The four last figures in the war had walked into the hall room where the library walls was filled up of books and the papers once again was floating around. The candles that lit around the area was turning purple and I was in the middle of the room with Chisoutsa where Mr. Umezu and Vulture was standing in the background.

“The world of the dead can feel Chisoutsa’s movement. She is powerful now and we have to use that to our will. This is the only way is to find our past and find out what you are seeking Chris. Come now with Chisoutsa and we can start this,” Vulture explained with a boom of his voice.

“To work with someone I fought for years is very strange. Chisoutsa do you know what to do?” I asked her wondering how she felt about her form and everything that had taken placed.

Chisoutsa spread out her wings and her hair shone in her darkness. Black eyes appeared over her and was feeling the new desires of a full blooded demon. The very thing that she had been trying to avoid for many years had taken over her.

“It feels so good. This amount of power inside me is incredible. Why would I have wanted to keep this inside me for so long? I have to release it, to feed my desires,” Chisoutsa softly said.

“Channel that desire for the resurrections and only that,” I warned her.

“It would be my desire to do so,” her eyes widen fully black and unleashed a black magic all around the room as the tower started to shake. Mr. Umezu and Vulture held on to the side of the walls to stay upright. The heavy movement knocked me to the ground and I looked up to see to see the three ghosts coming into focus to the ones alive in the great hall room. The ripped story papers of time flew past my face as I saw Zare, Censilo, and Graford’s ghosts coming to the ground watching us all.

“I am the author in the war. I have resurrected you to ask of you of my past to save the future. You have all been conquered in your time and in your lives and you must answer your author these questions in the Author’s War. Listen to me, my soul has been taken and only the darkness now lies inside of me and I wish to seek the light. Something that you never have found yours. Tell me why you never seen the light. Tell me where you fell so I may know what lies ahead for me,” I asked of them three.

Graford turned his head to me in a red ragged clothes of the old wizard he used to be. He was serious and seemed unhappy about his resurrection. He stared at me and boomed his voice, “You think you can resurrect us for your own sport and fun? I feel the body of the barbarian lifeless on the grounds of this haunted tower and it please me most. Why do you think I would help you bring him to life? The same man who took my life?”

“He is not the problem .The original soul breaker has arrived with his book the Author’s War. Your own life would be even more of a defeat if the man who killed you was killed himself. Do you know of him?”

“Valentine Blackburn. He was the original who crosses time and space. He lurks in the minds of those who have been blacken by their thoughts and then he takes their lives. He is the depression who is in a psychical form to all that sees him. For you, my dear writer, the only way to defeat him is to have a strong mind and will and only you can find that yourself. Not me!” Graford shouted back towards me.

“How do I find the strong mind and will when I failed against him in everyone’s darkness moment. Where do I find the strength in that?” I shouted back at him.

“Chisoutsa, you have become everything that I wanted. All through your author’s failings you can through and become the full demon that I dreamt of so long ago,” Censilo said.

“This new found power. It does feel good to me,” Chisoutsa answered. Her mind was clouded in her demon state.

“You failed yourself to win against us and we defeated you twice! You can’t harm us now! What can you tell me at all about this war?” Mr. Umezu shouted from the background.

Censilo nodded with his white gown while he adjusted his silver glasses, “You must walk through the dark to see whatever light you seek. We must have failed because there was a part of us that feared the end. My silver machines, the ones who are used by Valentine – yes they are really them and not the aliens that you thought they were .He does not characters of his own because of his pure darkness and evil. None of them would ever work for me and be his ally. We had a slight of goodness in us. I created Chisoutsa in the hopes of a new world, Graford wanted to control his kingdom and bring it forward from the world of castle knights and magic. We had good causes but yet the way we did it was in the form of evil. I cannot say much for ghost in the middle.”

I stood forward as Chisoutsa eyed off Censilo in his ghost form. I laid eyes on a person I haven’t seen since the final struggles of the Legomen. The battle that finally brought peace to their world until now. It was Zare.

“You have grown since the little boy that I met. You were always nervous around me but now I sense you mask it better than you did in your young youth. You and your wizard was the strongest connection that I ever knew of. I sense pain inside you and your struggle to come over it.” He said to me.

“My life has been a struggle and I want that to change. For me. Zare, you knew my childhood, you saw it unfold it during the battles. How do I defeat Valentine and bring about the peace?”

“Find your soul through the desire to live. When you look in the mirror you will notice there is nothing there. You must create your own strength if you wish to win against him,” Zare told me.

“It is easier to say then to do. It is the journey to the light that weights me down,” I replied.

Zare moved closer up to me and whispered to my ear, “Her death, it still haunts you to the core at times. You know what will happen if you did the same thing. You walk your mother’s path and all there will be and all what could be will be lost.”

“I know that all too well. It was her decision in the end. I have to fight Valentine but I know it’s going to be hard.”

Zare look beyond me towards Vulture remembering him from years ago, “I see that you lived past the battles and not me. You ran when you could have had the chance to rule LegoLand with me.”

“You were going to lose and I jumped the ship. There was no point in working with someone who was too stubborn to see their repeated failings,” Vulture reminded Zare.

“You dare to say that to me after the years of protecting you from the Legomen and the Time Cruisers?”

“Protection? Ha! If it wasn’t for me you would have been defeated years earlier through your flawed ideas of thwarting them!” Vulture shouted.

Zare sailed past me towards Vulture when Chisoutsa blocked his path unleashing some glow of black magic upon him. His anger grew knowing there wasn’t much he could do to Vulture or to anyone in the great hall room.

