Over the past few weeks I have been working on myself personally and working on CT Creativity. This new design is set to be effective, clean looking and help me for the coming years specially with 2020 being 25 years as a writer. There’s been inactivity here for too long and a lack of new stories because of Nintendo Ninja News taking up alot of my creative time.

The NNN web site will be taken down as well as it’s Page because it only manages 1.5% of my total views per month. It’s a hard decision to take down a page of 900 people but not so when only three to four people interact with it.

The new features for this site include a new community forum where reviews from Nintendo Ninja News appear and discussions from my other creative works to everyday discussions too. The sidebar has been updated andthe menu moved to the left where you can push it out of your way to read content better. Nintendo Ninja News has it’s own gallery for you to view all the latest videos from the Youtube Channel.

Once I get a hold on other personal life matters during Feb I can try to work on new stories and I have build up alot of ideas in my head for when that time comes. Enjoy the new site and I’ll be in the community forum waiting for you.