For as long I have been interested in music I had always listened and watched Rage.Rage turned 30 years old as a music TV show that purely showed music clip after clip during the night when the ABC didn’t do overnight programs – the station would shut down at midnight but this show changed everything.  I was always keen on watching the different music backgrounds and weird music clips you could watch late at night. Since 1997 I used to get up early in the morning to the watch the Top 50 songs in Australia – the ARIA Charts that had mostly pop, rock, or R&B music of that time. I believed this and enjoying my mother’s vast interest in music was where I gained my understanding and love of music. Rage was that type of show where you could get a good dose of a wide amount of music and learning about music history too. I would get up early at 6:00am in the morning and keep track of the charts, knowing stats of artists and song when they hit No. 1 and how long a song stayed in the top 50. Some of the early wakes up were tough but after the first few songs would wake up and get me ready for the next three to four hours of music.

I started to enjoy pop music and early 80’s and 90’s rap songs that was often shown early in the morning hours after midnight on a Friday or Saturday night. I found many new artists and indie types on Rage that showed me there was more to music than just mainstream works too. After four years checking out the Top 50 and getting older I started to watch the show more from the midnight session and specially when the Top 50 was axed and many years later changed to just showing the Top 20 music on the charts. I love the idea of music video that tells a storytline or a style to them that makes the song famous. The guest programming by artist allowed people a insight into what music inspired them as musicals. I think the connection to me as mainly a writer was that music unlocks feelings and emotions when writing stories. The music video clips gave me ideas and expanded my way of being creative in scenes, sound, and connecting the two.

And I’m still watching Rage after 20 years and still finding wonderful sounds and sights from all the music video clips shown on the show. Even with the changing technology of the internet where you can clips anytime you like there’s still a place for Rage to discover new artists and remembering the older ones too. Here’s to another 30 years and the secret to it’s success was it;s simple format and not changing it once.