“There is nothing you can do Zare. You couldn’t beat me when I was young and you won’t be able to do it now I’m older,” I warned him.

Zare didn’t take no for a reason and become charging up a shot from his hands towards Vulture. Chisoutsa flashed another charge of black magic energy at him while he dodged it. I moved up in front of raised my arms and hands at him for some unknown insane reason wanting to push him back.

“What was that?” Mr. Umezu asked in wonder looking at my hand glowing blue and a sonic boom roared at Zare slamming him across the room while he fell onto the ground

I quickly put down my arms in a confusing manner and turned back to Mr. Umezu and Vulture. Zare carefully picked himself up from the ground and looked straight at me.

“So you discovered that you do have the same type of powers that of Valentine. The power of force and ability to awaken a life.” Zare boomed at myself.

“I now have ability to awaken lives, as in turn everyone back from their fallen state?” I asked Zare.

“Yes but don’t think it will be easy to walk back into your worlds. Valentine owns everything. It’s his empire now. You have come to get what you wanted from us. Your past is your past and let me rest in peace. Thou I do wish I would be there to see you fall,” smiled Zare.

I turned to Chisoutsa and nodded at her, “Close them all off and send them back to where they belong,” I told her.

Chisoutsa closed her eyes and her wings stretched out wide while Zare, Censilo, and Graford look at the small party. She opened them again and once again a bolt of black magic sprayed across the room and three old souls disappeared from the great hall room. Chisoutsa turned around to me shook her head.

“That was pretty good I suppose. That took some power off my shoulders. What the hell do we do now?” she asked me.

“We should go and awaken Roger and Wizard first and see where we go from there.”


The four of us returned back the main room where Roger the Barbarian and Wizard was still lifeless on the ground. Mr. Umezu and Vulture kept watch for any troubles around the tower hallways when Chisoutsa and I stood next to the fallen people.

“I guess you will get the effect of this and return to your previous state before Chisoutsa. Are you ready?” I asked her.

“Well you know now that I know how to transform into the full demon. I might stay in this state for a while to go. I think you might need it,” Chisoutsa smiled.

“Suit yourself. Let’s try this one out, “ I said.

I stretched out my arms towards the two bodies and went into a deep thought and the blue spray of energy came out over Roger and Wizard. The two of them started to wake up and with Roger sitting on the ground looking around the place while Wizard woke up in a hurry and got up quickly unsure what had just happened. He dusted himself off and then noticed Vulture in the room.

“What is he doing here? Of all the people to be helping us this is terrible,” snapped Wizard upon seeing Vulture.

“You be quiet old wizard. I have been helping them out quite nicely. You and that barbarian weren’t so useful against Valentine were you? Besides it’s time for me to leave anyway, I just came here to fix your mess up,” Vulture answered back.

“Our mess, we were going perfectly well and I see Chris is still here so not all is lost,” Wizard reminded him.

“All of our worlds have been conquered I’m afraid Wizard so we have to win them back and that’s not going to be easy,” I said to him.

“Are they all dead? Is that what you are telling me?”

“No, they are in the lifeless state that you two were in. We have to find out where they are and possibly a way to beam his energy across the world. I’m just not sure how to do this,” I told the group

“I’m going now and I hope you sort out this war and remember that I did help you all out when you needed it. My time machine is in one of these rooms so I better get down there and hope that no one has played with it. Good day,” Vulture said heading off into the shadow when Wizard rolled his eyes and turned back to me .with Roger and Chisoutsa looking around the room.

“Is it me or this tower not what it used to be,” Wizard asked me.

I looked around the room and didn’t quite notice what he was talking about, “No I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Chisoutsa walked over in her demon form to the other room and looked outside the window and her face went blamk, “I can my home from here,” she told the others.

Wizard started wandering over tossing his head, “I don’t know what you are talking Chisoutsa at all but I… don’t believe it but I can see it too.”

Roger and I dashed over to where Wizard and Chisoutsa stood shocked at the image and then I saw it. All three planets of where Wizard, Roger and Chisoutsa lived was in the space area of Earth. Somehow Valentine had moved the entire planets into my own universe.

“How is this even possible?” I asked Wizard.

Wizard turned back and pointed to the main room where the Author’s War book was, “Valentine has drained all the power he has taken from our universes and moved the planets here. I don’t understand why he has done this. This tower was used as a way to collect power and transport massive things around it.”

Mr. Umezu directed everyone to come into the main room as he jogged up to the stand where the book was placed, “You know I wish I has thought of this earlier but the stand is really like a staff of magic. The book itself that Valentine uses is powerful but requires a person or object to use its power. If you place your hands on the stand and because the planets are in your universe you can awaken everyone in one hit. Come try it now.”

I walked up to the stand and as he said placed my hands on the stand. The stand begin to glow blue, “I just have to think on what I’m doing and I can do it. I think,” I said to myself. A large blue globe of energy grew from the stand in an instant covering everything and pushing out into space. I felt that a fair bit of me was taken out and sat down to have a breather.

“If they’re in space then how are we going to get there?” Chisoutsa asked.

“Haven’t you forgotten we are in a tower that moves?” Mr.Umezu reminded her.

“But this tower won’t be moving for long. The traces of power left by the book is very low. We might be able to reach the planets but getting back here on Earth might be impossible. But we have no choice now, we have to do it if we like it or not. There’s no turning back,” Wizard told the group.

I looked towards the stand knowing that was how to move the tower. I placed my hands over the stand as it started to glow, “We go to the City of Demons first. There’s someone I need to speak to,” and with that the tower started to slowly disappear as the war raged on.