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YearReleasesLife Events/MilestonesYear in Detail
1995STORIES: LegoLandLived in Nambour from 1990 to 2000Featuring the very first story written. LegoLand's look into a wide range of characters from different background getting on was ahead of it's time for my age. It set up a creative jounrey spanning decades and characters became legends appearing in Xtreme Squad and The Author's War.
1996STORIES: LegoLand: The Dragon KnightsThe first sequal to a story would be LegoLand: The Dragon Knights
1997STORIES: Time Cruisers, LegoLand: Through Time and SpaceThe first spin off to a series of stories would be Time Cruisers. The Cyber Family ends up being a famous family that appear in LegoLand, Xtreme Squad, and The Author's War.
1998STORIES: LegoLand: Legomen's RiseMoved into Foster Care for two yearsThe Last year of primary school
1999STORIES: LegoLand: Conquest of ZarmThe Final story of the LegoLand series after a desire to move on to new character and more original content.
2002STORIES: The Legend of EvermoreLived in Caboolture for two years

LAUNCH: Writersmuster - Yahoo Group (2002 - 2004), CJT Productions -Web Site (2002 - 2005)
The first novel written would be The Legend of Evermore. The idea for the novel came from the boardgame Hero Quest. The band wouldn't make a second appearance in a story until 12 years later with The Author's War
2003MUSIC: Oceans, Dancing in the Mix, Groove Slider, Little by Little, Jaming.

STORIES: The Chronicles of Vincent Lamour: Imaginative Beginnings, Wild Western, Vadey -The Short Love Story, Silver Knight Escapes, Personality Speaking
Moved to Canberra for Year 11 and 12 College2003 was the year when I worked in the music area. All the songs released this year fell under the album named 'The Image'. It was a interesting experience compared to writing. There has been plans for future but nothing has happened since 2004
2004STORIES: Seasons of the Moon.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Seasons of the Moon - Book Launch - October 2004.

TV SCRIPT: Seasons in the Woods.

MUSIC: Jaming (Fast Pace Remix), Day Dream (Boom Remix)
Writersmuster has it's first shut down as a Yahoo group due to inactive members and wanted to focus more as a writer and creative person with my web siteThe first self-published book was made with Seasons of the Moon. The process took eight months with three artists, two editors and a self publishing company. The book launch was a success but the novel was never part of the promised trilogy but a different path that led to some of the story tied up in The Author's War and the true fate of the characters in The Soul of the Universe 16 years after self published book release.
2005STORIES: The Ghost Writer, Chisoutsa -The City of Demons.

POETRY: Shadow of your Dreams, Beautiful Soul, The Silence in the Night
Returned to Nambour, lived in Brisbane before returning to Canberra. CJT Productions closed down and would be reborn as CT Creativity the following year. Official Fan Forum was seen a flop attempt of a Yahoo Group just about my writings

LAUNCH: Official Fan Forum (2015)
This year showed the beginning of doing poetry and the start of the most successful series in Chisoutsa. Chisoutsa was seen as the first female hero. With a female hero and a new world for the first time to explore in a decade since 1995 a number of sequals followed it. Introduced vampires, demons, ghosts and technology. Two spin offs were made with Xtreme Squad and Neon Post Human. The Ghost Writer was a mix of story and poetry like Vadey - The Short Love Story - it had mixed responses but the poetry was it's strong point.
2006POETRY: From Demon to Student, The Lost Earth, Capture the Stars, Shaken and Shocked, Dangerous GirlLived at Currong Apartments from 2006 to 2014. CT Creativuty would have a number of different domain names - in fact four before coming to the domain.

LAUNCH: Writersmuster - Forum Board (2006 - 2010), CT Creativity (2006 - Forever)
2006 mainly only keep on going with the poetry writings
2007STORIES: Chisoutsa 2: The Vampire Convioitise .

