The past few days there has been a review of Nintendo Ninja News. The review happened based on concerns the channel was spreading itself thin and not focusing on core strengths and untapped areas. Here you can see some of my review thoughts on the matter posted on Facebook.


Done a review of my Youtube channel on the 700 or so videos done over the past few years. Some interesting results…

Posted by Chris Ticehurst on Thursday, 23 March 2017

It suggests that gameplay reviews have performed poorly and that news is still the strongest area of the channel. In future there will be focus on interviews. more rare reviews, and pushing out abit quicker due to the past few months having a slow down period due to burnout issues.  Nintendo Ninja News is said to have enjoyed a positive 2017 so far with nearly 20 000 views in the first three months. E3 2017 and two conventions are said to be big events for the Youtube channel.