Deep underground in the City of Demons many things live and many mysteries lurk. One area was known as the Underground Library. There were many books that told of past wars and stories. It was a dirty and was filled with creatures, rats and slime could be seen. The Librarian lurked around his place with a one eyed blue light so he could see in the dark. He noticed someone coming down the ladder where most of his visitors have to come from to see him. He knew the person straight away and smiled towards him.

“Shentile the master of the worlds, I must say of all the people who come here I expected you the least,” the Librarian said.

Shentile turned around looked at the Library and then to the owner, “I will have to agree with you. I see that you have grown into your home here since you left the Second Life World,” Shentile said.

“It has the many things I like here. Good stories, a mix of the past and present live here. The City of Demons reminds me of the old home,” the Librarian told Shentile.

“I can understand why. I am here on business, as you may not know my spell book was taken by Censilo the demon lord from the famous College in the Second Life World. As part of your deal to live here, from time to time we were to ask you to help us in some form,” Shentile said.

“Censilo finally gets his hands on the book and goes home to his city. I can see the future alright. Why would he steal the spell book only for the transfer option,” the Librarian asked.

“There are a lot of spells inside that are secret. Including spells to bridge the two worlds together and creation of new creatures and of course resurrections,” Shentile said.

“In the hundreds of years we have known each other this spell book is very dangerous. We should destroy it,” the Librarian noted.

“We cannot do it.  The goodness it can do can save lives. It is the single burden I have to deal with,” Shentile answered.

“You don’t deal with many burdens living at Lake Pure. Since you left the college and Irasil Allegheri they must have lost the power to look after the spell book.”

“Not everything has been great for Lake Pure. I saw a wandering vampire in the area and after some discussion it is confirmed that Censilo has made his way back here to the City of Demons. He has been calling for a assistant from the Death Lands to aid him in something. I couldn’t work out what he was up to,” Shentile explained.

The Librarian started going through his shelves of books where Shentile stood next to the Librarian’s desk watching him.

“I’m sure you have come here to take me out on a field trip somewhere?” he said.

“A big field trip, my plan is to break into Censilo’s stronghold and steal back my spell book,” Shentile said.

“My swords work could do with some needed help. I did quit this a long time ago.”

“Censilo only has these new creatures called the Silver Machines. I don’t expect Censilo trying to take us both on. He doesn’t want to lose any power while he’s here. Besides for you Librarian, you need to see the light to understand the darkness,” Shentile said.

“As you wish Shentile, we will go and get your spell book back. Care for a read?” Librarian asked Shentile with his strange look of his blue eye.

Shentile looked a tad concerned towards his old left of field friend, “I will have a read.”


While Shentile was creating a plan to see the Hyper Camp, Censilo was starting to train Chisoutsa and he was teaching her in one of large hall rooms next to the lab section about basic sword fighting. Chisoutsa was dressed in a white gown matching Censilo’s main colors.

“Chisoutsa, do you understand that you must strike the other hard and with fear?” Censilo asked her.

“Yes I do Censilo. I understand,” she answered.

Hew arrived into the room and watched the pair training and fighting. He noticed that Chisoutsa was a slower learner then Jiko and Sarge when he did some tests with them earlier in the day. Chisoutsa waved her sword in the wrong direction and Censilo snapped quickly.

“No! That is wrong Chisoutsa. You must do as you are told!” he shouted at her.

“What was I supposed to do again?” she asked.

Censilo grew mad and took a break from her and walked over to Hew, “This girl isn’t what I thought she would be Hew,” he complained.

“It’s going to take time you know Censilo. I believe she will turn out to be powerful but she will be slow to learn the skills needed,” Hew explained to Censilo.

“I do not have time Hew. My coming to the First Life World was hard enough and used a lot of my powers. I need her to do the training quickly and to be by my side when the battles begin,” Censilo replied.

He dropped his sword by the side and looked at Chisoutsa trying to work out her sword, “I need to work on something now. She can keep on working here.”

The demon lord exited the room and Hew raised his eyebrow and kept on watching Chisoutsa hard at training. Censilo made his way up to the secret ceiling room where Chisoutsa was showcased to Hew and Serti and operated a large screen computer. On the screen it showed models of a robot that he was producing.

“Built like a child yet will have something very important for me, the most prized book will be safe within him,” he said.

The worry of Chisoutsa was building inside and eating away, “She must learn or else. I will not wait for her,” he cried banging the computer keys and closing his eyes.


The late night had come for Charles Thompson and he was looking through some papers in his car on the streets when he saw a group of Silver Machines moving around the area.

“What the hell are them?” he asked himself.

He crept out of his car and slowly closed the door and walked over closer to them to hear them speak. They all stood outside of the Scienceworks company headquarters.

“This company should be listed as a threat for our lord,” one said.

“Yes our demon lord. Censilo wants to make sure it’s as quick as possible for him to take over things,” said another.

Charles heard the words Censilo and demon and rushed back to his car. He jumped in and shut the door and tinted up all his windows and locked the doors.

“Charles, you don’t believe in the fairies that Jonathan does,” he said to himself.

He grabbed out his phone and dialed for Professor Walken, “Yes it’s me Jonathan. I think I found out that your Censilo pal is in the city. These machine looking figures were talking about taking over companies,” Charles said on the phone.

Professor Walken was at Charles house in the lounge room and was concerned at the news, “So Shentile was right. Censilo is here and means business. We must investigate about what is he planning,” he told Charles.

“Well you can do that while I drive home. I’ll see you soon,” Charles hanging up.

He turned on the car and thought about Censilo and the Silver Machines, “I thought the local gangs were trouble enough,” he thought.

The car drove off past the Silver Machines as the danger for the City of Demons grew.