My Creative Releases Timeline

Release/AchievementGenre/DescriptionYear of Release
LegoLandFantasy/Science Fiction1995
LegoLand: The Dragon KnightsFantasy/Science Fiction1996
Time CruisersScience Fiction1997
LegoLand: Through Time and SpaceFantasy/Science1997
LegoLand: Legomen's RiseFantasy/Science Fiction1998
LegoLand: Conquest of ZarmFantasy/Science1999
The Legend of EvermoreFantasy/Science Fiction 2002
Dancing in the MixMusic2003
Groove SliderMusic2003
Little by LittleMusic2003
The Chronicles of Vincent Lamour: Imaginative Beginnings Drama/Adventure2003
Wild WesternComedy/Western/Adventure2003
Vadey -The Short Love StoryRomance/Drama2003
Silver Knight EscapesCrime/Action2003
Personality Speaking Comedy/Science Fiction2003
Seasons of the MoonFantasy/Romance/Drama2004
Seasons of the Moon - Book Launch - October 2004Photography 2004
Seasons in the WoodsFantasy/Drama/Television Script2004
Jaming (Fast Pace Remix)Music2004
Day Dream (Boom Remix)Music 2004
The Ghost WriterMusical/Fantasy/Horror 2005
Shadow of your DreamsPoem2005
Beautiful SoulPoem2005
From Demon to StudentPoem2005
Chisoutsa -The City of DemonsScience Fiction/Fantasy2005
The Silence in the NightPoem2006
The Lost EarthPoem2006
P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L Chapter 5: DangerousAutobiography 2006
Capture the StarsPoem2006
Shaken and ShockedPoem2006
Dangerous GirlPoem2007
Chisoutsa 2: The Vampire Convioitise Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror2007
You rock my world (Rough Cut Mix)Music2007
Threatened (Rough Cut Mix)Music2007
Origins of ChisoutsaScience Fiction/Fantasy2008
Chisoutsa 3: Revolution of the WorldsScience Fiction/Fantasy2008
Chisoutsa 4: The Undead Emperor Science Fiction/Fantasy2010
Sydney CBD and Gardens Trip 2011Photography2011
The Alien of the Phoenix Paranormal/Science Fiction/Drama2012
Xtreme Squad Fantasy/Science Fiction/Action2013
Super Bakery SistersChildren's/Adventure2013
Paranormal Spirits Paranormal/Science Fiction2014
Xtreme Squad 2Fantasy/Science Fiction/Action2014
The Author's WarDark Fantasy/Science Fiction/Drama/Paranormal/Horror2014
Super Bakery Sisters 2: Norwin's Christmas QuestChildren's/Adventure2014
The Alien of the Phoenix 2 Paranormal/Science Fiction/Drama2015
Sydney Trip (Part 1) Photography2015
Sydney Trip (Part 2) Photography2015
Sydney Trip (Part 3) Photopgrahy2015
Super Bakery Adventures: The Magical Fruit TreePhotography2015
Xtreme Squad 3Fantasy/Science Fiction/Action2015
The Alien of the Phoenix 3Paranormal/Science Fiction/Drama2016
GAMMA.CON 2016 MovieVideo2016
EB Games Expo 2016 MovieVideo2016
Sydney Jounrey/EB Games Expo 2016 MovieVideo2016
NNN Variety Show (Ep 1 - 34)Video Series2016
My Gaming Story: Atari OriginsVideo2017
Neon Post HumanCyberpunk/Science Fiction2017
GAMMA.CON 2017 MovieVideo2017
Canberra Lego Brick Expo 2017Video2017
Floriade 2017 Short FilmVideo2017
Whisk - The Short Film CollectionVideo2017
NNN Variety Show (Ep 35 - 62)Video Series2017
NNN Variety Show (Ep 63 - 100)Video Series2018
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