Before they started on their mission Chisoutsa and Lucas Walken had been invited to the Soclice Beach House which is known for its wild parties and its relaxed vibe to it. Inside the Beach House were crowds of people chatting and drinking the night away. Chisoutsa appeared in her red bikini wear and Lucas camped himself outside the deck in his board shorts. Chisoutsa came outside with a couple drinks as Lucas lit up a cigar watching the waters.

“Did we ever actually enjoy our past battles in the past like this? The Vampire lands and The City of Demon kept us busy to the max. I’m toasting this to my studies nearly completed. All I have left is the advanced spells and powers left by Frithdar. He’s more powerful than he looks you know,” Lucas said to Chisoutsa.

“I’ve been hearing from some of the drinkers here that the Emperor as been ordering to increases taxes by a shit load. In the past he had been quite fair on these issues.” Chisoutsa replied.

Lucas handed over his cigar to Chisoutsa as a young waiter girl dressed in a bikini arrived to give him another drink. He slipped a couple notes down her underwear and winked.

“Thanks,” she smiled walking away from the pair.

“You’re getting as bad as me when it comes to parties and partying.” Chisoutsa replied.

“You have grinded three guys already and don’t give me that I’m a half demon and I’m just going with the flow. I wonder if we can solve this problem with the Emperor than maybe world peace could happen?” Lucas thought.

“That would leave me with nothing to do. I’ll be like a character in a book retired forever and no sequels,” Chisoutsa replied back.

An older drinker came up to the two of them, he waved a drink of rum at them, “You two are friends of Kalund. Good man he is for Soclice. There’s a girl inside who has some information about the Emperor if you like to know.” He said to them.

“Well thank you dear sir. I will go and see what she wants. You stay here if you like,” Lucas said heading off back inside the beach house.

The older guy popped out a photo of the Emperor and showed it to Chisoutsa, “This is a recent photo of our great Emperor even if he’s gone abit weird in the head. Heck he’s over a hundred years old anyone would lost their mind after all those years,”

Chisoutsa looked into the photo and noticed a dark cold feeling about the Emperor, she suddenly lost balance and and banged into the side of a chair, “Hey girly! You had a few too many drinks there,” noted the man helping her up from the ground.

“Yeah that must be the reason why,” she said surprised by herself.

“Your eyes are looking red as death, do they do that often?” he asked.

“Really, they are red? That hasn’t happened for a long time.” Chisoutsa replied concerned about her reaction on the photo.  She wondered why he reacted to just a photo and what connection it had to her.


Inside the beach house Lucas Walken was dancing with the girl in question after hearing some news that the Emperor was seeking to increase his army in the coming days for unknown reason only to him. Lucas grinded up to the young girl while the other couples were dancing and sitting at the lounges enjoying the action of the night.

“I will have to cut this sort but I wanna see you again.” Lucas smiled at the girl.

“Sure thing hot stuff,” she answered with a wink as Lucas left the beach house.

Chisoutsa met up with Lucas an decided that tomorrow that would visit the Emperor in person. The two men in Kalund and Stolin have given the pair access to the Emperor.

“Tomorrow we start this thing off. I think we can solve this. Heck you solved that Tower of Angels crap. I mean it is really hard work for you,” Chisoutsa replied.

“Shut the hell up. You wouldn’t have ever worked out the puzzles in that place. You’re too stupid at times,” Lucas snapped back.

“Yeah yeah, you got dad’s smart mind and wit. I know and I have half a demon stuck in me. I’m going to bed now. See you in the morning.”  Chisoutsa heading off.

Lucas smirked towards and lit up a cigar thinking to himself, “We make a pretty good team us two. A wizard and a demon, who could stop that?”