The sun had been coming down quickly over Daniel Phoenix and Jack when they had arrived at the park where Mary had said to them that the UFO sighting had dropped something in the area. There was a dark misty feeling over the park trees as Daniel and Jack walked into the park area looking around the section. In one corner there was an old and broken down children’s swing set. It had been unused for many years by the look of it. To the middle of the park there was uncut grass that needed to be cut by the local council. Beyond that was a small forest next to the park which is not explored by many people. It was difficult to see between the trees with many broken branches, leaves and other rubbish in-between. For Daniel a sudden cold feeling grew over him while watching the forest section and Jack looking around for anyone else in the park.

“Phoenix, there’s no one. Do you want to go straight to the forest section? I doubting the actual park section would carry any items,” Jack asked him.

Daniel was silence for a couple moments and turned to Jack, “Yes that’s good thinking. You know since I was 20 years old and doing this for eight years I never had this cold feeling over me. But tonight I do. Let’s take this slowly,” he answered him.

The two of them wandered past the swing set and through the uncut grass section. The eerie feeling of the coldness and the quietness was getting to Daniel for some unknown reason. Daniel and Jack pushed back branches through the forest section and looked at the ground and at times looked up at the skies. Jack kicked over the leaves to see if he could find anything of importance while Daniel stood looking to the skies again.

“Do you think it’s stupid that eight years of researching and I have nothing to show for it?” Daniel asked his friend.

“We’ve known each other since childhood and I don’t think you’re stupid. Sometimes it takes a long time to find something. In my line of work there are thousands of unsolved cases,” Jack replied to him searching the ground.

“Even if I showed Doug the dead alien from Roswell he would still not believe me,” Daniel murmured.

Jack had a good laugh and stopped and looked to the skies with Daniel, “Doug is much like my bosses, a man of logic. If you show proof that can’t be denied I’m sure he would turn into a believer. Thou at NASA he would live a hard life talking about these things. It’s policy for NASA for them to not discuss it or believe in it.”

“You know NASA back in the 1960’s released a report that there are no such things as UFO’s. That was a plan to stop these discussions all together. However in recent times there has been the Disclosure Project. It’s a non-profit research project that discusses the facts of UFO’s, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems including those who had worked at NASA. I would love to talk to them about their experiences and what they have to say in person,” Daniel explained to Jack.

“What does Doug think about the Disclosure Project?”

“He rarely says much on it. Brought it up a couple times with him and he quickly dismisses it unimpressed with the people reporting it,” Daniel replied.

The pair decided to search harder in the forest section. They rested on their hands and knees looking for anything. The problem for them was that they didn’t know what they were looking for and they worked off just looking for anything different from the area, anything that didn’t fit in with the picture. Jack pushed over a long branch on the ground and noticed a metal martial in the shape of a long missile weapon.

“Daniel, I found something. Come over here,” Jack called out.

Daniel rushed over to where Jack found the weapon and leaned down next to him. He looked over the object and studied the piece. He then looked under the weapon at the ground itself.

“The ground shows a high impact that shows it was dropped from the sky. I believe the weapon itself if I remember from my studies and by what my university friends told me that this is a recent weapon made by the military in the past twenty years. The weapon has been used and somewhat dumped here for no reason. Likely they wanted to hide it I believe it,” Daniel explained as the coldness was felt in the area.

Jack paused for a moment, slightly scared of actually finding something strange in the park area and looked to the skies, “My question is, who are they?”

“Well Jack that’s the big question we are searching. I mean all these years I have looking for and…” Daniel said suddenly going dead in speech.

Jack looked up to see Daniel’s face ghostly. His frozen look and body stood still watching near a distance tree from where the weapon was found. He slowly built up the courage and walked over to where he was looking at and leaned down to find another object. Jack stood up from the weapon and touched his side where his police gun was loaded just in case. He walked over the branches and looked at what the object was that got Daniel into this mode of worry.

“Jesus fucking Christ it’s a human skull,” Jack replied in shock.

Daniel moved his hands towards the skull and then jumped his arms back in fear. He turned his head to a side to gain a further look at the skull. Jack stood behind Daniel for a good look as well. Daniel Phoenix nodded his head and slightly touched the head of the skull and moved his finger over the eye sockets. He turned to Jack biting his lip.

“This is the second type of skull I had seen in my life. The first one many people have seen on television. I’m really spooked by this. After eight years this is could be the find I have been waiting for,” Daniel replied touching the skull.

Jack sat down next to Daniel and the skull rubbing his body as the cold night had set in throughout the park and forest. He noticed the skull’s eye sockets were much closer together than a normal human skull would present. The head of the skull was another unexplained look with the much larger size than what an adult skull would look. His last finding of the skull in the darkness was that wasn’t of a adult size but of a child’s size if his thoughts were right.

“What are we actually looking at Daniel?” Jack asked worried.

“This might be the second Starchild skull to be found. It looks very much like the first skull that was damaged and found many years ago. What I can tell you will shock you and you may not believe me at all,” Daniel told Jack.

“Go on, tell me what you think,” Jack replied nervously.

Daniel pointed at the skull and turned to Jack, “Its alien crossed with a human being and that is the skull of the child they made,” Daniel answered.

Jack leaned back in disbelief and fear. He had been told stories from Daniel in the past but to come face to face with the real proof was too much for him to handle. He covered his mouth in shock wile Daniel eyed the skull in pure wonder on what this skull and the found weapon had to do with the sighting of the UFO. The mystery had only asked questions and answered nothing.