MUSIC: You rock my world (Rough Cut Mix), Threatened (Rough Cut Mix)
Two music remixes were made and was the last time music was made for CT Creativity. Chisoutsa's long waited sequal arrived with a more mature content was a mixed result.
2008STORIES: Origins of Chisoutsa, Chisoutsa 3: Revolution of the WorldsLAUNCH: Brisbane Lions United - Forum Board (2008 - 2012)The first time a series in Chisoutsa got a pre-sequal. The series has earned a sequal again. Origins of Chisoutsa is also seen as a main star for Professor Walken and Mr Umezu which was the reason he got his own series in Neon Post Human.
2010STORIES: Chisoutsa 4: The Undead Emperor The last known Chisoutsa main story debuted this year. After six stories covering Chisoutsa it time to close that chapter. Story material was running out and there was a desire to do other creative works.
2011PHOTOGRAPHY: Sydney CBD and Gardens Trip 2011The first real move into photography of locations. I would go on to cover events with photos and future trips to Sydney too.
2012STORIES: The Alien of the Phoenix Brisbane Lions United closed down as a forum board due to inactive members and the rise of social media online. The first new story series in seven years. It was the first time covering the aspects of space since LegoLand did in 1997.
2013STORIES: Xtreme Squad , Super Bakery SistersThe Childcare Education era started this year with studies and working for a few years. Two new story series debuted this year with a spin off from Chisoutsa starring Lucas Walken her brother. There was a feeling I wanted to explore The City of Demons more but without Chisoutsa this time and so Xtreme Squad was made. Super Bakery Sisters was the first children's story for a younger age group. Stories like this and The Alien of the Phoniex was seen as a way to move away from the Chisoutsa world
2014STORIES: Paranormal Spirits , Xtreme Squad 2, The Author's War, Super Bakery Sisters 2: Norwin's Christmas QuestMoved to Gowrie Courts - better conditions and able to get ADSL internet which would spark a video making era.Featuring the massive novel The Author's War starring characters from: LegoLand, Chisoutsa, The Legend of Evermore and Seasons of the Moon. It was the first universe portals that was introduced in LegoLand was featured again linking all the different stories together via universes. A second follower of the Soul Breakers brings chaos to everyone with the Original Soulbreaker posing as a powerful book.
2015STORIES: The Alien of the Phoenix 2 , Super Bakery Adventures: The Magical Fruit Tree, Xtreme Squad 3

PHOTOGRAPHY: Sydney 2015 Trip (Part 1/2/3)
Ten years since Chisoutsa and the next big creative move was made with Nintendo Ninja News. A Youtube channel which has made over 1000 Subs and 400 000 views making it the most successful creative project in history.

LAUNCH: Nintendo Ninja News - Youtube Channel (2015 - Present)
2015 was the birth of Nintendo Ninja News Youtube Channel. It also featured a spin off from Super Bakery Sisters which explore light fantasy elements.
2016VIDEOS: GAMMA.CON 2016 Movie, EB Games Expo 2016 Movie, Sydney Jounrey/EB Games Expo 2016 Movie

STORIES: The Alien of the Phoenix 3
Making the full jump from writing to being more of a creative person with video making as well was a risky move. After 20 years of writing I wasn't sure I would have any success but Nintendo Ninja News has been the proof that someone good happenedThe era of video making arrived with two movies released on the growing popular Nintendo Ninja News Youtube channel.

2017VIDEOS: My Gaming Story: Atari Origins, GAMMA.CON 2017 Movie, Canberra Lego Brick Expo 2017, Floriade 2017 Short Film, Whisk - The Short Film Collection

STORIES: Neon Post Human
The video making from locations mainly in Canberra. A second Chisoutsa spin off is made in Neon Post Human starring Mr Umezu
2018VIDEOS: GAMMA.CON 2018 Movie, Nintendo Ninja News - Past/Present/Future, Sydney 2018 Trip MovieMoved to a brand new Apartment with two rooms, large kitchen and balcony with NBN100 connection. Creative projects will improve living in a new place like this. New videos were made including a special about Nintendo Ninja News itself.
2019VIDEOS: GAMMA.CON 2019 Video Games Movie2019 has been branded a rebuilding year for NNN and life in general
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