Origins of Chisoutsa is the prequel to the first story Chisoutsa: The City of Demons where it tells the creation of Chisoutsa by demon lord Censilo in the unknown areas called the Hyper Camp. It also gives some more background story to Jonathan Walken and Mr Umezu in their role in he downfall of the City of Demons.


Chisoutsa – The leading character of The City of Demons. Found by Professor Walken a number of months of ago.  She has been trained by him to combat any dangers in The City of Demons and to discover her past. She is seen as a dark complex character with a unknown streak to all and to herself.

Professor Jonathan Walken – A former teacher of history and material arts. He has many connections around The City of Demons and his current role is by mentoring Chisoutsa to discover her past and work on. He also has a good friend in Charles Thompson who is a former Government public servant.

Charles Thompson – The former Government public servant is a friend of Professor Walken and Chisoutsa  He currently is retired and  helps them with information and problems that are happening in The City of Demons. His aim is to help clean up the Government Square which has been powerless to stop the roaming criminals gangs and business controlling the city.

Alan Richards – The weapons specialist for Chisoutsa. He works for Scienceworks which is known as the biggest business in The City of Demons. He is a shy and thoughtful scientist who has created some amazing works for Chisoutsa such as the classic Mags 2700 that she normally uses.

Mr Umzeu – A smart and cunning businessman who is the owner of Scienceworks. He outsources his crimes to gangs to do his dirty work while profiting from the public through weapons and specialist buildings. He isn’t a fan of what Charles Thompson and Professor Walken has plans for in terms of cleaning up the city, including his business methods. He is known to be smoking his classic cigers with him most of the time.

The Librarian – A spooky and strange person who lives in the Underground tunnels in the city. He has a vast amount of information on the history of The City of Demons.

Jiko – He was a large muscled person who is caring and thoughtful. He joins the group seeking Chisoutsa’s past when it’s revealed he has a connection ho her past and maybe where she created.

Tyrell – He is the owner of Tyrell’s Bar and Grill. His shop is Chisoutsa’s way of escaping from her problems and the hard road to to seeking her past.[/tab]


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The Origins of Evil – Ch 1

The Perfection and The Aura – Ch 2

Devil Dealings – Ch 3

The Birth of Chisoutsa – Ch 4

Shentile makes a move –  Ch 5

Action speaks louder than words – Ch 6

Escaping Memories – Ch 7

Walken vs Fakatho – Ch 8