A crowd of Media outlets had packed out a room at the Prime Leader’s Government House located in the heart of the Coty of Demon. The new Prime Leader arrived from the back ground of curtains to address the media.

“As Prime Leader as you know who I am, my name Charles Thompson and I have been working hard with my government to decrease the crime rates here in The City of Demons. My return to the government was based on improving the City of Demons. To give it a new image of the world we once lived in. Many people have fought and lost their lives to fight for this day. Crime rates have dropped however I understand it’s still not good enough. The rates are at it’s lowest in many years. It is my task to explore this world and to reach out to the other areas of the planet to see what we can achieve from that. I thank you all for being here and the work will contiune,” Mr. Thompson said in front of the flashing lights of the media. He quickly moved away from the scene, gave a wave to everyone and headed into the back rooms when an advisor appeared next to him.

“Your visitors are here. Do you wish to see them now?” she asked.

“Yes I’ll see them now thanks,” Charles answered her.

Charles made his move into his new office and three visitors were sitting at a table where he smiled towards them, “Allegheri, Frithdar and Lucas Walken.  Just the ones I needed to talk to,”

Allegheri the old vampire nodded while Lucas and Frithdar leaned in at the table where Charles sat down with them. It had been a while since the first appearance of Lucas Walken’s Xtreme Squad. It had been successful in helping reduce the crime in the City of Demons despite their confusion over their very first case.

“I spoke to your father in the past fortnight. He’s quite happy with his teachings again at the new school that was built to replace the old College in the Second Life World.” Charles said to Lucas.

“I’m more interested in why you would ask me to come here with these two. This meeting sounds like a task for Chisoutsa.”

“You would think that but you are a Walken and a rookie wizard.  You have the right mix of Chisoutsa and your father for this special investigation I am opening in complete privacy.  The Xtreme Squad has been a good service but I feel like you can spread your wings to other parts of the world. Allegheri, do you know about the Angels?” Charles asked, grabbing a familiar old wine bottle where he had many a drink with Professor Walken back in the days of Chisoutsa searching for Censilo the demon lord in the City of Demons.

“Even with all the years of experience I have, there is little I know of the Angels. They were private figures, unable to die for some reason, very much hidden from the world. They do not own a land like the vampires or demons did,” the old wise vampire replied.

“That’s right. But you would know much about the Tower of Angels, the myth of a tower of where the angels lived. Some have seen it and others have not. We have had a latest sighting of it in the City of Demons near the graveyard. Lucas your sister visited the area once before. One of our government officials was there to see it appear with his own eyes. A few hours later the Tower itself was gone again. This doesn’t make much sense to us at all. Until something caught us by surprise,” Charles explained to them.

Frithdar was writing down the notes using his fingers and a little magic to ink the papers he had with him, “What was that, what could surprise you?”

“A half burnt cigar,” Charles answered sipping his wine and leaning back in his chair.

“What was special about this cigar?”

Charles revealed a small box from his pocket and placed it on the table. He opened it to reveal the cigar as a rich smell came from it, “This was a uniquely hand crafted one, only used by one person we know of. Besides this person had the money to import it from far away and ordered in bulk based on past details given to me,” Charles said.

“Who owns them?” Allegheri said leaning in to view it.

“Mr. Umezu.”

Lucas pulled a strange face and looked at the cigar, “Now that I remember with what Chisoutsa told me. He had a few of these when they found him in the Convoitise Village. He’s had a habit of staying alive. Do you really think something wrong has happened to him?.”

“We don’t know anymore about this case. I want you three and the Xtreme Squad to investigate it and unlock the key to the Tower of Angels. Alan Richards wants to talk to you guys about this issue. He has been working on the matter in the past month.”

Allegheri rose from his chair and nodded his head, “We’ll help you just this once. I’m interested to see if Mr. Umezu is truly alive or not.” The three of them marched out the doors and Charles Thompson sipped some more wine thinking of the investigation and the new work he has before him.

“Now I know why I left the government in the first place. The stress of it all!”