It was on the weekend when Daniel was at his house with Jack and Sonia. They had invited Doug and Geoff over to their house as a social investigation meeting as Sonia liked to put it to Daniel. Sonia brought over some beers to their two guests in the lounge room.

“Hello Sonia it’s nice to meet you and be here. You know I was the one nudging Doug to dig some dirt at NASA. I’m glad that I did even if Doug still doesn’t believe in aliens yet,” Geoff said.

“Well he has encounter two aliens already haven’t you Doug?” Sonia smiled towards him.

Doug opened his beer and tossed his head, “Yes they were very strange looking but no smoking gun for me. It’s a higher form of government that’s covering up something and that crazy story that old man who is he Ted or the Witness is just insane. I guess Daniel ate it up,” Doug answered in his usual dismissive way.

“He’s never going to believe at this rate,” Daniel added to the discussion.

Jack was testing out the object piece that was part of the UFO craft from the forest with different elements and thought patterns. There was one striking discovery he made and turned to the group, “Hey everyone when I moved this heated lighter over the craft piece do you notice the object starting to change color?” he said while heating the craft piece up.

Geoff leaned in to have a better look and agreed, “It looks like it’s disappearing or something. Can we completely heat the object up?’ he asked Jack.

“I don’t think we heat the item up,” Sonia said.

“Why don’t you just put it in the oven,” joked Doug where Daniel patted him on the back and nodded.

“We can do that actually, turn up the oven to the highest temperature and see if that works.”

Jack turned on the oven and placed the object piece inside it and closed the door. Together the group watched the craft item slowly disappear but hold a reflection of sorts when he viewed from different angles. Sonia sat down in front of the oven to watch it carefully.

“Maybe it doesn’t turn invisible like I had hoped for,” Daniel noted.

“No this craft piece is supposed to be invisible. The technology is damaged or that that must be put under thousands of degrees of heat to completely turn invisible. That’s how this alien child has been able to travel and not be found by the men in black. Surely they might have their own technologies to find him,”

“If we travel by your theory of ideas than maybe they don’t want to break their cover by using any other crafts in the air. The third man in black said it was their technology suggesting that already this was a highly powerful use of talent to have made this. You know this reminds me of my sighing in the desert,” Daniel noted.

“What about your time in your desert?” Geoff asked all interested in the stories they were telling this afternoon.

“Well I don’t know if Doug told you everything but when the men in black left me in the desert the UFO appeared in front of me that the Witness said was the alien child. Now that part didn’t fit in with my theories or thought patterns. However maybe for that moment he turned off the invisible technologies to show me that he was watching me and some message he was saying to me,” Daniel explained to Geoff.

“Well maybe he wanted you to see the craft. To show you he meant no harm or that was thinking of revealing himself to you but then he changed his mind and took off because he was worried the men in black would turn back and find him,” Geoff thought.

Daniel clicked his fingers and smiled at Geoff, “You are amazing. That’s exactly what happened. Think about it, this alien child is young. Yes he may have some amazing powers that we don’t understand but he’s scared, he doesn’t know what to do but he didn’t want any harm to me so he was watching the men in black and me interacting. They disappear and for a moment he thought of revealing himself to me and with his lack of controlling the craft got worried and flew off. What will it take to find him is the true question,” Daniel added to the discussion.

“I’m thinking like a cop here for a moment Daniel and he’s lost his biggest asset in his life and that’s the getaway car. Without that he’s out in the open and could easily be captured by the men in black. He’s a Grey like you said so he can’t shape shift into a human form but he is half human and could mix in with the crowds for a limit time but if someone had a good look at him it could start problems and the men in black will come after him very quick,” Jack told the group.

“A game of cat and mouse but the mouse wants to see me for some reason. What’s the best idea in this matter Jack based on your experiences?” Daniel asked him.

“He’s going to be trapped in a corner soon so the best bet which is also the most dangerous one is that we can trapped in the same area and get to him first before they do,” Jack answered.

“That’s not good at all Jack. We walk in and try to two apart. We are not fighters, we are just researchers,” Sonia complained at his idea.

“I can protect you two but I think it’s time that people started to arm themselves with a gun or weapon. If you want to find this alien child than this is the path you have to take if you to be alive. We already have proof of what happens when you cross them,” Jack replied.

“It’s just a higher order government everyone,” said Doug in the background.

The discussions went into the early night when Geoff decided it was time for him to leave. Doug drove him home that night while Jack left Daniel’s house to go home leaving Daniel and Sonia alone. It was the first time they were alone in a long time. Sonia was having her dinner while Daniel was still playing around his computer.

“Do you ever wondered why our relationship didn’t turn the way it supposed to be?” she asked him.

“No, I never have really. I was too busy with my cases and you wanted to live in London. Wasn’t that the answer?” Daniel replied.

“You’re wrong. You just never had time for anyone in your life. You always did what you wanted, all for the UFO cases, forgetting everything else around you including me. How you ever thought if you ever found the smoking gun, what would you do with your life when everything is completed? What life would you have after that?” she asked him.

Daniel stopped working on his computer and looked at Sonia, “This is all I have. It’s my research, the air that I breathe you know that by now. Of all the people you should know that.”

“Maybe one day you might understand me and sit down and smell the roses for once in a while,” Sonia said quietly to him.

The words strike Daniel hard thinking of the same line that the Witness told him at the ranch house. He did not reply.

Before they managed to catch him. Who is that third man in black. We haven’t seen him before and he seems to be a higher ranking than the two other men or aliens,” Daniel replied.


Sonia nudged Daniel to turn around to talk to her, “The third man in black is an alien too?” she asked.

“I would have to suspect that he is. Judging on the aliens looks they could be shape shifters from the Reptilian species. They are seen as more powerful and able to reproduce unlike Greys. They have the ability to change into human form to hide their true nature. Now we have three to deal with and that’s not a good thing,”

The three of them decided to wait a while until they left the forests with the damaged object piece. They slowly made their way all the way back to the car that was hidden from the public eye. They would leave to return to Daniel’s house to further work on the object piece and pounder about the alien child.