A new widget on CT Creativity that highlights a new area called ‘My Creative Projects’ has debuted on the web site. The decision was made to further expand upon the creative projects I do and split them up from the pure creative work I do that’s shown on the top menu on the site. It’s the next step after CT Creativity had a new design that returned art work on the home page. Below are the new series that highlight great old works and future ones coming up.

Reviews Central: It’s a merging of all the reviews done at Nintendo Ninja News. There has been issues with gaps between releases so we are doing a Nintendo by merging the playlists and turning it into a hub of reviews from video games, unboxing reviews, book reviews, history reviews and other things thrown in the mix.

Travel with Me: Here you will see a mix of videos and photos done while I have traveled or gone to special events. There will also be diary entries like the Life Updates section to fill in the story gaps of videos and photos.

Gameplay Encounters: We will be encountering gameplay footage on a more regular basis in the future with the debut of this new series. It’s take years but Nintendo Ninja News will be moving into that area. Gameplay will at least be 30mins to mostly 60min videos. There will special extended videos if a video game is short on completion.

Story Art: Story Art is the many years of working with different artistsd and bringing the characters to life in illutrations, wallpapers, posters and more.