Outside an old deserted building stood two older men having a discussion about their life in Soclice, their riches and their problems surrounding leadership issues. They turned towards the deserted building made of wood back in the older days. It was built by the ancient angels who now lived in the Tower of Angels far away from where they spoke.

“My old grey beard can’t take this mystery anymore than you can too. The Emperor is now hundred and six years old and he’s growing stranger and madder by the day. Has he been cured or something?”

“I’m not sure my old friend but I still have faith in Soclice and our future. The whole world has become more peaceful. The health that the Emperor has had suggests he should have died many years ago but it has not appeared. I have thought of a idea, someone who could help investigate this matter for us,” spoke the other man.

“Stolin, who are you thinking of? Do I know of this person?” he asked him.

His friend turned up to the grey skies of Soclice, “This person goes by the name of Chisoutsa. She has aided The City of Demons and the Vampire lands in the past. Many people know her, she is tough but fair in her judgment. She is known for a love of adventure and a challenge. She could help us on this matter Kalund.”

“I have heard of her name. This is the final land she has not traveled to on which the tales that I have been told about. Soclice may have attractive beaches but when you journey inside you see how the proud land has changed into cold and madding place to be. How do we get her here?” Kalund asked.

“I know the Prime Leader from The City of Demons Charles Thompson, I could reach out to him for help. He is a good person always willing to help others. Their culture has changed greatly in the past few years,”

“We maybe just are a part of the council that helps the Emperor but even he doesn’t take our advice anymore. We should do this in secret and at once.”

“I agree.”

The two men made their secret and wandered away from their deserted building back to the Emperor’s House.


It was a quiet day in the Government Square where Charles Thompson had recently had contact with Soclice concerning their problem with the Emperor. He requested that Chisoutsa come to see him. He poured himself two glasses of wine as the doors opened and Chisoutsa and some old familiar friends came inside.

“Chisoutsa! Jonathan! How are you all today? Here’s a glass of wine as a toast to my first year in office here.” Charles smiled towards his friends.

Professor Jonathan Walken nodded at his friend and took the glass of wine and had a drink, “The crime has gone down quite well since you came into the position of Prime Leader. Chisoutsa isn’t quite pleased with that result,” he replied.

“It leaves me with nothing to do Professor. Sitting around the place bored as hell is not what I like. Tell me this issue you were told from Soclice and what is this place?”

As Chisoutsa and the Professor sat down her brother Lucas Walken popped inside and grabbed a seat next to his father.

“You’re late,” Chisoutsa smirked.

“Can’t let you in this adventure and do the old kill everyone and ask questions later. Could have solved The City of Demons problems in half the time,” Lucas replied.

“Really now, this again, no one wanted to answer my questions.”

“That’s especially when you shoot them twice and bashed their heads on the table. Smooth stuff sister.”

“Anyway people, the word from Soclice are that their Emperor is bloody mad in the head lately. The last few years he had been silence most of the time but recently been vocal about issues and changing some of the laws. Some believe he’s cured or just sick in the head. Two of his close council members are wishing that you Chisoutsa would come to see them and investigate about it.”

“This doesn’t sound exciting to me.” Chisoutsa replied unhappily.

“Soclice is a nice area that is known for its beaches and number of islands circling the mainland which has a rich history of buildings, statues, and gold. This is also the only place in the world you haven’t traveled to. The ancient buildings were made by the angels who were the ones that Lucas met with Allegheri and Frithdar when they searched for The Tower of Angels. Lucas would be helpful with you on the mission,” Charles explained to the group.

“I traveled there once when I was young in my day. It is nice and relaxing spot for reading and culture. You should go there Chisoutsa and learnt a thing or two,” Professor Walken told his daughter.

“Alright I’ll check this place out but why is the Emperor been doing these strange things for?” she asked Charles.

“I have no idea why and that’s the whole point of this exercise. This man seems like he could live forever. I hope you enjoy your travels and this will keep you busy. They will pay you very well and allow you to enjoy yourself too. “ Charles replied.

Chisoutsa and Lucas seemed happy now with the deal and took off out of the office room to leave the Professor and Charles to discuss about their old days.

“She has grown up well since I first met her.” Charles noticed.

Professor Walken took a slip of his wine and nodded, “It has been a journey quite hard on her. She has given up a lot for her success. Her inner demon blood is still there. I am happy that she has been able to keep it in control.”

“I know all too well the long discussions we have had about her searching for Censilo. With mentors like you and Allegheri she is in safe hands. She is more level headed nowadays,” Charles replied.

“I’m happy for her and what she has been able to do for everyone. She might not admit it but I believe he wants to do well for people and help others. She uses a adventure as a excuse to help people who can’t help themselves.”

Charles fills up his glass of wine, “At least we’re not getting into the action us two old guys. I’m smart enough to leave to the young ones,” he smiled towards his old friend in Jonathan.