The morning was bright, clean and clear for once in a long time in the City of Demons. There wasn’t much of the darkness that once shadowed over the streets and buildings when evil were around. Cars and buses had returned and the people of the city were feeling safe again. However there was still damage left over from the epic battles between the demon lord Censilo and the young girl by the name of Chisoutsa. Old wounds were still being healed, some deep wounds and hurts.

Chisoutsa was found at the wreaked Centrax Building where Censilo once stood. A small car pulled up near her and tow figures appeared from it. It was Alan Richards and Professor Walken who had come to see Chisoutsa. They watched her as she moved pieces of rubble as she viewed part of a old robot that was lost to the battle she won.

“Time heals all wounds Chisoutsa. These are the lessons that we learn,” Professor Walken said to her from behind.

Chisoutsa turned around and dropped the hand of Hayco she found to the ground, “It still hurts Professor. I wish I still had my power and hardness within me. I don’t like being bitter and sad,” she replied.

“That’s all part of life Chisoutsa. You wanted to feel more human and these things will happen. We are so hurt by Hayco’s passing. He was a young boy who was very real in our hearts. I understand the pain of losing someone close.”

“I heard Jiko has taken some leave to travel around the world. I might have a similar idea for you too,” said Alan Richard.

Chisoutsa turned and asked Alan, “And what might that be?”

“I’ve been researching my family history to keep my mind busy and off anything to do with the battles we have had with Censilo. Well I believe I have found the location of my family far away from the City of Demons,” he answered.

“Where is this place?”

“Alan’s family could be living in a place called the Death Lands, unlike here where the legend is demons. The Death Lands main theme is vampires, ghosts and the undead. I believe it’s a good thing for you to travel and expand your mind Chisoutsa. I’ve been there before in my younger days and there’s some interesting folk there,” Professor Walken said.

Chisoutsa looked down at the hand of Hayco and reached into pocket and popped out the transporter and heart of Hayco, “He would want me to travel and be happy. He always wanted to see and do new things.”

She turned to Alan and nodded her head, “Alright then, I’ll travel with you. I wanna see what this Death Lands is all about. Sounds very inviting,” Chisoutsa said.

“Great to hear! Because I wouldn’t go by myself just in case something goes wrong and we have had enough drama in our lives for a long time,” Alan smiled.

The three of them walked to the car and the drove off together leaving.


The Professor, Alan, and Chisoutsa met together with Charles Thompson at his house where they were researching maps. Charles was sipping wine and Professor Walken was trying to fix his cane. Alan pointed out the areas of the Death Lands.

“There some deserts to cross so you will need to drive carefully Chisoutsa. There’s a village at the end of it if I remember,” Alan said.

“I’ll be sure to drive safe,” Chisoutsa said.

The Professor and Charles gave each other smirks at her driving well, “You think she’ll be ok after Hayco and Censilo?” Charles asked him.

“I hope so. I think the break will do her well. She’ll love the new adventure. Staying here for now will only bring her memories of bad.”

“How are things with Emily and the fact you two know you have a daughter?”

“It’s been wonderful and very surprising. We are all still getting over this event and we need time to work things out. Our marriage has had its issues you know,” Jonathan replied.

“Well it doesn’t help when you avoided her for years. She did it too I guess. At least things worked out in the chaos we all had to go through,” Charles said refilling his drink.

“And this government, is it improving at last?” Professor Walken asked.

“Yes Jonathan, the Prime Leader is becoming more open about his affairs and getting the job done if that’s what you meant,” Charles answered.

“I was only checking old Charles.”

The group looked at the maps and Chisoutsa grabbed the keys to the Black Vixen. She a couple bags packed for Alan and herself. Emily came into the room and saw Chisoutsa.

“I see you’re ready for your big trip. Be safe and don’t get into any trouble,” she told her.

“I won’t Mum. It still feels strange saying that,” Chisoutsa smiled.

“The whole thing about Jonathan being your father is strange enough,” laughed Charles.

“I think that’s going to be your last drink for a while,” hinted Professor Walken.

“You never were the happy one were you,” smiled Charles.

Chisoutsa and Alan walked down to the Black Vixen with the others. Charles and Professor Walken helped with the bags and everything was pull inside the back seats of the car. It was still bright day and Alan was excited about his trip to find his family.

“It’s about time you repaid me for all the good work I have done for this car of yours,” Alan relied once the pair was in the car.

“I will make the promise that this time the Black Vixen will not get damaged in anyway,” Chisoutsa said.

“And I promise I won’t get lost in the Death Lands,” Alan said.

The Black Vixen drove away from the sidewalk as the Professor, Emily, and Charles waved them goodbye from The City of Demons.

“I hope everything goes went for the two of them,” said Emily.

“Hey where is Jiko by the way?” asked Charles to the couple.

“I believe he went traveling in the west. He could visit the Death Lands if he travels near there. But he’s interested in Lake Pure first,” Professor Walken answered.

The Black Vixen drove outside of The City of Demons and for the first time Chisoutsa was away from her mentor. She was now on her own.