With the unveiling of the PlayStation Now, the ability to stream PS 1,2, and 3 games to Smart TV’s, smartphones, PlayStation 3 , PlayStation 4 and of course the Vita.  It’s a smart move by Sony to allow players to play their rich history of games that has been released for nearly two decades. On the surface it looks and sounds like a great idea. However there is one threat to it’s success and it will take a worldwide effort that might require even joining forces with Microsoft and even Nintendo on this one.

If you were thinking it’s the price of the PlayStation Now program based on the cost per game to play or the monthly price to use, I don’t think that will be a issue. If they do price it too high they can always lower it in time and try to find the sweet spot with buyers. The biggest threat to PlayStation Now is poor internet connections, data caps, and the high cost of having the internet. I live in Australia so I should know.

To give you a example of the 3rd rate internet connections in Australia let’s look at Telstra the biggest phone and internet provider, their biggest data plan is 500gb cap at $113 dollars per month over 24 months in. It is a high price we have to pay for internet in Australia. The current government stopped the past Labor Party plan of delivering up to 1000mbps with fibre cables straight to every home  and instead decided on a 100mbps by 2019 and still using the old copper connection from the street pole to the home that was put under the ground since the 1920’s. In short the internet in Australia is a laughing stock of the western world and there will be problems if something like PlayStation Now was released in this country.

Many other countries will have problems too because the internet is not ready for streaming games all the time. Internet providers still use data caps which means your speeds will be capped if you reach the data amount for the month and with streaming on the rise with movies, music, and now video games it’s going to get worse. Even Boogie2988 the Youtube celebrity believes in the idea of all the companies (Yep Microsoft and Nintendo) coming together and putting pressure on the internet providers to change their ways and pressure on this current Australia government to get behind a Broadband plan that won’t be outdated even in the planning stages.

If you have a high-speed internet connection than that’s great for you. But do please spare a thought for the rest of the world it’s not fair and for Sony to release a new product that won’t work with many countries or it just won’t be worth it  for some, it will hurt Sony’s plans to expand the PlayStation Now  globally. Some people might not like the idea of not owning their own games but that’s for another time. But streaming video games is part of the future and we have to drag the internet providers into the modern world too.