The Allegheri Castle was blinded by the bright light of the whirlpool that was raging in the distance. Allegheri in his black and dark robe stormed out of the castle on his horse followed by the Black Vixen as it beamed up into air and headed for the City of Demons. The Black Vixen past the Convoitise Castle where Professor Walken was scanning the area.

“I see there is a body there however it’s not the Vampire Lord,” he replied.

“I think that’s Sarge. I couldn’t see her getting out alive in that mess of a castle. The blast would be too great,” Chisoutsa said.

The Black Vixen turned around the corner and saw the empty coffin when Jiko suggested returning back to the City of Demons, “I think it’s time to head home and tell everyone.”

“Yeah, no use being here when everyone is running around, “Chisoutsa answered back.

The vehicle shot through the dark clouds while Chisoutsa thought about the College, “Professor, have you ever been to the College before? Do you know any students there?” she asked him.

“I’ve never been before but maybe I might know one person if I’m lucky,” Professor Walken answered with some sorrow in his voice.


While Chisoutsa, Professor Walken and Jiko headed back home, the fast riding Allegheri was heading straight for the whirlpool portal. The horse jumped high into the portal and a white beam sparked around the area and the village nearby. Allegheri covered his eyes with the flash and appeared on the other side. The eyes opened to the distance College where he built to keep the wizards safe. His head turned to see the demon empire in the far distance. The fire and smoke was burning very heavily. Allegheri knew Censilo was preparing for his epic battle. To the far centre in the mountains was where the vampires roam and where Convoitise will return to.

“All the chess pieces are set. The lords know their chance has arrived. I have to move the students soon,” Allegheri spoke before heading off with speed towards the College.

The College was a white building with blue strips on each corner of the sides. Inside many students were talking and working around the dorm rooms while they lived in the College all year round. One popular student was found in his bedroom with some company.  A young blonde wizard was on top of his desk while the young male student was found kissing her neck. She was moaning as he was pushing hard against her.

“Mr. Walken you are so good,” she cried out in pleasure.

The young Walken rubbed his firm breasts as she noticed his wall covered in maths signs and science quotes.

“Have you always liked doing that kind of stuff,” she asked.

“Yeah I don’t know why. I guess it’s in the blood or something,” he answered back.

He let out a slow moan and pulled out and pulled up his jeans and placed a tie around his bare chest.

“That dress should be good enough. I like to have the best of both worlds. Study hard and fuck hard,” he winked at her.

Suddenly a red alarm was sounded throughout the College and Lucas heard the sound, “Come on Kate let’s get the fuck out of here,” he cried.

Lucas rushed around in his room and collected a pile of science and maths books and grabbed Kate’s hand. The pair ran outside to see the tall and powerful vampire calling out to the students.

“Come with me to the portal. We must make our move to Lake Pure where Shentile is!”

“Shit, that’s the vampire that the teachers spoke about. Some guys said that he would come back if danger is threatening us,” Lucas cried.

Allegheri turned around and saw Lucas in the distance and he rushed up to him.

“Are you Lucas Walken?” he asked.

“Yeah, what’s this about?” he asked.

Allegheri looked up and down him as he wore jeans, shoes and just the tie around his chest.

“You have a pile of study books and a girl around you. You’re a classic Walken,” Allegheri said.

‘So she can come with me. I mean she’s only with me for study periods,” Lucas said.

“Fine, let’s get out of here,” Allegheri cried.

It was a while before the herd of students were found near the whirlpool portal where Allegheri grouped the students and grabbed two staffs from a couple wizards.

“Wizards of the College, a great danger has arrived on our doorstop and our worlds are in danger. I will fix the portal and force it to transfer everyone to Lake Pure,” Allegheri boomed out.

He crossed the staffs and a great flash of white beams appeared from it. He shouted for the students to run into the portal. The students without doubt and Lucas and Kate watched on another horse. The staffs were uncrossed and Allegheri walked up to his horse.

“Why do you need me?” Lucas asked Allegheri.

“Because your family needs you,” he answered.

Lucas fell quiet and looked behind to the demon empire in the background, “My family? I was told they were all dead.”

“You were lied to for a good reason. To keep you safe until now, your wizard skills will help your sister,” Allegheri said.

The two horses started to ride toward the portal, “I have a sister now? I have to see this to believe it!” Lucas cried out as they jumped into the portal.


Meanwhile Charles Thompson and Emily Walken were contacted to meet the Black Vixen at the Government Square with the Prime Leader. The three of them waited outside the building while the Prime Leader was unhappy.

“Why are we waiting for and what the hell is that bloody building in the distance. It’s not even in the City of Demons for god’s sake,” he complained.

The Black Vixen smashed through a building and came to a screening stop on the streets. Chisoutsa and Professor Walken rushed out of the car and met up with the trio.

“Jonathan what’s going on? I know that face,” Charles asked.

“A whirlpool portal has been created and it’s opened the door to the Second Life World. We have no time,” the Professor answered.

Emily hugged Chisoutsa and looked at her husband, “I’m sorry for everything. I know things between us haven’t been well but I know where my heart is.”

“I know, it’s been hard for everyone. To try and work with our feelings with this evil around us,” Professor Walken replied.

“So that’s the building I keep on seeing. We are all in danger. Where do we go from here?” the Prime Leader asked.

“Call on every government guard and army to protect the city. Hold back everything at will,” Professor Walken said.

Charles looked at the whirlpool portal and the dark clouds choking the First life World, “Jonathan, can she do it?” he asked.

Chisoutsa stepped forward and placed a hand on his shoulder, “After everything we have all been forward. I’m not going to give up now. Besides this is a dream come true for a girl like me,” she half smiled.

The group rushed towards the Black Vixen and Chisoutsa called out to everyone, “After we go to Lake Pure, I’m going to the Second Life World to sort out Censilo.”

The Black Vixen rose up into the air and blasted off with a great speed. The dark clouds covered the City of Demons once more as it’s demon lord prepared his armies.