A week had past and I asked a request from the Time Cruiser to go to another universe for what could be a lunch meet up after all that taken place after the war. Myself, Percy, Roger, Daniel, Vincent Lamour, Chisoutsa and Lucas decided to come this place. We were walking down a small town villa in the market place where I pointed out a small bakery store for them.

“This is one place I’ve wanted to visit if I had the choice. For me this always a peaceful place to be in this world,” I said to them all.

We arrived at the store and I noticed the oversized cow munching on some cupcakes outside of the store. Vincent patted the top of his head smiling at him.

“He’s cute cow this one. Very friendly ins’the. What’s is name?’ he asked.

“Norwin. Just a lucky guess I think,” I joked to Vincent.

We came inside and I saw the bakery sisters of Chisa making meals and Chisa from the forest was there, “Hey! Would you like some nice hot pies? We are nearly done making them today?” she asked me.

“Yes, that would be nice,” I answered.

We all sat down and there was a silence between while we waited for the meals. There was mutual understanding between us as we knew how each other was feeling about the war. There was much lose that they all had but this was a new day and this was the first step on the road to recovery.

“Everything changes with us now. Chisoutsa and my life won’t be the same. How long will it take for the wounds to heal?” Lucas ask the group.

“As long as it needs to be. It is always hard when these things happen. In my time I learnt that taking in the good and leaving out the bad can help,” Vincent answered Lucas.

“With Wizard gone I’ve been thinking it might be time for me to retire from battles and dealing with every mess that comes by. I’m too old for this now,” King Lion noted to me.

“Wizard never had his retirement so he would be happy for you. I know the rest of the Legomen will be crushed without him. He was a mentor to everyone,” I said to him.

Chisa came up with a two large plates of hot pies with big smile on her face. Roger and Chisoutsa looked at Chisa with a funny look and took a couple pies each. Roger bit into one and raised his eyebrows, “This tastes very good. The meat is soft and good.”

“Thanks! We also have cheese ones too!”

“I’ll have one of them!” Daniel Phoenix asked her.

I lean over to Chisa to ask her something, “Do you remember being in a forest with me? Was my question.

“No I don’t but I do visit it many times with Norwin. Maybe I might see you there one day!” she answered happily heading off to find the pie for Daniel.

Vincent poured some drinks of water to everyone and looked at Daniel, “You know our small chats in the café I would have never thought this would be the outcome for us. I never thought we would uncover a war coming to us all. It’s more exciting than being a teacher or what’s the name they call us now Chris? Educator, that’s the one. They always like to change terms and after all the years I’ve lived it does confuse me,”

“You know we haven’t solved everything. Umezu is missing, Charles is in a coma and Cody was in trouble for breaking laws in the Commander’s world,” Chisoutsa reminded the group.

“He’ll find his way back and I’m sure your friend will come back soon. As for my son, I think I can twist their arm to fix his problem,” Percy noted.

“What about the ThunderDragon. Is he fine and good?” Roger asked Lucas.

“He’s feeling better now that weather has not been affected. He is alone now but I believe it won’t be the last time we will see him. I think this war changed him like it did with us,” Lucas remarked.

“How was your anxiety during all of this?” I asked Daniel.

“How do you know? Oh I should have remembered. It was pretty bad during the ending there. I guess I get that from you. I understand everyone will be taking a short holiday after this?” Daniel replied to everyone as Chisa appeared again with cheese pie.

“Well until you see that alien child again right?” I said to Daniel.

“Until he appears again I’ll take a break.”

King Lion stood up and looked at everyone, “Let’s make a small toast to our success and wish each other good luck to their future and their lives. As we have learnt that everyday requires you only take it a moment at a time. No worrying about the day before or tomorrow. I wish everyone hope and understand and I wish you all well. It’s the first step for everyone after this no it doesn’t mean you have conquered anxiety or depression or any fears and doubts that you may have. Like I said before it’s only the first big step towards a better day.

When I started leading the Legomen I had many fears and anxiety about taking control of my life. I feared that I was going to fail and run from the chance to lead then. It was Wizard who turned me around and showed me that even leaders make mistakes. To our future, we may be different but we are one too,” King Lion announced holding up his drink.

Everyone toasted their drinks together and we sat to have our pies together. The sister sat in the back. The oldest sister handed over something to Chisa, “Look what I found Chisa, it’s a cute little music box I found. You can have it. You have worked well and Norwin has behaved very well Do you get this feeling you already know these people” she asked Chisa.

Chisa opened up the music box to hear a charming sound come out of it, “Yeah I get that feeling too.” She said smiling up to her sisters and looking at the group. Today was a good day for me.