Seasons of the Moon is a novel  that outlined the fantasy romance story of the six weather elements and their leader the ThunderDragon . When a young knight enters a forbidden romance with a princess he is dragged into a war against a wizard, dragon, and a soulbreaker. The tense rises when the Kingdom of Richardson is falling into the middle of the biggest war the world had ever seen. Seasons of the Moon has also been dubbed “War of the Weather”. The novel was supposed to be a trilogy however due to persona problems and the lack of story martial the idea of a trilogy was axed. the 2014’s The Author War novel is set to tell the fates of the characters and their own involvement in the novel.


 Discovered Fantasies – Ch 1

A Kingdom in Crisis – Ch 2

A Knight’s Tale begins – Ch 3

Journey through the Underground – Ch 4

Rage against the Shadows – Ch 5

Discovery of the Elements – Ch 6

Through Fire and Storm – Ch 7

Seeds of Doubt – Ch 8

The Passing of the Element Swords – Ch 9

The Search for Answers – Ch 10

The Electric Dungeon – Ch 11

Across the Sea – Ch 12

The Season Island – Ch 13

Secrets revealed by a evil touch – Ch 14

Broken Hearts and Troubled Minds – Ch 15

The Mountain Race – Ch 16

The Quest Continues – Ch 17

Contact with the Soul breaker – Ch 18

ThunderDragon’s Sky Castle Meeting – Ch 19

The Three Evils – Ch 20

The Music Box – Ch 21

Battle for Season Island – Ch 22

A Kingdom has fallen – Ch 23

To dream the Impossible Dream – Ch 24

Twisted Minds – Ch 25

Where dreams dare to fly – Ch 26

And the there was One – Ch 27

Evil raises the stakes – Ch 28

Into the Darkness they come – Ch 29

The Haunted Woods – Ch 30