With the release of the Nintendo Switch coming nearly it’s a month’s time I thought I would look into what the current different console owners will be thinking and they will be thinking differently based on what they own and what they want in a video game console. Because of the home and handheld console appeal it’s going to be interesting to see what people think the Nintendo Switch is. Let’s have a look and see what they might be thinking.

Wii U Owners: If you are a Wii U owner than the thought of buying a Nintendo Switch might be hard to swallow if you wanted to get good third party content on the Wii U. That didn’t happen for the big AAA game releases however if you brought the Wii U just for Nintendo games than you would be mostly pleased with the polished games of Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros for Wii U and the great games in Super Mario Maker and Splatoon.  The downside is that the Switch will have Breathe of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 ported meaning the true first game would be either Splatoon 2 or Super Mario Odyssey . Some might be happy to hold on to playing Splatoon for free until the Christmas 2017. That’s the likely time I think some Wii U owners will get a Nintendo Switch.

3DS Owners: The biggest problem is the console price. The New 3DS here in Australia is between $200 to 250 but the Switch will be $469. It’s a big price jump to pay to play the next gen handheld and we all know the Switch is replacing both consoles. If they can get over the price of the console than I think they wil enjoy the Switch just as much as the 3DS library over the long term. However paying to play online will hurt too and might keep people from buy the Switch on Day One. It’s likely 3DS Owners that are not hardcore fans will pick up the Nintendo Switch when games like Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest etc are released on it or at Christmas time 2017.

Wii U and 3DS Owners: If you own both of them than it’s very likely if you are a big fan of Nintendo you will likely pick up the Switch around Launch time. The appeal of the two consoles in one will save you some money but if you wish to buy accessories than those savings will be eaten up over the time. The major savings will be not buying the same game twice for each console and more time to pour into games like Smash Bros and Mario Kart etc.

PS4/Xbox One Owners: If the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have the big AAA third party games than the main selling point would be you can have a portable console as well as a home console. These owners will also not like the idea of a under-powered console in graphics power. Is the portable aspect and Nintendo games strong enough for people to buy the Switch because that’s what Nintendo would have in their weapons to get those owners buying. I feel when the major Nintendo games are released in Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Pokemon are released that some of them will pull the trigger but a price drop around Christmas  time will sweeten the deal enough to open the purse.

PC Owners: The PC Owner or the self styled Master Race would likely be interested in the Nintendo Switch for the exclusive games and it’s portable to play next to your PC. The high powered PC gaming and Nintendo console is the best combo in getting nearly all the AAA games that you desire. Some may pick it up at launch or when a big Nintendo game or price cut comes along. Heck it might be a good birthday or Christmas gift to themselves.

PS Vita Owners:  If you haven’t given up handheld gaming all together and gone away to the PS4 than the Nintendo Switch is your only real option in full video games other than mobile smartphone games. Games that appeared on the PS Vita will likely have their next entry in their respected on the Switch. The price might be a drawback but than again the Vita was pricey and the Switch offers alot for it’s price as well as the bonus to connect to your TV. When Japanese games.

The Lost Wii and Nintendo DS Owners: The ones who didn’t buy another console or are just happy with Pokemon Go and Nintendo smartphone games might be interested in the Switch because of the Joy Cons and the social aspect of the console. This group of people are the hardest to predict what they will do or even desire a gaming console. Promotion of Nintendo IP in media, movies, and theme parks would be the key to getting people interested in buying a Nintendo Switch. Their smartphone games and Pokemon Go could be the other keys in directing this market of people to the Switch. Good promotion with key games like Pokemon, Mario Kart, and Splatoon might likely get the lost owners back into Nintendo’s arms.

The “I haven’t played Nintendo or video games in 20 Years” People: The seeds were planted (and brought out by mainly current Nintendo fans)  with the NES Mini to get older people to remember Nintendo and their childhood joy etc. Expansion of IP promotion and Nintendo Switch’s ability to play past console games would be the key areas I would use to get people remembering and buying again. If Nintendo keep doing Classic Mini consoles they could be a nice money spinner long term if they can make it work with supply and demand.