A few weeks had passed since Daniel Phoenix’s encounters in the desert. The deeper that Daniel had moved with his investigations has started to cause friction not only with his own life but with Doug and his threat from the Men in Black. Daniel was resting up in his home with his old and trusted friend Jack while he was thinking about his problems at hand. His house had become messier than usual with newspaper clippings and printed news articles on his walls with his dusty computer in the corner printing off more martial’s.  Jack was concerned that the past events were taking a toll on Daniel’s health.

“Daniel I’m worried about your health. You have to take it easy or you are going to burn out,” Jack said to him.

Daniel was rocking in his chair reading some papers and looked up at Jack for a moment, “I’m fine. This is normal. I read articles all the time you know that and that the Phoenix Connectors have been in contact with me,” he answered.

“You haven’t eaten enough for the past week and you need to slow down. I know the Men in Black guys that threaten you and that UFO that you saw would frighten anyone. If you don’t look after yourself than you will be in trouble,” Jack explained to him.

“I have friends around the world that can help me on these problems. I have been doing this for years and finally there is a chance that maybe I can get to the bottom of this and you are telling me to step back. I can’t now. I just can’t,” Daniel cried.

Jack looked up at the images of the Men in Black and wondered how he could help Daniel slow down and understand the dangers ahead for him.


Tensions have increased elsewhere as well with Doug Barker sitting in his office with his co-worker Geoff about his run in with the Men in Black. His old cup of coco was next to him as he finished his story with Geoff.

“I have heard the rumors of these guys and you said it yourself you felt threaten by them. The same guys that appeared to Daniel three weeks back. He told me his story in person and that’s pretty far out,” Geoff thought.

“Geoff I have had some time to settle the feelings on this and I’m going to put to some strange event and maybe undercover police that has something against Daniel. I’m sure he’s pissed off people by now over the years. I’m sure this won’t happen again,” Doug explained to Geoff.

“I’ve known you for a long time Doug and if there’s one thing you have in common with Daniel is that when something odd happens to you or if something doesn’t add up you want to find out the truth. So isn’t that part of the reason you hired him again?” Geoff asked.

“I can’t investigate everything strange that happens,” said Doug defending his non-actions.

“Has there even one strange or odd moment or a cover up here at NASA that made you think that maybe even in the slightest that maybe Daniel has a case. Yes or no,” Geoff questioned him.

Doug sipped on his coco thinking to himself and trying to block out any moments he had but there was one that he remembered when his boss covered up images that seemed to link some of the cases that Daniel was working. He paused when Geoff cut into his thinking.

“There was a moment and you don’t want to think about that. You used to be more like Daniel but with all the promotions you have received over the decades you don’t want to rock the boat anymore. Just look into it, if nothing comes out of it than fine you win. If something is found than Daniel deserves to know before he goes insane inside that house of his. You wanted to know the truth but you don’t to find out for yourself,” Geoff grilled Doug.

“I’ll poke my head into the issue. No promises,” Doug quietly answered Geoff.

Geoff moved up from his seat and smiled at him, “Good to hear. I’ll see you in the afternoon,” he said heading out of his office.

Doug sat his cup of coco on his desk and put his hands over his face in deep thought. He didn’t want to investigate himself but he knew that only he had the access to areas of NASA that Daniel didn’t. For once he would have to explore his hidden doubts.


Back at Daniel’s house and Jack was serving some food to hopefully help Daniel have a break from his work. There was a knock at the front door which made Daniel jump at the sound of it. Jack waved him down, “I’ll get it don’t worry,”

He opened the door to see an old face of his and Daniel, “Sonia it’s been a while since you have been here. Aren’t you supposed to be in London or Australia?” he asked her.

Sonia pushed her into the house carrying a red bag and wearing jeans and a simple top.  She brushed her black hair behind her and saw Daniel standing looking confused at her with a pile of papers he was holding.

“You have been making some noise lately and I bet you haven’t touched your lunch too,” she told him.

Daniel tapped his papers to his leg, “I was going to have that lunch soon.”

“No you weren’t and here is Jack once again trying to help with your health. Our friends overseas are worried about you and you have to be strong if we believe you have finally uncovered something big. If you want to be able to do this you have to put yourself first,” Sonia snapped at him.

“You’re right I have to put myself first but who will do the investigations for me?” Daniel asked.

“That’s why I’m here and Jack will be happy to help. You have uncovered a number of things I want to look into. The Starchild skull that you found and the missile weapon you found as well. I think they are connected to the visit you had from those two guys.”

Sonia put her red bag down and looked up at Jack, “We can catch up in the car while we look into these things. It’s good to see you with Daniel. As much as he doesn’t listen to you when he needs to he does think highly of you,” Sonia said.

Jack nodded and the two left the house leaving Daniel by himself. He picked up his lunch and started eating it slowly thinking to himself on what he would need to do next.