A new logo for the revamped domain name and name of th web site Chris Ticehurst Creativity is being made. DJNY my long time artist who created Chisoutsa, Xtreme Squad, The Alien of the Phoenix and Super Bakery Sister will be designing the new logo as it he did with the current one. It was important to design a new logo that had the name change but reflected and explained to people what the web site is about in simple terms. I believe I have made a good logo that really explains the different things I get up to on the web site. The Secret Art Project could be seen as a challenging and unique challenge for DNJY. It’s a project that will be tightly secret and wrapped up until the art design is completed so we can release it to the right people first. I’m personally excited because this bridges two areas of my life that have never connected at all at this degree. The new designs for both the logo and secret project should be released shortly.