Seasons of the Moon, the first novel of The Seasons Trilogy was finally released by Christopher Ticehurst in front of family and friends on October 6th 2004. Seasons of the Moon which for some have waited for over a year to complete. For the author it has been a two year jounrey that has finally ended with the revealing of the super sized cover to the group of viewers at the release. The novel indeed faced troubles, delays and even fear that the novel wouldn’t be until 2005. However CJT Productions have kept to the mission and have completed it well.

The trio of workers (Pictured to the left) were of Tejay Fraser-Chitticks the cover designer, Jocelyn Edmonds one of the two editors and the author Christopher Ticehurst. Each had a important task to make sure the release of the novel would be a success. Ticehurst the day after was on the internet celbrating with a few old writers which he said the book release reminded him of the true happy times of Legoland his original story series back in 1995. The new release also brings out other pieces which have been closed to the world until now. Sarah Hyland’s ‘The Elements’ have been released as well as the wallpapers where now readers and viewers can download their favourite element and set as their desktop image. Ticehurst hopes this is the start of a very special time in his writing career. The Seasons Trilogy has finally begin where it’s first ever story was penned in 1999 as a battle between the elements for leadership until the ThunderDragon arrived.

Two new major features were released for the Web Site. Photo Gallery will debut with a host of photo from the Book Release and Free Downloads that will have the wallpapers and elements to give to readers, fans, and viewers of The Seasons Trilogy. Promotions will happen around Canberra in the early half of October and around colleges. By the end of October at least one bookstore will have ‘Seasons of the Moon’ in stores for people to buy and read. It will take some time for more bookstores to recieve the books because of the differcult life of self-publishing.

There will be further releases of wallpapers during October and November 2004. The Web Site will also release charaxcter profiles on each one featured in ‘Seasons of the Moon’ for readers to gain a deeper understand of the Seasons World. The next major release for the Seasons Trilogy is the Seasons of the Moon Artbook which could be released in any format depending on the final decision made by the three illustrators. A possible release date for the Artbook has been tipped April 2004 and for the next novel ‘Seasons of the Sun’ to be October 2005 the same time next year.

Ticehurst also wishes to thank Songo and Sushant Rahal for her poetry for the novel. Sadly for the two peots they live overseas and couldn’t make it to the Book Release but there will some events to be held on the internet to catch up with readers and writers. For now ‘Seasons of the Moon’ is now out and the author won’t start on the next novel until college returns.