no clue what that’s about but I wanna know! They said they would wake me up if things improve,” Mr. Umzeu answered back.

Allegheri looked around the dusty room and thought to himself, ” They must be hiding from the Black Angels. The fact that they are protecting you means you are a great asset to them. Whatever they are building must be important for them. It’s not in their nature to go out of their way to protect people. Humans are most likely to be protected by Angels, while Wizards are the next ranked.”

“Most people knew I was an important asset. Did you think Alan Richards sat at Scienceworks and made all that technology? We have to stay here and get my business deal done.”

“We should drag you back to the City of Demons and finish this off but the fact this news could turn into something dangerous out of The Tower of Angels and the fact we know very little we should investigate it further,” Allegheri said.

A tap on the door was heard and the four of them grew worried. Mr. Umezu sat up on the bed to hear a noise from the other side, “Hello, Ummm did someone lock the inside. I hope nothing is nasty inside of that room. Is Mr. Umzeu still asleep?”

“Who is that guy…” Lucas asked as he walked up to the door and started to move the piece of wood away from the door.