Camera’s flashing in Chris’s eyes as he made his way to a press meeting with the media. He sat down and he slipped a glass of water that was on the table. He straightens his slick black shirt and smiled at some people cheering him on. One media head popped up to ask a question.

“Did you like the success of The Legend of Evermore. Was it good enough?” he called out.

“Yes I liked it a lot. I felt the novel did well. It had a good storyline and feel good characters,” answered the author.

“So what’s the next plans Chris?” asked another.

“Well the Seasons series is starting up now so I’m starting on that,” he answered.

The media went a bit quiet and Chris sat down on his chair worried,

“Did I said too much?” he told himself.

Chris slipped another of the glass of water and waited for the next question.

“But what?” asked the first media.

“Umm. Well I don’t know,” answered the confused author.

“You had something on your mind before. Didn’t you? Spit it out,” called a female reporter.

“Hang on. I can’t tell you it. It’s in my new novel I’m writing,” said Chris.

The media stooped their flashing of the cameras and waited for him to talk. Chris watched the media as the female reporter gave a funny look. She wanted Chris to spit the novel out, right on the spot. Chris taped his pen on the desk and gave in.

“Fine. I’ll tell you abit about it,” he said as six more microphones were planted in his face.

“Well the novel is called Vadey. The story of a man called Vadey and a love he had. It started long ago back when he was in school,” Chris started.

“And what next?” asked the female reporter.

“Well Nicky. There is more to it,” answered Chris, knowing her name from past media talks.

Chris leaned back in his seat watching the media. He liked the idea that everyone wanted the goss on his new novel. So he decided to give it to them.


“Let me introduce Vadey to you all today. He is someone’s imagination, which lives as the soul in this man. Vadey was not the name given to him by his parents. They called him Sushant Rahal, Vicky and sometime they called him Gudda. Vadey is the person who walks in the midst of sorrows, grief are his possessions, which was betrayed many times in the game of love. He is sensitive as the poet’s mind. He is a shy person who fails to tell his feelings to the girl whom he loves but when he did so then he failed to ask her whether she liked her too or not,” he started.


“So Vadey is really Sushant?” asked Nicky.

“Yes, that’s true. Vadey is Sushant’s imagination,” answered Chris back.

“Let me continue,” added Chris before storytelling on.


“It all started at the age of 15 when she came to her class. Vadey just got lost in her at the first sight. He had no idea what was happening to him. He was not enough confident to go to her and ask her name. So he waited till she was told to introduce herself to the class by the class teacher. He was just gazing at her; all the way she came in front of the class and told them her very good name Richa.


Everyday Vadey prepared himself to talk to her; to introduce himself to her but wasn’t able to do so until one day she asked for an pen from him. Vadey who didn’t have the spare pen but he didn’t want to loose the very opportunity, which God gave him. So he gave the pen in his hand to her. But he wasn’t having a pen for himself at this time and when he was caught without the pen in the class, he was thrown out of the class. While he was moving out of the class, he saw towards her with the pen holding in her hands looking at him. When he came back to the class in the next period, he introduced himself to her as Vadey. The talks turned into good friendship.”


“That’s good, but why wasn’t having a pen in school was so bad. Where did Sushant, I mean Vadey live,” asked Tom, another report which Chris knew well.

“Well Tom, Vadey lives in the land of India. A interesting place it is,” answered back the author with a smile.

“So what did Vadey do now?” asked Nicky.

“Ok here’s what happened,” grinned Chris as he went on again.


“Another good friend by the name of Amit who used to remain with her all the time joined them. One day, Amit asked Vadey a question in front of Richa,” What do you really consider Richa as?” Vadey was breathless, stunned at that moment with no reply to tell. He took his time and said,” As a friend, what else?” He came to know it soon that Amit has caught him and he told her everything about this matter. She promised to help him in this matter. He was happy, filled with joy.”


“So Vadey was really happy about that?” asked Tom.

“Yes he was silly,” answered Chris tossing his head.

“So he was happy?’ asked Tom again.

Chris putted his finger up in the air,

“ Not so fast now Tom, let me move on,” he spoke out.


“The Christmas season was coming. Everyone was exchanging gifts with each other. Vadey thought of giving a gift to Richa too. So after reaching home he searched all his places where he used to hide his savings and collected all the money. With that money he brought her a bracelet packed in the glass case, glittering inside. He wrapped it in a paper and then went for sleep at night. Very next morning, he ran to the garden, plucked a rose bud and then removed its thorns. Then he kept it gently in his pocket and left for school. He told about this to Amit. She was happy about his idea and told him to give it to Richa. But as he was a shy guy he was feeling nervous and wanted Amit to give it to Richa from his side. Amit did so. Richa opened the gift and saw the gift and got lost in its shine. She opened the case and then as she brought the bracelet near to her arm, she placed it back into the box and gave it back to AMIT but she kept the rose. AMIT asked for justification that why she is not keeping it but her reply was,” I cannot have it.”


“What the hell happened there. Richa hated the thing?

“I though she loved it,” complained Tom.

“She did Tom,” Chris answered back at him.

“So what happened?” asked Tom.

“There should be a good reason why,” said Nicky.

“Hang on I’ll tell you all,” said Chris and the microphone’s sounds were turned up again at this new epic novel’s preview.


“Amit came back with her face down after her defeat from Richa and placed the box on Vadey ‘s hand and said, ”I am sorry.”

Vadey replied,” It is alright, I know you would have given it your best.” Vadey was sad but he was happy too as she kept his rose. But he wanted to know why didn’t she keep it. So he sent Amit to know about the matter. AMIT came back with the reply that Richa was scared because of her father. It gave him relief. He was happy,” Chris spoke out.


Chris went quiet as to say that was all he was going to say of the new novel but the media didn’t like it.

“And what happens next?” asked Tom.

“You’ll have to buy the novel when it’s released,” smiled Chris.

He crossed his arms to signal that the press meeting was over.

“I don’t think so. There are millions of people on call back begging you to tell the rest,” noted Nicky.

“I’m sorry. No more,” said Chris putting his foot down.

Everyone in the room gave Chris the death look.

“What a bad novel it is. I won’t review it well then,” said Tom.

“You can’t do that. You said it was great before,” complained Chris.

“You know how to impress us then Chris,” grinned Tom.

“This is blackmail and I hope the cameras are running when I said that,” said Chris tossing his head.