The suggestion from One Nation’s leader Pauline Hanson that Autistic Children should be removed from mainstream classes and put into special classes because it disrupts the other students is incorrect and that integrated classrooms work better when tackles the issues of Autistic children and their learning.  My own personal experiences of having Autistic children in the same class as me in Grade 4 many years ago and every now and again there might have been a issue but it never prevented myself from learning and growing as a student and even now as  Childcare Educator the experiences I have seen with certain children is that it doesn’t effect other children in the long run and that it would damage Autistic children in a educational and emotional manner. Being put into a special class would send a signal to them that they are not good enough for mainstream classes and that being different is wrong or bad. Teachers are not spending too much time on austistic children – it is likely they don’t have enough time or resources to help them effective because of poor funding or poor targeted funding in the past.

Pauline Hanson’s comments about teachers in general that “These do-gooders who want everyone to feel good about themselves ” paints a description of a person who clears know very little about the education system and believes in the old school way of things. The answer to this is increased targeted funding into professional teacher aid who have abilities to help teach Autistic Children while the main teacher is focusing on class lessons. The teacher aid would be able to further explain to the child on lessons and teachings without the main teacher being pull away from the class many times during the day. That is the solution and not segregate them from mainstream classes. Other children in the class will learn more about autistic children and learn about not believing the stereotypes visuals and words that people say about autism. By including people of color, race, and different abilities – you learn more about others and learn more about yourself.