The revamps continue for Ticehurst and his sole flight with CJT Productions as Ticehurst plans to open his own Official group based on his works and other releases. However this has causes problems and the doubtful future of his beloved group Writersmuster. Writersmuster has suffered through out the last month with the poorest message archive for over two years. There have even been the thought of removing Writersmuster and releasing the 360 members it carries.

Deleting Writersmuster would be a huge blow to his run towards the Seasons Trilogy release in early October. His management has bounced back with the completed cover and some hard talk with his illustrators about being on time with promotions. The editing is also expected to get in in time for the printers. The web site has recieved increased web hits and has been the best since April 2004, a sign of the good times of the site. Writersmuster over its three years of work has always been in trouble of the lack of active members and messy leadership. This mess includes defining what Writersmuster was about. It started as a promotional machine for Ticehurst ill promoted ‘The Legend of Evermore’ then a writers group, a entertainment and arts (and then a expanded version of that in 2004) and now it could change back to a Ticehurst promo group.

News of the founder quitting his role as promotions man and removing the artists pages wouldn’t have worked in getting back Writersmuster members. The focus of the group has now left the writer and he struggles to get people interested in the group nowadays. However the eccentric writer haves a new plan that will fix Writersmuster for once and for all. Writersmuster is set to become the newest promotioal group for entertainment and arts. Promoters will move themselves to Writersmuster and the message achive should increase over the last months of the year. This comes at the price of Exclusive Promotions which will face certain death in the next day or two. Exclusive Promotion was co-owned by Chris Nelson but the group had never gone well against Writersmuster or to the liking of the writer. CJT Productions states that Chris Nelson will become a co-owner for Writersmuster which is the biggest step for any member as no one was allowed to touch Writersmuster’s leadership with a 12 foot pole.

The Official Group for Christopher Ticehurst will be a interesting beginning. Either the group receives good membership first off and people are happy with the novel or his group will fall and people won’t be so interested in the writer, knowing his past leadership in Writersmuster. The Official Group for Chris Ticehurst and the change of Writersmuster will be done by September 17th 2004.