Nintendo Ninja News after many years has found a new logo helped and designed by Jacob Voltz. The new logo design was needed as the orignal design was made back in 2011 and used when the Youtube channel debuted in 2015.

The push came as 2020 is gearing up as a big year for Nintendo Ninja News with the streaming show is taking off and new and different content will be made. The goal for 2020 is to greatly increase the watch time on Youtube and try to increase the sub count. Nintendo Ninja Gaming – the streaming show has been very successful in that regard so far. This web site will also be used more often in the future as we try to bridge the Youtube channel and this blog.

With the new logo design it’s going to help out the channel more and I’ll be working on new content for 2020 as it marks 25 years since I started as a writer and this creative journey.