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From Writersmuster/CJT Productions to CT Creativity


It’s been a long creative journey online since the days of Writersmuster and CJT Productions. Most people online wouldn’t know much about those two sites. Writersmuster was a successful Yahoo Group back in the day before social media was a thing. It promoted writers mostly but other creative people from backgrounds of music, artists, poets and more joined in the discussions and...

Why Doctor Who is my Favourite TV Show and inspires me as a Writer


I remembered when I was in college in 2003 when my uncle told me a show called Doctor Who was appearing on the ABC here in Australia of reruns starting from the First Doctor’s first story ‘A Unearthly Child’ it was a show that my uncle enjoyed watching in his younger days and so I decided to watch it with him. I was always interested in time travel and science fiction as a...

The Lost Stories of LegoLand and it’s Legacy on my Stories


Not much can be said about the Original LegoLand series because of the lack of stories written during the period of 1995 to 1999 due to having no computer and the fact it was role-played by toys which makes this series rather special compared to any other story I have made. The tales of King Lion, Wizard, Bill, Ben, Percy Cyber and Iron Hook and more have it’s own legacy based on how it...

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My Artist – DJNY